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Why does tobacco give you cancer

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It isn't exactly the tobacco that causes cancer it is the addictiveness and the constant smoking that causes cancer. ChaCha again. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-tobacco-give-you-cancer ]
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How long would it take for smokeless tobacco to give u cancer?
It varies between users but chewing tobacco is probably one of the highest risks for developing oral cancer. ChaCha!
Can tobacco give you cancer?
YES! It'll give you gum cancer, as in the gum in your mouth and throat. And it will give you throat cancer. And if smoked, it will give you lung cancer. If chewed, gum cancer.
Does all tobacco give you cancer?
You can get cancer from any kind of tobacco. Cigar smokers do have a lower rate of cancer than cigarette smokers or chewing tobacco users. There is a growing body of evidence that the radioactive chemicals left over from the fertilizer do l...

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Q: so smoking tobacco gives you lung cancer.Is that because little particles go into your lungs?People who chew tobacco. Why does that give you cancer?And if you ate a lot of tobacco, would you get stomach and intestine cancer?
A: Well first, commercial tobacco has a lot of added chemicals such as benzene (which is directly linked to leukemias), aresenic, and several others. A great deal of the cancer problem with tobacco are the added chemicals. They are added to provide extra flavor and taste.Smoking has the added risk of damaging the lungs. Smoke of any kind irritates the lungs short term. In the long term, if you are exposed to enough smoke of any kind, you will develop copd. Smoke of any kind also can irritate and cause sinus problems, sinus/nasal allergy issues, and lessen lung capacity. You are also depriving the brain of oxygen when you smoke.Natural fresh organic tobacco would be better, but would still cause all the same problems, including cancer.
Why is Marijuana Illegal but not tobacco 10points?
Q: Its safer, does not give cancer, does not make you an addict, relaxes you. Unlike tobacco it kills millions of people from cancer, and other health problems every year. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN!!I smoke marijuana but it does not effect my driving at all, and i dont think about any other drugs, why cant tobacco lead to any drugs?
A: Marijuana is an addictive drug.Marijuana does affect driving.Marijuana does affect the lungs.Marijuana does cause psychological problems,Marijuana should not be made legal, instead marijuana addicts should be offered help to quit.
Why do people blame tobacco companies because they got cancer and fast food companies because they got fat?
Q: I really do not understand why people blame these businesses. The surgeon general's warning has been on cigarette packages for years and years. If you smoke, despite that warning, aren't you making the choice and taking that chance.Fast food. I have gained a few pounds. My husband brought me some Bo Rounds for lunch one day and I have been addicted since.Do I sue Bojangles because they made Bo Rounds. My goodness they are deep fried potato rounds. I knew that they were full of fat. The six extra pounds on my rear tells that. Do I sue my husband because he gave me my first taste of it.I simply do not understand why people sue these companies because of the choices that THEY made despite the risks. Comments???
A: in a short comment, because they cant or wont take responsibility for themselvesits aways easyier to blame someone or something else than yourself for their lifes wrongs and problemsand only means its easier to explain why they never do anything about italso to sue them, easy money, as the idiot governments only go along with their lack of responsibility for themselves

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