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What will cervical cancer do to you

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Cervical cancer is malignant neoplasm of the cervical area. It may present with vaginal bleeding but symptoms may be absent until the cancer is in its advanced stages. About 4,070 women will die from cervical cancer in the United States during 2009. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-will-cervical-cancer-do-to-you ]
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Can you get cervical cancer from having urinary tract infections?
Cervical cancer is caused by certain types of a virus-human papillomavirus or HPV. Not UTI`s ChaCha!
What is cervical cancer?
Cervical cancer is a cancer that is found only in women. The cells develop in the cervix, the part of the reproductive system the connects the uterus to the vagina. Untreated HPV can lead to cervical cancer, so it is important for women to ...
How can you get cervical cancer?
It is generally caused by HPV, Human Papilloma Virus. It is a sexually transmitted disease which is EXTREMELY common. Many people have it and dont ever even get any symptoms. It is the same virus which can also cause genital warts, but agai...

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do you think the vaccine agianst cervical cancer will teach girls its ok to have sex with different men?
Q: this vaccine means the hpv virus ( which is speard through sex) will no longer affect the cervix or cause cancer. so now women can have sex with who ever they want knowing that it doesnt matter if they have hpv cause they wont get it. what are your thoughts?
A: Gardasil and Cervasix (still pending approval by the FDA) are two HPV vaccines that protect against certain strands of HPV that cause cervical cancer and genital wart (Gardasil does). Remember there are over 100 different strands of HPV - some cause cervical dysplasia (which undetected can lead to cervical cancer), some cause genital warts, and others cause both. Clinical trials have demonstrated that Gardasil has a 100% efficency rate if used by a non sexually active person. In regards to your question, please keep in mind that:1. HPV Vaccine is not the first vaccine that protects against STDs. Hepatis B vaccine has been administered to teens for years and no studies have shown that it promotes promiscuity so the chances that this new vaccine will promote promiscuity are low. 2. The vaccine can protect girls who may be raped or taken advantage from - and God knows what diseases these awful men have. So to this extent, its protective.HPV causes 100% of all cervical cancer and its the major killer in developing countries.
I learned I have stage IV Cervical Cancer....will I die?
Q: I learned a few days ago that I have stage IVa cervical cancer. My doctor gives me vague percentages (13-15% are alive after 5year....), but I want to know...am I going to die? At what point do most die? How long can I expect to live? I have a 3yo and 4yo and a husband...do I need to hurry up and fill the next couple years with a lifetime of experiences for them? Do you know anyone who had stage IV and lived? Because I was asked...it has spread to the lower part of the vagina, the bladder, and rectum, but not yet to the lungs or bones.
A: In this kind of situation no one else can really tell you what to do or how you should feel, but talking about stuff - anything - helps. And planning does too.The cards you've been dealt aren't great, and it sucks and I'm sorry. No one can give you a 'how long' answer, we're all so different and unpredictable. It pays to be realistic and make plans for your family, but there's no reason you can't be in that 15% percent.I've known many people to come back from death's door and many others to pass from cancers which were originally not considered as 'serious'.We should ALL be making the most of our time, no matter how long we have.For what it's worth, on Friday I'll be 6 months past my expected expiration date lol, send me an email if you ever want someone to talk to.
Do you have to be a virgin to get the cervical cancer injection? And what will it do if you have HPV?
Q: Can you defiantly get HPV if you have had unprotected sex?
A: No, you don't have to be a virgin to get the vaccine for HPV. If you already have HPV, the vaccine will not treat or cure it (your doctor will go about this some other way), but since the vaccine protects against several strains of the virus (some, not all of them), it can protect you from contracting any of the other strains it prevents. And HPV penetrates condoms, so even if you used one, you are at risk of contracting the disease.

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