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What does it mean when you have a mass on your pancreas

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A mass on your pancreas generally means you have a foreign body growing on the organ which could be cancerous or just tissue! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-when-you-have-a-mass-on-your-pancreas ]
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What is the meaning of ill defined hypodense mass lesion at head ...?
my husband has just had an apendicitis. In the CT scan it was found (incidental finding) two hypodense focal massess in the neck of the pancreas that will require follow up (MRI). We are freaking out. What could that mean? is it smething...

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please read, about cancer, if you have advice that would help too.?
Q: My mom went into the Dr. the other day complaining of stomach cramps. A hospital stay and lots of tests later they found a mass on her pancreas and spots on her liver. Theyre going to get the results of whether it's cancerous or not soon. I pray to God it isn't, you dont know how hard i pray. I didnt ever used to pray, but when shoved face to face with a life threatening illness, you start to. You start to hope, and pray,and wish, and try to make bargins with God. Ill do this or this if you just let her live till old age. Id do anything for her...Anything if it just meant that she would get better. Id take her place if i could.Everyone takes their parents for granted, including me, and i feel like crap for doing so. I used to get so upset with her for trival things, now it doesn't matter. It should of never mattered, i was just to selfish and to big of a bitch to realize it. I dont want to lose her like this. A mom is supposed to help plan your wedding, help decorate your house, and help name your grandchildren, and make life just a little more difficult in between.All i can think about now is going home and taking care of my family, not study stupid chemistry! If i could i would withdraw from all my classes and start at henry ford next semester, or wayne state or whereever, it wouldnt matter as long as i was close to home. Look up Pancreatic cancer and see what you find, and tell me you wouldnt be scared too.So i guess the point to this note was to ask anyone reading it please put my mother in your thoughts. Say a prayer, make a wish, do anything. I dont care if youre not religious, i wasnt really untill now. Ill do anything for a miracle. Please
A: Hey calm down.There are many ways to treat pancreatic cancer other than medicines.Why don't u try natural treatment.They cause no side effects,unlike medicines.Go check a natural health food product called NCD--Natural Cellular Defense--which was released in August 2005 in USA.It's still very new so many poeple don't know it yet.However,doctors have proved its amazing ability.They offered NCD treatments to about 75 different types of cancer patients including brain cancers,lungs cancers,kidney cancers,breast cancers.They were waiting for death after negative responses to surgeries and other common medical treatments.But then this NCD was a miracle to them.After taking the thing for about 2 to 3 months,65 of these patients have fully recovered from their cancers and this shocked the medical history for nothing other than medicines can have such a high curing rate--about 80 to 90 %--even higher than the most advanced medicines nowadays. In Hong Kong where i live,there r uncountable cases of cancer patients who have recovered from or have great improvement on cancer.This NCD can cure all types of cancers.It's in fact a mineral substance emmitted from the volcanoes so it's 100%natural.There was a woman in St.Mary Hospital HK who had 4 types of cancers at the same time and was about to die after useless surgeries and harmful treatments that caused her dry mouth,loss of hair,weak bones that can snap every moment she walks and of coz great pain.She was then introduced to NCD.After about 3 months,she felt no pain anymore.Later,the medical report shocked the doctors by showing 87 % of her cancer cells were killed. Yep that's it,u can check online about NCD or u can contact me at yield_life@yahoo.com.hk anytime u like so i can help u and ur mother like i've been doing to my family and friends.^_^God bless you.
A question about tumors--masses.?
Q: They found a mass on my grandpa's pancreas. They found it when he went to the hospital a couple weeks ago, and he saw his doctor a few days later, and there was already a change. They are doing a biopsy 2/15. The only thing my grandma could remember that the doctor said, was something about being massitized??? I know this is not how you spell it...but, that's the way it sounded. Does anybody know what that means? And if you can tell me what are the chances of this being pancreatic cancer (even if it is just your opinion, based upon experience)? I couldn't be there with her at the doctors appointment, so I wasn't there to ask more questions. Also, he had cancer 7 years ago, and had his kidney removed.....but, has been in remission. Thank you for your answers, I just want to prepare myself, and at this point I am thinking the worse.
A: Metastasizing means that the cancer has moved from the original cancer site to another place in the body. Try this website for a more detailed explanation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metastasis

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