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Can adderall make you skinny

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Weight loss or weight gain can be a side effect of taking Adderall. Side effects will vary per person. Adderall is not recommended to use for the purpose of weight loss. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-adderall-make-you-skinny ]
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Does taking 25 mg of adderall every other day make you super ugly...?
Adderall is a stimulant and it will make you loose weight. It suppresses your appetite. I used to eat first and then take my pill and I was able to keep weight on. If you eat high protein foods and carbs, you should be fine and will maintai...

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does adderall makes you lose weight?
Q: it made me lose around 50-60 pounds,but i stopped taking it and it made me gain it all back?should i take it again, and act like a zombie so i can be skinny?or should i not take it, get fat and act like myself?
A: i think u should wisen up and do it the healthy way:Rule of thumb for weight loss: Diet= 70% exercise= 30%Great 7 step plan to follow for LASTING and healthy results (My sources are I've been a world-class athlete since age 6, read tons about this for years including Gunnar Peterson's book The Workout [he's trainer to A list celebrities] and Tony Robbin's "The Body You Deserve" and after educating my brother, he lost 45 pounds in 4 months and has kept it off for 1.5 years):1. Awareness of what you eat by keeping a diet journal to see where ure going wrong plus writing down very specific goals w/a time frame on them (be realistic yet firm) and view them on a regular basis. Also- tell someone about your progress toward your goals on a regular basis- this will keep you accountable. I have an excel spreadsheet that lists all my goals and my weekly progress toward them and I share them with my boyfriend each week so we can discuss it. Choose someone encouraging and motivating that wants to see you succeed. Family and best friends are great choices.2. Best cardio is running in terms of weight loss. It is however, very high-impact and can lead to injuries. If you get injured- 2nd best is rowing, 3rd is cycling (both of which are less impact). You should be doing cardio minimum 4 times a week 30min.-1 hr. Weight loss heart rate range is one where you can carry on a conversation w/o a big struggle.3. Resistance program to help firm muscles and give a pretty tone (u can't spot-reduce- weight training results per individual body part will only be visible after the fat layer is off from the cardio). You should do this 2-3 times a week for 30 min-1 hr each time. It's important to have that break in between so your muscles can rest. Remember- each muscle gained= more calories lost on a daily basis b/c this revs up your metabolism! Jessica Biel is a great model for a muscular gorgeous body. Look at a picture of her and visualize your face on her body. The mind's thoughts literally create your reality and destiny. This has been proven over the centuries.4. 3 meals/2snacks per day: high fiber/ high protein helps keep you full and eat low carb unless its good complex carbs like salad and fruit and whole-grains. Bottom line: eat the natural foods our ancestors ate, no processed junk. The best foods for you are filled with FIBER (shoot for 35 gms a day- this will curb cravings like heck!) Anna Kournikova eats a fruit and has a glass of water 30 min before her meals to be fuller and eat less (you should always do this, esp b4 going out to eat where temptations are large). When you eat great, nutrient-packed foods, you dont need to obsess over counting calories- so many better things to occupy your time with, like reading! A clever mind will take you farther in life than a beautiful body :) Bottom line- keep perspective and don't let this consume you to the point of being OCD. Also, no diet sodas- the fake sugars actually make ure body crave more sugary stuff. Stick to tea (coffee makes your body crash and can increase appetite) and water and never bring bad foods into your house. A woman should never go under 1200 cals a day by the way, slightly more for a man...very unhealthy. Breakfast= eat like a king, Lunch= eat like a prince, and Dinner= eat like a pauper. Lastly, take a multivitamin each day...go to Whole Foods and ask them which is a really high-quality one, b/c it's not just taking a MV but the better ones dont cheat you on the grams and your body absorbs the vitamins/minerals best. Ask what is a good daily regimen for your gender, but don't let them oversell you. The most you should need is a multi and maybe fish oils.5. Americans in general want things QUICK and easy, we are impatient- you must be patient in terms of your results and never give up. Additionally, this is a LIFESTYLE change for LIFE: There are NOOO get-thin quick schemes, PERIOD. If u abuse your body u will ruin your metabolism and in