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What is pre melanoma

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Pre-cancerous spots on skin are referred to as actinic keratosis. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-pre-melanoma ]
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What is pre melanoma
Pre-cancerous spots on skin are referred to as actinic keratosis. ChaCha!

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has anyone been diagnosed with PRE melanoma? What does that mean? PRE? ?
Q: I had a mole removed last week & the doctor stated that the test result came back abnormal / Pre Melanoma.... I know Melanoma is skin cancer. What is PRE Melanoma? I can't find anything about it online... HELP! PLS!
A: Technically there is no such thing as pre-melanoma. The correct term would be atypical."Although atypical cells don't necessarily mean cancer, it's important to remember that some cancers first appear as atypical cells. If your doctor identifies atypical cells, close follow-up is essential. In some cases, the doctor may simply monitor the atypical cells to make sure they don't become more abnormal. In other cases, the doctor may recommend a particular treatment to try to reverse the process that's causing the atypical cells. And sometimes, the doctor may need to obtain a larger sample of tissue — such as a biopsy — to make sure cancer or another more serious condition isn't present"
What does it look like nonmelanoma cancer look like?
Q: I have had these to spots on my arm for 3 years they look like they are scars, but they are not. About a week and a half ago one of them starting growing really quickly into a pink bump. Right now it's bigger then a pencil earser. It is getting bigger by the day. And a few days ago it started to hurt. I have pre cancerous melanoma for the last eight years so I know what to look for with that but this is not mole. Thank you for your help
A: Anytime any lesion begins to grow and change shape, is an indication that it is time to go to a doctor. No one can diagnose a lesion/mole/whateve without actually seeing it. And if you have a hx of melanoma (there is no such thing as pre-cancerous melanoma - melanoma by defination is cancer - do you mean actinic keratosis - that is pre-cancerous changes) then you are at increased risk for more - you really need to see a doctor.Although it sounds more like you have an infection or an abcess (growing fast is not good for anything)
Melanoma YIKES!?
Q: Ok well I've had this mole since I was born. It's never gotten bigger or changed...oh and its not freakishly black, grey, or blue. Just a normal brown one. My dermatoligist said its probably nothing but he suggested we get it removed just in case because the outer ring seems to be just a little lighter than the middle. So I got it removed to day. He said he knows for 100% sure that its not melanoma thank God!!! But he said there's a slight possibility that it could be pre cancer or abnormal and if thats the case I have get some cuts and stiches or something he said. What are the chances of this? If I hafta get this done is is a huuuge deal? He acted like its not really. Just about as serious as taking off the mole. Anyone have expirience with pre cancer or abnormal moles? Is anyone undergoing treatment or a survivor of melanoma? I'd love to hear your story and please answer my questions! Thankyou!!!
A: Yes, I am a survivor of a melanoma. I have also had several basal cells and a less common, multi-focal basal cell. If he has to do more surgery because it is abnormal, it will be a simple procedure. He will inject a local anesthetic, then just remove a larger margin around where the mole was. This is to be sure that they got all the abnormal cells. He will then stitch you up and you will be on your way.Now, he may choose to do MOHS surgery so if you want more info on that, this site will tell you more:http://www.mohscollege.org/AboutMMS.htmlI have oodles of moles and have never, ever been a sun worshipper. I am also extremely fair so never try to tan. My skin cancers were the result of severe sunburns I had at the ages of 7 and 21. My orignal melanoma was removed in a doctor's office. The lab report came back as a melanoma so more surgery...a wide excision...was necessary. I was admitted to a hospital for removal. I also had lymph nodes removed under my right arm to check for metatasis. They had to remove a large area around where the mole had been before the edges came back normal (lab kept checking removed tissue) and, due to the size, skin grafting should have been done. However, the doctor didn't expect it to be so large so hadn't gotten the consent signed for skin grafting. So, he just stitched the edges together. Even leaving the stitches in place longer didn't prevent my incision from opening so my scar is quite wide. It runs almost the entire width across the top of my back. However, I am not vain and am grateful there was no metatasis. The scar is nothing in the scope of things. What matters is I am still here and am healthy.

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