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What causes tumors in or on kidneys

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Mutations of oncogenes and/or tumor suppressor genes cause many types of cancerous tumors on the kidneys. ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-causes-tumors-in-or-on-kidneys ]
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What Are the Causes of Kidney Oncocytoma Tumors??
・ Kidney Oncocytoma's have a dense accumulation of mitochondria (the energy powerhouse of the cell). Unfortunately... ・ Men are more likely to have a kidney oncocytoma than women, at a rate of two or three to one. This benign... ・ Most ofte...
Does saccharin cause kidney tumors?
No studies have shown this. There was a study in the 70's where rats were given large amounts of saccharin and some developed bladder cancer. However, these rats were predisposed to developing cancer. No studies have shown this. There was a...
What type of tumor near the kidney can cause high blood pressure??
Pheochromocytoma...a type of an adrenal tumor.

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I'm just wandering What is it like to be on Kidney Dialysis?
Q: I've heard different things like not having enough energy to get out of bed or doing anything.I am curious cause I might be put on Dialysis in the future cause my Kidneys have tumors (It isn't cancer it's from my Disease Tuberous Sclerosis) on them but they are still functioning. I've been put on the list but don't know how long I'm gonna have to wait and my kidneys could stop anytime.I'm not scared I trust God,I just want to know what it would be like to be on a Dialysis would I be able to go out and do things or would I just be too tired to do anything at all?
A: I am not going to sugar coat it okay? My Aunt is on Kidney dialysis and I know personally what she is going through. The actual dialysis is not painful but it can cause things to happen to you. You will need to bring a blanket because you may become cold. Dialysis can put you into heart failure. It can make you weak depending on the condition you are in. It is very important that they keep a check on your blood pressure and also your blood volume. Your primary doctor should be conducting regular tests to keep up with your kidney functioning, blood tests, and blood pressure. During dialysis they will also keep a check on your blood pressure. Also, check with your physician to see if there are any supplements that will help with your energy level. God Speed!
my rat started bleeding from her lady parts and got very ill and passed away. why?
Q: i bought three dumbo rats and a couple days after i got them one started bleeding vaginally. she also had a sore on her nose that smelled like rotting flesh!! i cleaned is and it began to heel quite well. but after it was almost completely heeled she became very weak and passed away. :( i thought the bleeding may just be her in heat... but i really didn't know about rats menstrual cycles. and the bleeding would come and go. so i was going to take her to the vet but it was too late. my other rats bled too. but no they seem to be doing fine and one of them really was in heat because when i pet her back she twitched her ears like crazy.... what was the problem. should i be worried about my other rats even though they the bleeding stopped and seem very healthy now? also i did read something about the bleeding that said it could be caused be tumors or kidney problems... is that true? what should i do? sorry this is so long but there was a lot of history with the story.
A: Sometimes when a rat is bleeding from their hind end it can be difficult to tell if it is coming from their urethra, vagina, or anus. Vaginal bleeding can be caused by labor, pyometra (usually accompanied by a greyish pus-like discharge and swelling in the abdomen), a uterine cyst, or a uterine tumor or abscess. Bleeding from the urethra indicates a kidney problem or general organ failure, and bleeding from the anus indicates a digestive problem or general organ failure. I recently had a rat who was urinating blood and upon her necropsy after her death it was determined that she had a large tumor on her lung, which eventually caused the organ failure, causing her kidneys to shut down and begin excreting blood. Tumors are very common in rats and often when they are inside the body you cannot detect them unless you have a necropsy done.If any of your other rats are showing any symptoms of illness at all you need to take them to the vet right away. Good luck!
Lower Back Pain Causes?
Q: since sept i been getting on and off lower back pain. right under the back rib cage in that area and radiates to the belt line. where that bone is. i got an ultrasound back in october to scan the kidneys. it came back negative for tumors or stones or infection. urilysis came back fine too. this has been coming and going usually stays a few weeks then leaves and comes back. for the past month i had the pain again. now the back pain is gone but really low right at the lower bone on the belt line is pain. feels like sore in that area. what can this be im freaking out. i got blood test back in feb that suspects i have epstein barr. would that cause this back pain. im 23yrs old male. no health problems at all, i workout 5 times a week. i been back and forth to the doctor many times this year for various things that all came back negative. i dont want to go back if this is nothing. please anyone help do u think its a tumor or soemthing and they missed it on the scan. please help
A: I have Epstein Barr and I have suffered lower back pain,as long as can remember. Not sure if it has anything to do with it.If you work out five x a week, ask a personal trainer to watch youand give you tips on how to avoid back pain.You might be strainingyour back when you excerice.I am a dancer and have to arch my back a lot and you might beputting too much strain on your lower back.Also...keep in mind that stress, or depression cause body aches,espcially in the neck, or lower back.

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