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What is the name for cancer cells

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It depends on which type of cancer it is. Sometimes a cell starts to grow without regard for the normal balance between, MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-name-for-cancer-cells ]
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What would happen if a human orally ingested human cancer cells?
I found no information on human ingestion of cancer cells. I found information on testing on animals. It causes cancer in them.
What is non-small cell lung cancer?
Non-small cell lung cancers are categorized into five types: squamous cell carcinoma (also called epidermoid carcinoma), adenocarcinoma, large cell carcinoma, adenosquamous carcinoma, and undifferentiated carcinoma. The five types of non-sm...
How do cancer cells form?
Cancer cells form when abnormal cells do not die and multiply rapidly. Normal cells die to be replaced by new ones, while cancer cells just continue to form and create tumors.

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Cancer stem cells are the true cause of cancer?
Q: Cancer stem cells were first postulated over 100 years ago. Biologist named Beard called then germ cells that produce cancer cells in 1902-1906Then in 1994-97 researchers finally did isolate the first cancer stem cell, in leukemia. Since then cancer stem cells have been found in multiple cancers like breast, colon, pancreas, myeloma, and brain. Leading research centers for cancer stem cell work are Johns Hopkins, Stanford, and U Michigan. There are some clinical trials soon to start to target cancer stem cells.So, what is a cancer stem cell? it is the cell that produces the actually cancer cell. Stem cells divide into more stem cells and progenitor cells that go on to be mature cells. So the cancer stem cell will reproduce itself and more cancer cells. Current therapies do not kill the cancer stem cells, so they then can then produce more cancer cells. If you can kills of all cancer stem cells, then the cancer may be cured. T
A: Yes, true, that has recently resurfaced in cancer research. Some people are beginning to think that cancer relapses might actually be due especially to leftover cancer stem cells in the body (traditional chemo is not very discriminate and will also kill those, at least partially...).But I had not heard yet of stem-cell targetting agents. I will look into this. Seems interesting.
What was the name of the man who cured cancer in the 1970's, but was rejected by U.S. government agencies?
Q: It probably wasn't Royal Raymond Rife (I remember a spanish name). The man who cured cancer was of South American, or Spanish descent. He left some cancer cells on his labratory table irresponsibly, because he had not cleaned up so well before he left, along with the solution he was working with to cure the cancer cells, and when he came back the cancer cells had been diminished. When he told the U.S. that he had found the cure for cancer and tried proving it to them with his solution, they told him to F off, basically. I forgot what his name was, but he had cured it in the 1970's and wasn't able to get any recognition for his work. I read the article in 2007, I think. The article talked about what the solution was that he had been using, but I don't remember.
A: I think his name was Dr. suckerborneveryminute.
I have a question about "deflated" fat cells?
Q: I have heard, most recently on a show about the morbidly obese on TLC a couple days ago, that when people lose fat the number of fat cells in their body don't go down the existing cells just get smaller. Then they proceeded to say that people will retain these cells for the rest of their lives.My question is that how can these fat cells not die eventually? I mean we have a name for cells that don't die, it's called cancer.How can a single cell live on for as long as several decades as the person lives out the rest of their life? Or do the cells die all the same and are replaced by new generations of deflated fat cells? And if that is what happens, why would the body bother making replacement fat cells if it doesn't need to do so to store spare fuel?
A: Oh yeah they die, as was mentioned in the book I am reading "Beyond Antibiotics". They are just replaced.

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