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What does blood in the stool indicate

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It could be hemorrhoids, an infection or colon cancer. Bloody stools should always be evaluated by a physician. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-blood-in-the-stool-indicate ]
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Blood in your stool can indicate anything from hemorrhoids to a bleeding ulcer. Either way you should have it checked out by a doctor. It could be something more serious.
・ The color of your stool is important to tracking where the blood is coming from. For example, a black... ・ Some reasons for blood in the upper digestive tract can result from stomach ulcers, esophagus rips, gastritis... ・ If your stool ha...
It could be hemorrhoids, an infection or colon cancer. Bloody stools should always be evaluated by a physician. ChaCha on!

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What does bright red blood in stool indicate?
Q: I am a 28 yr old female who has never had any serious medical problems. I was in the hospital in July for a kidney infection but nothing since then. Should I be alarmed right away...? I do have two children which whom are 7 & 4, could it be hemorrhoids for natural birth? I haven't ever had this occur until now. Last week I did catch what I think was a stomach virus and vomited for about 12 hrs then it went away I was fine. Yesterday I started my ministration cycle, could this be a cause of the blood in my stool? When should I contact a DR.?I am sure that the blood is coming from the rectum, it wasn't just on the toilet paper it was very prevalent in the stool as well. I have no external signs of hemorrhoids and never have.
A: Most likely its nothing at all to worry about. Its bright red so is likely to be from a small tear or fissure, maybe caused by constipation in the past and sometimes the tear reappears if your bowels have been upset by diarrhoea or constipation. As you say, it could also have been caused by haemorrhoid's, particularly common during pregnancy. these are prone to bleeding. Sometimes they itch or you find they only bleed now and again.Occasionally, the bleeding is caused by polyps which can appear anywhere along the bowel, but if they are in the lower end of the bowel you may see fresh blood.sometimes bleeding fresh blood is more than this and can be a malignancy, but the only way to be sure is to have it checked out. So, like it or not its a trip to the docs for you!
What does it mean to have "tarry" black stool?
Q: I know it indicates blood in the stool, but what does the "tarry" part mean? Thanks!
A: Tarry is derived from the word tar. So in a tarry black stool, tar would be the texture and/or color of it.
anyone had blood in the urine and in the stool and dizziness?
Q: Hi all,My boyfriend (22 years old) has been to the doctors a few times in the past couple of months. Obviously we will be going back to push for further testing etc but in the meantime I am trying to learn as much as i can so he and I know the right questions to be asking etc at the doctors office and so that we can look out for certain things etc.I'm obviously not looking for a diagnosis or any concrete answers etc, just hoping someone might have some information, knowledge or experiences to share?So I was wondering if anyone has had blood in the urine (detected by a dip sick test) it's not actually visible.. and black stools, not fresh blood, but pitch black blood that had come from higher up in the digestive tract. or either of these things??My boyfriend was feeling very dizzy the other evening and all through the night and the dizziness continued through the whole next day and appears to be coming and going.So we went to A and E where they found the blood in his urine using a dip stick.They said thet there were two specific things that they DIDN'T find, I think they were white blood cells lymphocytes? which would indicate infection? and nitrates? (might be using completely the wrong words here..) that would indicate bacteria was present and the stuff that would be the by products of such nasties..Anyway, he said that this means there is blood present but he doesn't know why and without further investifatio he cannot definitely link it to the dizziness.Prior to this (about a month and a half before hand) my boyfriend had a few days of black stools that was confirmed at hospital as blood in his stools coming from higher up in the digestive tract.I'm wondering what could be going on and whther the two can be related?Also when he had the black stools he was told he had microscopic amounts of blood in the urine. However the more recent dipstick (at A&E) showed much higher quantities of blood in the urine, so it would appear it is either getting worse, is chronic or it is coming and going.. or other such possibilities..)He has had years of mild to moderate non specific digestive complaints such as severe hunger pains, possible acid reflux?? When he had the blood int he stool they did a gasteroscopy and found no cause for the bleeding but noted inflammation in the stomach and oesophegus.. yet they discharged him without any further investigation or treatment!!?? I'm wondering if there are any obvious conditions that would cause all these symptoms?We have obviously considered thing like kidney stones, sti's, UTI- he has no pain when passing urine though..And the more serious kidney problems, cancers etc.I guess I was just hoping to hear from people in a similar situation.Have you got any advice on things to look out for? Questions to ask at the doctors? Tests to ask for? What was your diagnosis? What tests have you had?The A&E doctor suggested an ultrasound, camera up the urethra, kidney biopsy, etcAnyone have an information, knowledge or experiences to share?Thanks in advance Abi !!
A: see a specialist.

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