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Why do people who smoke get holes in their throats

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People who smoke often get throat cancer which causes removal of the voice box. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-people-who-smoke-get-holes-in-their-throats ]
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Why do people smoke? I mean its bad for your throat??
I agree 100% for you, people smoke because they don't care for their body.
Why do people smoke if they know they could get lung or throat ca...?
The chances you have throat cancer are pretty low. Though it's possible. It's far more likely that you are suffering from asthma or or chronic bronchitis from the second hand smoke if you are coughing all the time. Please see a doctor if yo...
Why do people smoke if they know they could get lung or throat ca...?
They usually start because they think its cool. Then they continue because they get hooked.

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