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Is weed good for you in any ways? Which ones

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Some people will smoke weeds when they have cancer so they eat more and for glaucoma. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-weed-good-for-you-in-any-ways%3F-which-ones ]
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What is one of the best ways to hide weed?
Empty a jar of dried parsley. Fill with weed. Put in your spice cabinet.
What is a good way to control alge/weeds in my one-acre (spring-f...?
blue stone (copper sulfate) will work.but be careful of the amount you use,it can kill fish.see source

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A: wow, it sounds like you have a big support problem. if he isnt giving you the support you want, ask yourself, why are you staying with him? it doesnt sound like he is very supportive of your dreams and is way to attatched to his parents. his parents dont make his life decisions, he should, if it were me, i would leave him, but let it be suttle
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Q: Im only 13 years old so i cant promise you that it will be perfect. Can you pelase tell me if it good or bad and can you give me sum CONSTRUCTIVE critoscim please if you have any, if you dont then just tell me if it good or bad ( by this way this is the begging to my book im writing, ( story) )Slam! Sonder swung his warhammer into the belly of the creature. Its icy fat closed around his hammer. Just one monster left. Only one and he could shine in his blood-earned freedom. Only one. It would not be as easy as the other two, this one was the group leader, Four months moveing though frozen tundras to even get a whiff of the icy creatures stench. How long before he found the last? Sonder drew his hammer from the icy trolls stomach, he drops it onto the tundra as it slightly cracks through, as he says: "A blunt bloody hammer makes for a difficult draw," he said quitley to himself. Sonder, walks through the dreary freezing cold woods with the crunch of dead roots and weeds sticking the the tundra. He finds himself standing right there infront of the icy troll with his back turned facing the ground. Sonder tries to approach the scary looking beast at quitley as he could "crunch" Sonder steps on a twig, the icy creature turns its cold, stone shaped face around, long with his big chubby body. The troll withdraws his might stoneaymore, and bashes at right at Sonder. With his quick reflexes he dodges the bash and hides behind a tree. The troll did not see Sonder run to hide, Sonder is tired, his muscles are filled with pain the icy air is crawling down platebody, under his tunic down his back he must kill this creature. " come out come out, where ever you are! said the troll in the most disgusting scariest voice Sonder has ever heard. Sonder was shivering, not only from the cold but the fear. Sonder took out his croosbow which was strapped to his back and..wham! Sonder hit the ugly creature right in the left leg. The troll made a ear bleeding screeech. Sonder dropped his bow and clamped his hands over his icy ears. after Sonder recovered from that the shriek he picked up his bow and shot him in the legs. Another ear splitting screech. Sonder withstanding the screech runs up to the beast. The beast jsut opens his eyes and see's Sonder just in time and smack!... the creature shoots out his hand and swipes Sonder right in the ribs, Sonder goes flying back back into the woods that surroded them, he went so far he lost sight of the fowl creature, though he could still smell the disgusting smell. Sonder gets up dragging his swords against the tundra as he walks back through the forest in attempt of finsihing him off. the swords makes a deep trail trough the tundra. Once sonder finally gets a visual on the creature. He only had two crassbow arrowws left and he sued them so he had to go for a head on attack. the creature was ready this time but sonder had an idea. Sonder came running ups traight fooling the creature ( ice trolls lack of intelligence ) then he swiftly turns to the left the creaute has very very bad reflexes then Sonder slashes into the calf of the troll and the troll falls to the ground a puddle of blood lay under him then off to the left of the troll there it is.. half the trolls leg alay on the ground. Sonder finsishes off the troll with a stab trough its skull with his sharp dagger. He cuts of his head and walks back to the castle down south, with his noble stead. Sonder's quest was a victory.
A: hmm its intresting but idk if i would read it. Put more discription in it. Pleaseee check your spelling and punctuation and stuff. Make the sentences shorter. I would LOVE to see more descriptive and bigger words in there. Hope i helped you can ask me something any time. please answer my newest question!!
Help please?.. Any advice is welcome.. i just don't know what to do.!?
