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Through were does the international dateline pass

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The International Dateline passes through both the tropic of Cancer and The tropic of Capricorn. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/through-were-does-the-international-dateline-pass ]
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What countries does the international dateline pass through??
Pacific Ocean At 180 degrees longitude (for the most part), directly opposite the Prime Meridian (which passes through Greenwich, England), the International Dateline extends through the middle of the Pacific Ocean and a large portion of th...
What continents does the international dateline pass through??
None, it is in the Pacific Ocean. Geography has yielded to politics and the date line does not follow the 180 th lattitude all the way. It makes a few jogs to keep some groups of islands in the same day and a rather large shift to go around...

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What ocean does most of the international dateline pass through?
Q: I really need help. I'm doing this paper thats due tomorrow and this is like, THE LAST QUESTION. I cant find it ANYWHERREEE! HELP! I'll love you forever if you do! ;)
A: The Pacific Ocean
If i stand at North Pole and walk clockwise i could pass the meridian every few mins, am i time travelling?
Q: So im at the North Pole (or South Pole), which ive marked with a flag - my GPS tells me the direction of London, so then i scrape in the snow the line of the Greenwich meridian.then i walk 10 feet from the pole, with my toe behind the meridian (standing 'West' of the meridian) and then walk in a circle 'East'it takes a minute or two (in all my padded insulation) and im back at the meridian againthis is the international dateline, ive passed through all of the international time zones in the last few minutesso that means ive now moved backwards a day!i do this 7 times and ive moved backwards in time a week - do this for an hour or so and i could be back from my polar expedition before ive begun!so, just in case, before i leave i run anticlockwise exactly the same amount of times as ive run clockwise so i dont end up meeting myself going the other way on that long treck back home
A: lol idk, but i always think of weird stuff like this too
answer all and get ten points!?
Q: Lisbon is to Portugal as _______ is to Cameroon.What is the difference between a natural and political boundary? Give an example of each.Which polar region contains more land?How many countries are in Central America?What color is found on a world map more than any other?Which ocean does the most the International Dateline pass through?What is the difference between a physical map and a political map?What is the capital of the only country that borders both the Mediterranean and Black sea?
A: 1.Yaoundé2.A natural boundary might be something like a river, mountain range or an ocean. These are generally considered to be obstructions which prevent crossing without additional equipment or assistance, such as a boat or horses to carry what you need to cross a mountain range. A political boundary would be a real or imagined line in the monkey that defines the boundary of a nation or state. For example, Australia's boundary is an ocean and Switzerland's boundary is defined by mountains, these are both physical and natural boundaries. The boundaries of Colorado are all just surveying lines and there really isn't much of a physical boundary involved.3. antarctic4. 75. Blue (for water)6. Northern Pacific Ocean7. A political map shows human-created features such as boundaries, cities, highways, roads, and railroads. Physical maps displays the natural features of the earth - the location and names of mountains, rivers, valleys, ocena currents, and deserts8. Turkey

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