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What is worse hodgkins or non- hodgkins lymphoma

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The prognosis for either Hodgkins or Non-Hodgkins (30 different types) lymphoma depends heavily on what stage the cancer is at. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-worse-hodgkins-or-non%26%2345%3B-hodgkins-lymphoma ]
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What is worse hodgkins or non- hodgkins lymphoma
The prognosis for either Hodgkins or Non-Hodgkins (30 different types) lymphoma depends heavily on what stage the cancer is at.
Which is worse hodgkins or non hodgkins lymphoma?
my friend has just been diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma
Can anyone tell me if a stage 3 non hodgkins lymphoma is bad, and...?
Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) describes a group of cancers arising from lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell. It is distinct from Hodgkin lymphoma in its pathologic features, epidemiology, common sites of involvement, clinical behavior, and...

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How do they know what kind of lymphoma you have?
Q: Sorry I keep bombarding this site but I need answers. My best friend has a cancer scare and we think it's lymphoma and I am worried because at first it seemed like if she did have it she would be okay because she's only 17 but then last night someone asked a question about his 17 year old girlfriend dying of a Stage 4BE Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma so now I am freaking. Idk if she for sure has cancer yet but I'm scared. Here's the rundown: she's always been super skinny cause she's a dancer and athethic but she's like become even skinnier lately (00 skinny). But she ran a marathon in May though so I'm hoping that's why. She's been sick alot this past year - nothing serious but like lots of colds and stuff. Last year she was in the hospital for two days cause she had really serious infections (idk whole deal but it happened like after the flu and wisdom teeth getting removed) and they did tons of tests then and she didn't have cancer then. She doesn't ever sleep cause she gets bad night sweats, but she's had insomnia forever and likes to paint at night. All this has been going on for like months but it seemed like there was an explanation for it all. So after reading about lymphoma it seems like she's got all the symptoms of it but I mean they could just be other stuff. But her uncle died of non-Hodgkins lymphoma when he was 27, so that's why I'm really scared. I am just trying to get answers. She won't talk about it much. My mom went with her to the appointment on Monday cause her parents are out of town but they didn't tell her anything. They did give her a referal to a pediatric oncologist so that's why me and my mom are so upset. I just need to know this stuff. She's acting like nothing is wrong. She hasn't even told her boyfriend or her parents and she wont let me talk to anyone about it. She's just like whatever. About cancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!This whole thing started because a masseuse found a large lump under her armpit. She's already had blood tests and now they want her to get a biopsy done.Thank you denise dd. That kinda like made me get a grip. Panda, I'm so sorry about your son. Idk why but my mom was the one who said she thought it was lymphoma. She said Dami was in there with the doctor for a long time so idk maybe she did tell her everything but she won't talk to anyone about it. All my mom knows is that she was refered to a pediatric oncologist and got this form to take in for a biopsy cause this nurse near the reception area gave her the forms and my mom came up and saw them. Idk know if her doctor tried calling her parents. Nobody is at her house right now. Her dad is on his honeymoon and she thinks it will ruin it if she calls him. She refuses to and told me i can't call him. Plus she's supposed to go to China in two weeks and she's afraid she won't be allowed to go if her dad finds out before then so she wants to wait til she gets back in mid August. My mom doesnt have forms for her. The school does but Idk if my mom could get them. Thanks again to you bothKira Idk what you are talking about. I never said that my mom signed any papers for her. My mom works beside the doctor's office and just went with her to the appointment because my friend gets faint after blood tests. My mom didn't go into the room with her. She sat in the waiting room the whole entire time and when my friend came out she came up to her and this nurse gave my friend the forms the doctor wanted her to have - the referal and this thing for a biopsy. The doctor's office already had consent from her parents like on file just for normal stuff so they didn't need a signature to see her. Her own parents have to sign off on the consent forms for the biospy and for her to see the new doctor. My mom can't do it.
A: Lars,Your friend’s parents need to know what is going on right now. Your mother should call them ASAP. Did they leave a signed document with your mother allowing her to okay medical treatment? If so, your mom can start the ball rolling. I don’t mean to scare you more than you already are, but I deal with cancer everyday and I have to tell you I would be VERY surprised if your friend doesn’t have lymphoma. Freaking out doesn’t help anyone. Getting this taken care of as soon as possible does. Cancer is serious and people, even young people, do die from it. At this point there is no way to know what her prognosis is it is just too early to tell. You have to take one step at a time. I don’t want to sound mean I understand what you are going through. When I was in high school one of my friend’s died from lymphoma – we were only 16. Doing the biopsy will tell the doctors what kind of lymphoma she has. From there she will need a CT and probably a PET scan. Once this is done they will know the stage. Please have your mother get a hold of her parents.EDIT: I understand you want to be a good friend, but sometimes that means you have to go against your friends wishes to do what is right. Believe me his honeymoon will matter very little to her father if something should happen to her. She will most likely have to put off her trip to China, but does that really compare to her life? Without treatment her symptoms will only get worse and the cancer will spread making it harder to treat and save her. Do you realize something could happen while she is in China? Do you know what medical care is like there? She should not be in that position. You sound like an intelligent girl I’m sure you know right from wrong. Her father needs to know.
My close friend's husband was just diagnosed with cancer. What can I do for them?
Q: He was dx'd with Non-hodgkins lymphoma. They don't know how bad or what kind. He just had marrow test but is scheduled for chemo every 21 days for 6 cycles.I feel a little helpless. What can I do to help or comfort them?
A: all you can do is tell them he is their prayers and look after them checking up abd showing you care. There is no use feeling sorry for him because there is nothing you can do. Bring over meals and stuff and just show him that you are still his friend because most cancer patiences are most concenered on how their friends will take it and that they will act weird around him so just be friendly and if he wants to talk about it then talk but other whise try to cheer him up.
I have 3 months to live, it's been 8 years since I've seen my mom..?
Q: I'm 17 and my mother moved to Europe when her and my dad divorced over 8 years ago. I was diagnosed with kidney cancer years ago, and I got better. But now I've been diagnosed with stage 4 anaplastic non-hodgkins lymphoma. I've been getting treatment and surgeries, but it's spread to the bone and to other organs. My doctor gave me 3 months. My father wants to let my mother know, but I don't. She hasn't been a part of my life, so I don't want her to be a part of my death. I'm angry at everyone because of my situation and seeing or talking to my mother will just make it worse. I don't know what to do. She doesn't even know that I have cancer again. And I'm sure she wouldn't care anyway. Tell her or no? Would it be really wrong not to tell her?
A: If you don't want her to be a part of your life or death, then that's understandable, and okay. I do think however, that your dad should at least tell her on the phone. If she wants to talk to you after that, then strongly consider if you're willing to talk to her on the phone, but tell her that you don't want any visits from her because you have enough to deal with emotionally. That is a respectable request, and very reasonable. Talking to her may actually help make some peace come from the situation (even if you don't condone what happened). If you don't like the way the phone conversation goes, then you can end things there, and know that you at least did what you could without second guessing or last minute guilt so you can try to enjoy all the time you do have. Enjoy your time and your loved ones! God bless.

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