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What happens if you have lymphoma

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Lymphoma is a cancer of the immune system that affects lymphocytes. Some forms, like Hodgkin's are very treatable. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-if-you-have-lymphoma ]
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What happens if you have lymphoma
Lymphoma is a cancer of the immune system that affects lymphocytes. Some forms, like Hodgkin's are very treatable.
What is lymphoma?
If you've ever had a friend with this disease, you might have wondered what exactly is lymphoma. Lymphoma is an overall name for many different forms of cancer that involve the lymphocytes, which are cells in the immune system. It mostly af...
Do i have lymphoma?
Ok a swollen lymph node could just be from a cold. Unless it starts getting bigger, to around 2 cm or larger, then you should go have it checked out again. Your doctor will probably prescribe you some meds, and if that doesn't make it bette...

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If you have lymphoma, did this happen with you?
Q: My CBC is fairly normal except for a slightly raised white blood cell count. Platelets are normal and so are red blood cell count. My CO2 level is a bit high though. My doctor said, "We won't get too concerned just yet." The scheduled my next appointment for one month out. My lymph nodes in my neck are huge though and it hurts to swallow because there is so much pressure. She checked my thyroid and it is fine. She even did a throat culture and that is fine. I don't get what is wrong. Did your CBC seem fine at first?My symptoms:Very noticeable enlarge lymph nodes in my neck and underarms for two weeks.Feeling of heavy pressure over my windpipe.Very tired/exhausted.Itchy skin.Lost 17 pounds in one month, without trying.Nightly fever between 100.1 - 102.3.I break out into cold night sweats.My stomach feels extremely bloated when I eat.
A: you're not okwhen the lymph nodes around your neck are swollen then you need to see the doctor to get ti fixeda lot of doctors say you'll be fine, but things can still happenits supposed to go away, but it didn't for my friend and she got really sick
how do you know if its lymphoma?
Q: if you think you could have it but don't seek medical help what will happen?
A: Symptoms include Tiredness, painless wollen lymph nodes, unexplained weight loss, Soaking night sweats, Weakness and tiredness that don't go away. If you don't get treatment as with all other cancers you will die.Ok 1st Lymphoma is not at all an uncommon cancer there are 2 types Hodgkin's and non - Hodgkin's. Under the umbrella of Non Hodgkin's there are also different forms. This cancer is very common and very treatable if you catch it early enough. Also not ALL Lymphoma is slow growing there are 2 types indolent (slow growing) and aggressive (very rapid growing). In most cases Hodgkin's has a 80 - 90% cure rate that mean not just remission but cured (not coming back ever again). It can be genetic or there are a lot of medicines now that actually list this as a side effect believe it or not!!) Look at Enbrel and Humira they both have it listed as a possible side effect.Check out these sites:http://lymphoma-faq.org/index.htmlhttp://www.mdanderson.org/http://lymphoma.about.com/od/symptoms/tp/warningsigns.htmhttp://www.psoriasis.org/forum/showthread.php?t=16949http://www.humira.com/
Hodgkins Lymphoma Questions - Just Diagnosed?
Q: So my boyfriend of 4 years was just diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma (He's 38). The doctor says its very treatable. He's starting chemotherapy in 2 weeks, and will go for treatments every other week for 24 weeks. He's always been very active and strong-willed, but I want to know how the chemo is going to effect him. Is he going to get really sick from it? Please anyone who has had this form of cancer, tell me what happened to you. I want to be prepared so that I can help him through this. Also, we decided earlier this year to try to have a baby (I'm 29) and have been trying for the past 4 months. Now that he has been diagnosed, we have obviously decided to hold off on trying until he gets better, but I was wondering about his fertility after the treatments. The doctor suggested he go to a sperm bank before he starts the treatments just to be on the safe side. If you have been through this, can you tell me what happened? Were you able to have children naturally after having Hodgkin's Lymphoma?Thank You in advance, any help is greatly appreciated!
A: I can't help you from a personal perspective, but I have treated lots of patients with HD (Hodgkin's disease).His treatment is ABVD; while associated with many toxicities, he can expect for sure the following:altered taste & appetite, fatigue, hair lossHe might have these: nausea/vomiting (less common than nausea), rash, muscle/joint achesThese are rare: lung & heart problems (fibrosis/scarring in lungs due to "B" drug bleomycin, and heart muscle damage due to "a" drug adriamycin.This list is of course not exhaustive but covers the common side effects.Fertility will be potentially impaired. the younger the patient the less likely there will be a problem. I would definitely have him go to a sperm bank to be safe, no question, if you want to have more children. Blessings on successful therapy

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