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Why are pesticides bad for you

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Laboratory studies show that pesticides can cause health problems, such as birth defects, nerve damage, cancer, and other effects. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-are-pesticides-bad-for-you ]
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Why are pesticides bad for you
Laboratory studies show that pesticides can cause health problems, such as birth defects, nerve damage, cancer, and other effects.
Are pesticides bad for you?
Properly used, pesticides have a very low risk of harm. Accidental ingestion can, of course, make a human or any animal quite ill, and can even be fatal. Remember that a pesticide is "any substance or mixture of substances intended for...
Why are Pesticides Bad for the Environment?
Pesticides are commonly used outdoors to rid your lawn and garden of weeds and certain insects, like grubs and aphids. Though some pesticides and forms of pest control services like Terminix can be beneficial in decreasing the populations o...

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Q: My point is, why is human life valued more than the lives of other organisms? You would never see a law passed that prevents people from using rat traps (to kill rats!), or fly swatters, or RAID household pesticides..... I could go on and on! If we're going to freak out about the unholiness of killing a human, why not say a human is going to go to hell for killing a CHICKEN AND EATING IT!!! Yeah, I didn't think so.I do not condone killing, so I really think we should be fair about it if we're going to be all pro-life. Does anyone share my opinion?? If you don't please be nice, I'm not insulting the church or anyones' beliefs it's just food for thought.
A: There are a lot of people who believe it IS murder to kill and eat chicken. I'm not one of those people. I don't exactly feel the same way you do about abortion. My thoughts are that I don't know for a fact if the fetus can feel the pain of abortion, although many women claim that they could feel it thrashing around. I know that I could never have an abortion myself. This is because I love my son and until I was ready to have him I used proper contraceptives to avoid becoming pregnant. But so many women are using abortion as a means of birth control and I feel that is wrong. As I said, I don't KNOW if a fetus can feel but I feel that nobody else can know this for sure either so on the chance that it can, I think other options should be utilized. I do feel that abortion is the right thing to do in cases of rape, incest, defect, or endangerment to the mother's life. I don't judge people who have had abortions. It's not my place to. I just know that I could never have one myself and many women who have had one regret it later and suffer from psychological and in some cases health issues.
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Q: Recently groups in India found that these soda products had many pesticides and toxins in them.http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20060813/wl_sthasia_afp/usindiainvesthealthcokepepsi_060813053438We already know that soda is so acidic that the trucks carrying the soda must have a hazardous material sign on them.Not too mention is has the dreaded "High Fructose Corn Syrup"...a substance that is unrecognizable by the body and is immediately stored as fat when digested.So why drink something that is clearly so bad for you?Everyone that has answered so far is addicted? That's pretty bad. I'd reccomend switching to coffee for your caffeine intake and lowering down from it...maybe it will help reduce the headaches from the withdrawal.Also, breathing is necessary. Drinking a sugar fat shake like coke is not.phlatulent_p obviously works for Coke....they are really trying hard to cover up how bad soda is...
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Q: Ok, I'll give it to yall. Some people who smoke pot are the kind who do nothing else but smoke all of there money away. But what about the other kind of pot head?I was answering a question about a girls boyfriend and everyone was putting down pot heads. I don't do it, never have. But my fiance does. I'm not condoning this bad behavior but seriously. People said that they are dead beats who have bad jobs. My boyfriend makes twenty dollars an hour, good for our small town, he is a lab analyst. People said they use too much money for the habit. He MIGHT spend 10 dollars every two weeks.They said that if you stay with someone who has this habit, then you will eventually have it too. I've been with him for three years and I don't want it yet.Not everyone who smokes puts their loved ones health in danger. He never smokes when I'm around. Plus pot doesn't have all the pesticides that tobacco does, it's not as bad as cigarettes. It has never changed his behavior like alcohol would. He is always very sweet, never depressed, angry, or violent whether he has smoked that day or not.Pot is NOT addictive, it's a relaxer. Like a hot bath, or Mountain Dew, is to some people. I'm guilty of drinking Mountain Dew, in fact when I get a headake I drink one and I feel better. Does that make me a horrible person? Or does it make me normal because it's legal?Ok, obviously I didn't mean EVERYONE assumes this. From reading my question you should get the idea that I'm not against it, and it is a long shot to say everyone in the world is. Quit taking every word so litteral, and quit trying to be a jerk about answering my question. Thank you.I don't smoke it because my grandfather died from lung cancer. I know pot a tobacco are not the same thing but I just choose not to smoke anything because of that fact. Oh, and yes he does only smoke about 10 dollars a week. He doesn't smoke a whole lot at all. Just because you where a pot head and could smoke more than 10 per week doesn't mean he is the same way.
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