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Are sunflower seeds bad for you

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The sunflower seeds are good for you just don't overdue it. Nothing is good if you do not use moderation. Sunflower seeds are an excellent source of vitamin E, the body's primary fat-soluble antioxidant. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/are-sunflower-seeds-bad-for-you ]
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Are sunflower seeds bad for you?
sunflower seeds have a lot of good fats in them and vitamins and minerals so yeah they are good for you in moderation. Dont go crazy because to much of something is not great. Beef jerky is good for you its low in fat and high in protein.
Sometimes they're a little burnt - I love those. How about this one? Anyone ever get a mouthfull of seeds that taste like fuel or gas? I did once and had me a little nervous until hours later I was still ok.
The general rule here is that we should take everything in moderation. If you are eating only salted sunflower seed, you are at a risk of taking in too much salt. If you are eating only un-salted sunflower seeds, you are at less risk of hig...

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Is eating a lot of ice and Sunflower seeds bad for my pregnancy?
Q: I have horrible morning sickness and what seems to help me is sucking on ice. It keeps me from thinking of throwing up. I also have been eating salted Sunflower seeds everyday. It settles my stomach. Are these bad for me?
A: No, of course not. Sunflower seeds are very healthy, in fact, i've been eating them everyday, too! I'm at 10 weeks with my first. What a coincidence.
Are sunflower seeds bad for you?
Q: I really love those salted sunflower seeds and i was wondering if they were bad for you or not. i no theres a lot of salt on them but whats so bad about them?
A: Sunflower seeds are great for you! Like any other oily food, they can be high in calories if you eat a LOT of them, but they're so little that's really not an issue. I'd be sure to get mine as fresh as possible, say at a health food store. The ones in convenience stores could be old and get rancid. Other than that, eat 'em up!
is swallowing sunflower seeds bad for you?
Q: I eat the whole seed the shell and everything. some of my friends say that thats bad for you. Is it bad for you?
A: It's not bad for you, but it may not be all that good

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