the future u will gain weight MUCH easier than today. Diet pills will kill you as quickly as they helped kill Anna Nicole Smith. They are no better than drugs so don't take the cheap lazy way out.6. Weigh yourself once a week, never more often than that but get all measurements- waist circumference, body fat %, muscle %, water % (there are good digital scales that do this) b/c u could be gaining muscle which weighs more than fat or be full of water and be like- why the heck wont i lose weight! and then binge on donuts :) no no no! and reward yourself when you make progress! make it fun or else you'll quit sooner than later.7. Drink min. 2 liters of water per day (more for men) and whenever you're stressed- take DEEP BREATHS rather than reaching for food. Breathe in this ratio: Inhale for 5 counts, hold for 20 counts, exhale for 10 counts. If you do 10 of these 3x/day you'll be releasing toxins, decreasing appetite, & your energy and vitality will boom. This is why people lose weight doing yoga which on its own doesnt lose many calories. Oxygen is so so important.You can do it! Good luck, keep a positive attitude, and never give up! :)
can i make my breast smaller from taking adderall?
Q: as you may have read, i've been taking adderall since first grade and i lost weight then stop taking it for 2 year and then ended up with a butt, thighs, and breast. im getting thinner now but my breast are still very large and i want to make them smaller. im a 36 D but i would like to be more around the medium C size. is that possible? im really insecure about my looks and i may even be considering BIRTH CONTROL to lose weight. i wish i was skinnier. or i want a nice toned body. i work out and i have amazingly toned arms and legs. but when i wear short shorts i have small stretch marks on my inner thighs. i always think people are looking at my fat or my thighs. please help
A: Okay birth control might make you fat don't do that. The stretch marks, try cocoa butter. The sticks cost .99 at cvs, walgreens, rite aid, etc. Don't look toward any medecine to loose weight you might make yourself sick.
Question about Adderall, weight, metabolism and health?
Q: I'm a 17 year-old male. I have been prescribed adderall XR since i was in 6th grade. I am now (supposed) to be a senior next year, but i got out of high school early. Since i got out of high school, i have for the most part been off of adderall (stopped really taking it in about january) since i only used it for academic purposes. however since i was on it for that long and i constantly did not eat while i was on it, (not on purpose of course) whenever i came off of it, my eating habits picked up and i began eating a lot. not too much more than the average person, just a lot more than what i was used to.so now, after all of that, i gained about 20 pounds going from 135 lbs and being 5'6 to about 155 lbs and being 5'8. the weight i gained came so fast that i quickly developed pretty large stretch marks on my inner thighs, and went from thinking i was pretty damn skinny one day to looking in a mirror and feeling quite overweight.after all of this weight gain and being so insecure, i turned back to the thing that helped me stay so skinny -- adderall, since i still have a prescription to it. for the past two months probably, i have been using adderall to help try to get my weight back down. i have also become quite aware of what i'm eating and have almost completely become vegetarian with the exception of sushi and whatnot, and occasionally cold turkey slices on sandwhiches (when i do eat).as of right now, i weigh 136 pounds -- so i have basically got back down to my normal weight since i've been off adderall. i would normally be happy with this, but my problem is.. i almost cannot tell a difference between my body when it weighed 155 lbs and now, even though i have lost all of that weight and now weigh what i used to when i was very, very skinny. due to this, it's making me want to keep abusing my adderall like this until my body looks the same. i haven't eaten a single bite of food in 48 hours (and still don't feel a need for it) and i have been up for SEVERAL days, with 1-3 hour naps in between. i know all of this is unhealthy for my body, but i am so image-conscious that i feel like i'm not healthy at all until i'm back to what i used to look like. so...... why does it appear that i haven't lost any weight when the scales say i've lost about 20 pounds? what's the fastest way to lose extra weight like this if i don't want to focus on muscle growth? how long can my body handle me not eating without effecting my long-term health or mental health? and once my body looks like it used to, how do i speed up my metabolism enough to where i don't need to rely on adderall at all anymore?thank you in advance for anyone who bothers responding, answering any of my questions or reading all of this. :)
A: Have you talked to your doctor about this. You should

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