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Which water bottles can cause cancer

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If you are referring to the chain e-mail, that is completely false. No re-used water bottles will cause cancer. Do the ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/which-water-bottles-can-cause-cancer ]
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Do plastic water bottles cause cancer
No. The FDA has determined that those bottles meet the requirement for food contact materials.
Can reuseing water bottles cause cancer?
That could be the dumbest rumer I ever heard. EVER. The water is safe. The sun hitting your skin (which if you were in full gare, it never did) is way more carcinogenic, as are your natural genetic disposition.
Does freezing water in plastic bottles cause cancer??
No. There are a number of myths circulating about plastic bottles and cancer, and just about all of them stem from hoax emails. Here are the facts about all the 'plastic bottles and cancer' scares - the freezing one, the heating nonsense et...

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Q: I heard that drinking water out of plastic bottles causes cancer. www.kleankanteen.comMy friend has one. She puts water in a filter container thing (the kind that you put the water in, and it filters through it), and drinks that. But I'm curious to know where I should get the water I put in the filter. From the tap or from the bottles of water. I have well water (which I use to refill my water jugs), so can I just filter that??
A: Water jugs and water bottles are bad to refill. The plastics are bad for you. You can drink bottled water, but don't reuse the bottle. Plastic jugs/containers are usually bad also. I use a glass bottle, it sounds weird, but it looks normal. You can also buy thermos-like bottles to keep your water cold that don't have plastic. =D I hope I helped!
is it true that keep using/re-filling the disposable water plastic bottles has dangerous effects?
Q: I heard keep using the same bottle can cause cancer because the plastic material starts dissolving with time which goes to water and the body.
A: It isn't any different than using plastic outdoor cups, as long as you sanitize the bottle and the cap between uses. In order to obtain cancer-causing levels of chemicals, you would probably have to eat the entire bottle every time you finish drinking from it, so don't worry too much.
Water in plastic bottles at high temps.?
Q: This I have been told is a danger. It produces somthing that can cause cancer. Now how is this safe if the trucks that deliver this water to the stores are not air conditioned. The trailers in which the water is hauled get to very very high temps.. So how can I be sure it is safe???
A: this is a myth. The thought is that it gets so hot that the plastic melts partially into the water and you drink plastic along with the water.People wouldn't work with plastic as much if it caused cancer. Cancer is caused by cells in your body mutating and is not completely understood (i.e. susceptibility variance, or why some people who smoke their whole lives do not get lung or throat cancer and some people that never smoke and avoid smokers at all costs die from lung or throat cancer) which is why you hear so many alarmist news reports about it.

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