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What happens when you are dying from cancer

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When dying from cancer, you will experience weakness, loss of interest, strange sensations, and difficulty breathing. More? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-when-you-are-dying-from-cancer ]
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What happens when you are dying from cancer
When dying from cancer, you will experience weakness, loss of interest, strange sensations, and difficulty breathing. More?
What happens(physically) to a person dying with cervical cancer??
My grandmother died of cervical cancer. She lost a lot of weight and got very small and old looking. She lost tons of her hair and at the end was in a lot of pain. She had an IV of morphine that she could control herself. At the end she loo...
When Cancer Cells Die in the SR/CR Mice, How Does It Happen??
The failure of cancer to grow in the completely resistant young SR/CR mice could be due to some property of the mice that prevented growth of tumor cells, or it could be due to active killing of cancer cells even though they could initially...

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what happens when you die from lung cancer?
Q: i heard u get tied down and cant breathe and die is this true? of not what happens
A: You suffer, suffer , suffer, until your organs shut down and eventually.....you pass away...=(
My cat is dying from cancer. Fibrosarcoma caused by her vaccinations. Anyone else go through this?
Q: Cindee is 8 years old and was in excellent health until a few months ago. She was diagnosed as having fibrosarcoma, which is cancerous tumors brought on by vaccinations. From the statistics I've seen, it ranges from one in 3,000 cats to one in 10,000 cats that has this. She had a lump on her chest which was removed by MAJOR surgery back in October. The lump just returned and she had it removed again today in an even more invasive surgery than last time. The vet had to remove two ribs and said that the cancer had spread to her chest cavity as well. Basically, the next time it comes back, that's it. I'm guessing that will happen soon because of how quickly the cancer returned this first time (2.5 months). She lives with my parents... I'm guessing they'll put her down (as they should) when the cancer returns.If you've gone through this before, what was it like, what's your personal experience with it?
A: YES! I went through this after my cat was vaccinated for rabies on his back(upper spine region) the rabies was in 2005 and the sarcoma formed in december of 2006. I had it removed in May of 2007 and everyone said it would come back the vet said if it didnt reappear in a year i was out of the danger and it has not come back yet. My cat is only 4 plus years as well. I however read thatstatsitics were higher where i went to look some sites said 1 in 150, 000 cats. I didnt sue the vet cause its too hard to prove but everyone should go in with their pet into the exam room and witness how vaccines are given which should be the hind leg in case of this happening cause they can amputate a leg without cutting away chest walls to pieces or spines etc.. my cat has a huge dip in his back because the vet really undermined alot of fascia and muscle to get the tumor out..... all vets and vettechs should administer a vaccine ONLY in a hind leg...period. I wish your cat well and hope he or she atleastcan live out a few more years of life on our planet... and i am sorry for your experience and i can totally empathize with you.
Need help in how to approach explaining death to my 2 year old. My father is dying from cancer...what do I say
Q: My daughter will know something is different when she goes to my parents house and "Papa" isn't there. This is the hardest thing I've ever faced in my life. I want to honestly help her understand what has happened at the level she's at, but I do not want to overwhelm her or scare her. I'd like advice from others- have any of you had to face this before?
A: My father in law passed away almost exactly a year ago. Our son was 2.5 years old at the time. We live about 500 miles away, so we don't get down there too often, but when he went into the hospital we were there the entire time. He was in the hospital for a week before he died. We only took our son back to the intensive care unit a couple of times, and even during those visits we didn't know that he was going to die. We were like you and didn't want to overwhelm him, so we didn't spend to much time discussing why he was in the hospital (basically a lot of he's really sick and the doctors are trying to make him better).After he passed away we told our son that he'd gone to live with God and we wouldn't be able to see him anymore. At the funeral our son sat with my parents and really didn't know that it was much different than a regular church service. We didn't explain to him that his grandfather was in the casket. It's been a year but its really surprising how much he still remembers. When we went to visit my mother in law last month our son remembered them having lambs in the living room (abandoned lambs to keep them warm and feed them regularly) and feeding the lambs with his grandfather. He likes to look at pictures of him, and will just tell us out of the blue that his grandpa is living with God.I think that you will know what your daughter can handle best. It's probably best to explain being sick, but more sick than she is when she gets a cold, and that the doctors are trying very hard to make him better, but that sometimes they can't. Don't be afraid to cry with her and let her know how sad you are. I'm so sorry that you're having to go through this.

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