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Is smoking meth better than snorting it

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Smoking or snorting meth are bad for you but in different ways. Smoking meth hits you harder and can cause lung cancer! ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-smoking-meth-better-than-snorting-it ]
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Is smoking meth better than snorting it
Smoking or snorting meth are bad for you but in different ways. Smoking meth hits you harder and can cause lung cancer! ChaCha!

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What are the effects of prolonged drug use on the mind and body?
Q: I am a 22 year old male with a history of drug usage starting from the age of 14. I will give a brief run down on what I used and for how long and how I feel it still effects me now that I am for the "most part" sober.At 14 years of age, the first drug I tried was LSA.. By the age of 15 1/2 I was placed in a rehab center for 7 months. I had been abusing a surplus of pain pills, benzos, ketamine, cocaine, marijuana, and occasional x.After the age of 17 I became a user of cocaine, marijuana, prescription pills...also my drug of choice was meth. I snorted and smoked meth for 2 years along with taking large amounts of x on a weekly basis. From 17-19 I had taken over 70 xtc pills, sometimes 10 in a weekend...I admitted myself in rehab for my meth abuse when I was using over a .5g-2g a day for almost a year (sometimes staying up 4-8 days) before falling asleep and repeating the process.After the age of 19 and my second time out from rehab, I started using prescription pills...I had with withdrawals from so many stimulants...It wasnt until I turned 20 years old before I grasped the true meaning of being sober and I had a last stint with meth and xtc before it clicked...in all I probably took about 140 xtc pills and spent over 8,000.00 on meth in my time. I smoked marijuana regularly and took more xanax and prescription medicines than most would think was humanly possible.I have been sober for 1 1/2 years. I have not abused prescription pain pills either but still regularly smoke small amounts of marijuana and drink occasionaly....My problem now; I have elevated stress almost constantly...my muscles will ache with tension frequently. I get sick more often than I ever have in my life. My nerves bother me...I get sweaty and hot and my heart rate becomes elevated often in stressfull situations. Sometimes I drink alcohol to calm myself which isnt good but I dont have a big habit doing that.I get these urges and I cant sit down...I'll pace around and get nothing accomplished, sometimes I'm shaky. If I drink caffeine it makes all of this 10 times worse so I stay away. I have ADD but there is nothing that can be done about it, the medicines are way to risky for myself to consume. I know this is really long but I wanted yall to really grasp the extent of my usage and help me figure out ways to cope with it, maybe tell me how long it will last...what should I tell a ddoctor and can anything be done? One great thing...I dont crave drugs, I have gotten thru those symptoms, I just have lingering after effects.
A: You certainly have come a long way in the last 1 1/2 years.What you tell your doctor is everything. You might want to have counseling to face the adjustments to growing up you did not make because of your dependency on drugs. You feel stress because you never learned how to deal with it without using something, even now you drink.Consider a 12 step program because they are very successful in helping people deal with being sober, a very scary thing. You'll have someone who has been through it to help you along.It'll be awhile for for you to get back to normal. Drinking has an affect on perception and seems to make changes to the brain. You will get over this all but you do need help.Get into an exercise program to burn off the stress and raise your mood. Walking is great. Start doing some physical work to tire yourself out. You might want to get a treadmill (find a used one) and walk on it when you are so restless you can't sit but also can't do anything that takes concentration. Get some relaxation tapes so you can start learning how to calm down.Give yourself time. This is a physically and mentally painful process but you have already made the most important step, faced your problem and stopped most of the usage.
questions about drugs such as marijuana and PCP?