Q: Okay, so.. i have so many problems it's unbelievable.. so i'll just say a couple of the main ones.. Any advice you may have is greatly appreciated, no matter how big or small.. ▬ My parents are drug addicts.. they have been since before i was born, and have been ever since. I've asked them to stop, even *begged* them to stop, but they wont.. and it's really affecting their health now, it's obvious it is. I don't really care what happens to my dad, but my mom deserves so much better, she doesn't deserve to waste away from heroin abuse. If i tell anyone about it, my family will be split up, so i can't tell anyone because it's not just me i have to think about- it's my 7 year old brother aswell, and he doesn't want to lose them. The only reason i can post this on here is because none of you have my information, so you can't tell anyone. What could i do?▬ I get bullied.. EVERY day.. it's hell. The abuse i get ranges from being given dirty looks, to being beaten up. BADLY. Nothing i do ever stops it, and even the teachers don't help. Some of them even join in picking on me! It makes me and my friends feel so horrible, it's unbelievable, and nobody cares enough to help us. Also, we can't move schools because one of my friends' moms won't let her move to a better school, and there's no way we're going to leave her behind. Any ideas on what we could possibly do??▬ Depression :/ This subject comes up a lot, i know. Basically - i'm depressed, to the point where i have suicidal thoughts sometimes. There's hardly a moment where i'm happy anymore, all of my smiles are fake, and it's been this way for over a year now. I just don't know what to do, i feel so helpless and weak! Lately, it's gotten worse. To the point where people are SERIOUSLY worried about me, and i feel bad about that, too. My life has just taken a downhill turn, and it's absolutely horrible.. i can hardly stand it. The only reason i hang on is my friends. My friends want me to get help, but i don't know.. i don't feel comfortable telling strangers about my personal life, and i detest pills. Also, i'm a self harmer.. that's one of the only thing which makes me feel better, i'm having to try to give that up, though. I just don't know what to do.. i'm so lost.. any ideas.. please?!▬ My 'father' .. i hate him so much, it's unreal.. he fxcked up my moms life, his exwife'ss life, my 2 half sisters lives and my half brothers life.. not to mention, me and my lil brothers lives.. he fucks up everything he touches..he hits me sometimes when he gets mad, and shouts at my little brother all the time for no reason.. he doesn't hurt my little brother - i'd never let him do that, but still..ughh >:( I just don't know what to do, how to handle this.. I feel like taking my brother, my mom and just leaving.. never coming back or maybe just telling the police what he does (grows weed) to get rid of him.. i know it's nasty, but so is he.. i don't know!! What do you think i should do?By the way.. i'm a 13 year old girl, for if that helps.. i just need ideas and suggestions on what to do, i'm so confused!! Plus, there's so much more going on on top of this.. i'm just trying to solve the problems one at a time, but i need help. Please, give suggestions? Thanks in advance.. x
A: You're an incredibly mature 13-yr old and you've got WAY too much going on for someone your age (which you already know). I'll tackle the bullying part first: you and your friends should keep records of every incident. Every single one. Then go to someone with them - there must be someone in your school that you can trust. Does your school have any kind of anti-harassment policy at all, can you and your friends talk to one of your friends' parents and come up with a plan?Your depression: no one should be surprised that you've developed depression. I would strongly recommend talking to a therapist, and be absolutely clear that you don't want to take pills. Hopefully any therapist you talk to will respect that. If you don't like the first therapist you talk to, then try to find another. It might take awhile to find someone you like. Good therapists (the majority) will be professional, and therefore confidential, but double check on this with them since you're a minor. Talking to a stranger can be enormously freeing - for once you can just say everything you've wanted to say and not be judged at all.Turning your dad in: This one is tricky. There has to be evidence to prosecute. And if you choose to do this, be prepared for things to get way worse before they get better. You will have to adjust to your dad not being in the house, and being in jail, and having to go through the court system or whatever. It's hard to say what will happen, and that's the scary part: dealing with all those unknowns. So you have to be as prepared as you can be to deal with that.Addiction is an extremely powerful and complex disease - watch A&E's Intervention to learn more about it. You can't just ask someone to stop and they will. Your parents are sick and they need help, no matter how crappy as people they might be, or how horrible their parenting might be.And clearly, you have your own mental health issues (totally not surprising) and you all need help. Self-harm is a type of addiction as well. Try to find a healthier outlet to cope: exercise, sports, music, drawing, writing, reading, volunteering in the community, something that you can grab onto to channel positive energy and create positive energy. I'm really sorry that you have to put up with abuse from your dad, at school and live with drug-addicted people. The bottom line is, you have to get help because you can't do this alone. And you deserve to live and have a good life because you are worth it; you have to believe that. Can you talk to your half-siblings' mom(s) or something? Can you go to a youth shelter in your area, or talk to your mom about going to a women's shelter? In Canada, you can call the Kid's Help Line or check out 211.ca for resources in your area; there must be something similar in the US.You're gonna get through this.

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