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When does cancer show up

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Cancer shows up whenever there is a lump or similar detectable sign or when the body is examined for other health issues. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-does-cancer-show-up ]
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Do all types of lung cancer show up on a chest x ray
No, not all types benefit from X-Rays. Even if you have an increased risk of lung cancer - for instance, if you're a smoker - it isn't clear that a chest X-ray or computerized tomography (CT) scan can be beneficial. Some studies show that t...
Does cancer show up in blood work?
There are some blood tests that may indicate malignancy, but many different types of cancer may be present in a person with normal routine blood work. Normal blood tests do not exclude the possibility of a malignancy. We must assume your ph...
Does cancer always show up in blood tests?
No. Many patients with metastatic disease in many sites still have normal bloodwork. The blood tests are usually nonspecific and don't diagnose cancer at all (that takes a sampling of the cancer tissue/cells). Even so-called cancer markers,...

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Does cervical cancer show up on a pap done threw out a pregnancy?
Q: When I was 17 I was told I had HPV and my boyfriend, who is now my husband, was told he didn't have it so i got a second opinion. I was told i did not have it. Now im 22 with two children and during my pregnancy's was never told I had it although I never told the doctors about it. I think I do have it and was wondering if I had a pap done threw out my last pregnancy from January through September when my baby was born would they have known if I had HPV or cervical cancer if I did.
A: First of all HPV is a virus that goes away on its own and often doesn't show symptoms so your bf may have had it but was already over it when he was tested and when you got your second opinion you were already over your case. That being said having had HPV does not mean you will get Cervical cancer it just greatly increases your chances. That is why you get pap tests. They are the best chance at catching cervical cancer early or even before it develops. The cells taken durning a pap smear will test one of three ways normal, abnormal or cancerous. abnormal cells can turn cancerous and your doctor will monitor you with paps every 6 months and possibly with a deeper biopsy. cancerous and normal explain themselves and being pregnant will not cause cancerous cells to look normal or normal cells to look cancerous. so you should be able to trust that the results of the paps that they took to be whatever you were told they were.
Would cancer show up on a blood test?
Q: My mum has various symptoms of, i don't know what actually, but she has had biopsy and blood tests and is going in for a CT on friday. Her blood work came back ok and i just wondered, if she had anything serious would it have shown up in her blood?Also what do they look for when testing blood?
A: There really isn't any single test to detect all cancers and general blood tests cannot usually identify cancer unless a request was made to check for specific markers that could be associated with a particular type of cancer. Usually an analysis of other symptoms along with a range of blood tests may confirm that there is something not quite right, which may require further detailed tests and evaluations. This may include X-Rays, CT, MRI or PET scans. A general blood test such as a Full Blood Count can however provide a lot of information, which in conjunction with other symptoms may establish the need for more specific tests that could identify the particular ailment more precisely.FBC measures include;- the amount of haemoglobin in the blood; - the number of red blood cells (red cell count); - the percentage of blood cells as a proportion of the totalblood volume (haematocrit or packed cell volume); - the volume of red blood cells (mean cell volume); - the average amount of haemoglobin in the red blood cells (known as mean cell haemoglobin); - the number of white blood cells (white cell count); - the percentages of the different types of white blood cells (leucocyte differential count); and - the number of platelets.
Will a Breast Cancer Tumor Show up On a normal X-Ray?
Q: Last year I found three lumps and was diagnosed with Fibrocystic Breast Disease at 28. I was given a slew of tests. Each lump was very small. No bigger than a pea. I was told that they would break up and disolve and not to worry about it. Well, one year later, I go in to have an X-Ray done on my back and when they it to me, the Physical Therapist about fell over. Each lump is now about the size of an Egg on the X-ray. He immediately asked me if I have had them biopsied. And I told him about how I was told not to worry about it. Well, I call my Primary Doctor Flipping out and he told me that I am getting worked up over nothing. That Breast Cancer does not show up on Normal X-Rays, only Mammograms and ultrasounds. See, I had a hystorectomy at 25 due to endometriosis, so I am a high risk for cancer as it is. Let alone with two Eggs in my boob!!! Can someone please help!! I have the x-ray to take to my Doc. That is if I don't knock him over the head!!!Thanks Robster, Yes, my PCM says that its only Calcification and that I shouldn't worry about it. But, I am tired of hearing not to worry!! I just watched my Mother in law go through Breast Cancer because her Doctor didn't believe her and he didn't find anything doing an exam. Then she ran into a corner with her and they believe that is how it spread. I also didn't mention that the lumps are painful, so they are saying that it can't be Cancer if they are painful. But, I feel it might be because it is putting pressure on a nerve?? Irreguardless, I am tired of hearing "It's no big deal". I just don't know where to go from here!!!
A: Your primary care doctor is full of it. Of course a breast cancer tumor can show up on a normal x-ray! Especially if it's the size of an egg!Go to a gynocologist and have a breast exam done. Tell them you would like to be referred for a mammogram.You do not want to mess around with this.

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