Q: If a doctor prescribes marijuana to a patient, how is the patient supposed to use the marijuana? Someone told me that marijuana comes in a bottle with your name on it. I know for pills they do but for weed I never heard of it coming into a bottle. Marijuana is green plants or whatever. When a doctor prescribes weed to someone, I’m curious to know how they use the weed. Do they smoke it? What are the symptoms of weed in general? What are the negative affects of it? What are the positive affects? The only positive affects I know is that it relaxes a person.I also have a question about the drug, PCP. As I understand, PCP is a drug makes the user feel absolutely no pain because there is no pain threshold whatsoever. Here are my questions about PCP:1.) If a person who’s on PCP gets run over by a car, he won’t feel the pain. Is that correct? Will he feel the pain after he’s off PCP?2.) If someone gets shot with a gun while on PCP, will he feel that? If he gets shot, will there still be a gunshot wound on him even though he’s n PCP?Other questions:3.) I know “weed” is just a street name for marijuana. 4.) What are some other street names for marijuana? 5.) How many different ways is marijuana used? Is it only used by smoking it?6.) What are street names for heroin? 7.) Does heroin work similar to PCP? A user who uses heroin isn’t supposed to feel any pain or much pain. Is that correct? Does heroin have any pain threshold?8.) What are the street names for crack cocaine? Can crack only be used by shooting it or snorting it? Are there any other ways to use it?9.) Is crystal meth different from crack cocaine?10.) What are street names for speed? Is speed better than meth? Does meth just eat out your brain and speed is only temporary? 11.) How many kinds of meth are there? can u list them?If anyone wants, can u provide ur yahoo ID or email address because incase I have other questions, I’d like to ask them. I’m not a drug expert lol…….i’m just trying to get a little bit better understanding of them, that’s why I ask these questions.
A: You ask too many questions but I'll try to answer as best as I can.1.) If he doesn't die, then I'm not sure, but he certainly will feel the pain after the effects wear off.2.) Of course there will be a wound, he got shot. It doesn't make your body deflect bullets.3.) That's not a question...4.) pot, hemp, ganja, chronic, dope, herb, cannabis5.) Smoked or eating it6.) smack7.) Not sure, but yes, I believe they are both narcotics which eliminate pain.8.) Crack is smoked, cocaine is snorted. Crack is a rock and cocaine is a powder. They are both very similar drugs derived from the same plant, the coca plant. I don't know any street names for crack, but for cocaine there's blow, dust, and powder.9.) Yes. Crystal meth I believe is usually injected and crack is smoke. Also, meth is more addictive according to what I've heard. I believe they have similar effects.10.) I think speed is a nickname for meth. And they are both temporary but can have long term affects on the brain from abuse.11.) I don't know.Why do you care so much? Just use wikipedia if you need to know.
I've hit rock bottom. I need your help and advice...please :(?
Q: I always wondered when it would happen, and what it would be like when I got here. I'm completely at rock bottom, and I feel like I'm drowning. I need to get this out to someone because I can't tell the people that can help me at this point. I don't know how.Basically, I'm addicted to the worst of the worst 3 drugs, other than meth. As ridiculous as it sounds, meth and the people addicted to it scares and disgusts me(as if I'm any better). I didn't plan on naming my drugs of choice, but I think I should if I'm going to really do this. I'm heavily addicted to cocaine, heroine and crack. I never have and never will use a needle though. I smoke the heroine and crack, and snort the coke. I feel so ashamed to be this way, and can't beleive that this is what has become of me. I've begun to hate myself.The point is, I need help. I know that my mother would do anything to save me, but there's a big problem. I've been in and out of several rehabs....After her final attempt at saving me by flying me to Brazil for 3 weeks to see some "healer", I couldn't bare to break her heart any more. I've been doing a fantastic job at covering this up and have convinced her that I'm completely sober. Now I feel screwed. I've completely exhausted all of my $, infact, I'm overdrawn in my bank acct. I can't afford to eat, much less continue paying rent, yet if I don't smoke some H, I'm completely sick and in pain. The other drugs are not as hard for me to let go, but this heroine is no f'ing joke. How do I tell my mom that , once again, I'm f'd up and need help again. It may seem simple, but I've put that woman through so damn much, I feel like I'm going to give her a heart attack. This is killing me. Can anyone help with some advice? Please be kind though-I'm not doing well. Thanks :(
A: Your only real chance at getting yourself clean is rehab, maybe shop around and find the one that's right for you and ...naturally addiction is REALLY hard to end, but it is possible and you have to be stubborn in your resolve to end it. If you have spiritual beliefs, now's the time to draw on them to help you. Everything else stops when you commit to this and you will need to fess up to your mother, hard as it may be you can't start this with lies and deception. Just remember, the end is worth the means in this situation. Do what you need to do and stick with it and oneday you'll be able to be clean and happy about your life and you'll be on the fast-track to success again.

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