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Why do they prescribe it to cancer patients

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Medicinal Marijuana is usually given to terminally ill patients who do not have long to live in order to relieve pain. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-they-prescribe-it-to-cancer-patients ]
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Do doctors prescribe marijauna to cancer patients?
Medical marijuana exists. It's called Marinol. It comes in the form of a pill and is available with a prescription. ChaCha!
Why Several Rounds of Chemotherapy Are Often Prescribed to Cancer...?
・ Chemotherapy can be used to cure cancer by completely eliminating cancer cells, to control cancer by... ・ Chemotherapy is often used along with other treatments, such as surgery or radiation. ・ The schedule of your chemotherapy treatment ...
When should cancer patients and survivors be prescribed antiviral...?
If you have received cancer treatment such as chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy within the last month, or have a blood or lymphatic form of cancer, call your doctor immediately if you have been within six feet of someone known or suspec...

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My heart beats fast to the point it hurts when I smoke weed/exercise. Is that alright?
Q: Dont answer unless you know what your talking about.Weed doesnt cause the body harm, if you think that your an idiot.If it did why would we prescribe it to cancer patients?Cancer is one of the most harmful things you can get,do you really think they would add weed to the equation if it wasnt helpful?You guys are dumb.But if your not one of these people ^^ANSWER AWAY!!!:DD
A: first things first, i am not one of those who is against weed, generally i think it's neither good for you, nor bad.... legalization is another matter right now, a loong looooong story. and i won't get into that.but to settle some things first, although i am not a virgin when speaking of grass, you have to be aware of some things:- weed DOES cause addiction. generally speaking, there are two types of addiction - physical and psychological. weed can cause psychological addiction, similar as the thrill of winning money does to gambling addicts. so, weed definitely wouldn't be for those of the weak character.- the reason they give weed to people with cancer is to relieve some of the pain and difficulties. thc can function as painkiller in some aspects, and may improve breathing to people with difficulties breathing. cancer kills a lot of times, so, to people with metastases that are going to die, doesn't really matter what they are taking, as long as it might make the pain lesser. to those with cancer in final stages, morphine is given... which is also a drug, and illegal if not in medically controlled environment- weed DOES contain some toxic substances, thc not included. this happens especially with homegrown weed when people spray it with god knows what for it to have a better kick. that might be the reason why your heart beats so much.... i'd say the problem may be there the other reason, however may be that you simply can't stand grass as other people do. a bad trip, colloquially speaking.
Why do people treat the subject of Marijuana with such hostility?
Q: Ive heard nothing but how it will kill your brain cells, motivation, and ambition. This is complete crap. You dont have to be sober to enjoy life to the fullest. You dont have to be high either for that matter. Its more than possible to lead a productive life even if your high 24/7. Alot of misinformation has seeped into todays older generations from old anti-weed propaganda, now it is being passed on to an oblivious younger generation who will believe anything a grown up tells them. Marijuana helps many people to unwind and relax. Unlike alcohol it does not make you violent or uncontrollable. Its prescribed to cancer patients for crying out loud. Why is it blacklisted by so many? I think one should try it before casting judgement.
A: anything that alters your state of mind is considered negative. ive only ever had positive experiences with marijuana, except one time when i was so excited to see a group of boys that i started yelling at them and hugging them and literally scared them off.but apart from that (and the enduring humiliation i received during that week at school), marijuanas been great. it makes me happy, it makes me laugh really really hard at absolutely nothing, and i dont wake up with a hangover.it doesnt make you throw up like alcohol, and some people even like the smell.just like sean paul says in his song, 'legalize it, time to recognise it!'
If Weed supposably causes lung cancer??
Q: Then why do they prescribe it at chemotherapy and for cancer patients? This doesnt make sense to me. People are always trying to say bad things about it, but there is no proof that it even causes cancer. Any facts?im sorry i didnt ask for a spelling quiz. but thanks anyway.duke fenton- i would love to know where you are getting your facts from...because you are giving me information that is not backed up by any resource. Let me know when you come up with a resource or article that i can personally review myself.
A: I don't have any proof or evidence or anything, but I think if you smoke a ton of weed, like 5 blunts a day, then you could get lung cancer. It is a foreign substance and you do cough so your body is rejecting it. I think that smoking a joint a day is less risky than smoking a pack of cigs a day. Also some rumors I've heard is smoking a joint is like smoking 5 cigs and that snoop dogg had lung cancer. don't know of any of this is true. just opinions and ideas

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