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What cuts up your lip

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Chewing tobacco can cause lip or mouth cancer, and start to erode away at the lip/mouth - is this what you mean? ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-cuts-up-your-lip ]
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What cuts up your lip
Chewing tobacco can cause lip or mouth cancer, and start to erode away at the lip/mouth - is this what you mean? ChaCha on!

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What's the fastest way to heal a cut on your lip?
Q: Someone accidentally backed up into and their head hit my lip. My bottom lip is kinda cut on one side. I heard oral gel is good to use but i don't have any. Is there something else that can be used to heal it quickly?
A: you can try and use something like carmex or blistex or any other kind of lip balm/chapstick.. it helps to help the lip heal faster...hope this was of some use!
How to make a full flat fringe look hot - mussed up hair on top ? Lip gloss ? Style ideas please!?
Q: If your hair is styled to have a full thick fringe and layered bangs what should you do to your face to help with this look?If you're eyes are half-covered should you still make them up ? Or should you focus more on your lips ?I do have my hair cut in this style however I've been pinning bits of hair back though now I'd like to make the most of this style but I just don't like my hair flat on my head.What should I do to my hair/ make-up ??
A: I love this style- muss it up if you want - you can bring attention to your eyes with metallic shadows. Keep your skin a drastic contrast to your hair and gloss is fine for lips or a really dark red or purple.
What are the consequences, if any, of slightly cutting the frenulum on your upper lip?
Q: My baby daughter just had a small accident (a fall). She hit her mouth and bled a lot, but it stopped bleeding almost immediately and after cleaning her up, we were looking for wounds or bruises. There was a small cut on her lower lip but what concerns me is that the frenulum that connects the upper lip to the teeth gums was slightly cut. It is not bleeding at all. What is the importance of this small tissue, and what will be the consequences of being cut at this early age? She's 18 months old.
A: My son did the same thing at about that same age. I was more worried about his teeth but thankfully they were unharmed. I asked the pediatrician about it and they said it would have no affect on them later in life and that it is a common toddler accident that alot of kids have.

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