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What symptoms would you have if something was wrong with your pancreas

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Many pancreatic cysts are benign and produce no symptoms, but some cysts are cancerous or precancerous. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-symptoms-would-you-have-if-something-was-wrong-with-your-pancreas ]
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What function does the pancrease have in the body and what sympto...?
pancreas - digestion, & has the isles that produce insulin - pancreatitis involves lots of nausea, vomiting, and pain. . the blood function studies affected are usually amylase and lipase, if i remember right if the isles aren't functio...

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asked several times need satisfactory answers ,what is this condition,been to lab everything okay but what ?
Q: is the matter, i have been having loose, foul smelling, stringy stools with frequency of about three or sometimes four or five times a day,if and when i eat, the lab says there is nothing wrong, but the symptoms still exist, Dr, Solomon gave his answer, and said something about the pancreas, but was not definite, i need more in depth answers if anyone knows or has some idea, please i would very much appreciate your answers, thank you, Also, please do not give me answers like, "don,t worry" and "everything will be alright" i am concerned, but not worried, i am aware of consulting a specialist, so you do not have to tell me to do that, thank you, any constructive answers welcome, actually any answers welcome ,thank you remember the lab ruled out "everything" the lab said all is cool, but the symptoms still presist, so what gives,??
A: Constipation is cause by the bowels not having enough water in the stool, when it's time to release it. Maybe you are one of the people who's bowels develop too much water, and it causes you to have diarrhea type bowel movements. I wish I could remember the diagnosis that was given to someone on medical mystery (TV show on the Discovery Health Channel). If I'm not mistaking someone on one of the shows had a problem with loose and frequent bowels. Maybe you could look it up on their site and ask your physician about it. Good luck! : )

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