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Is dipping bad for your mouth

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Chewing smokeless tobacco can eventually rip apart your body and kill you. It causes tongue and mouth cancer. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-dipping-bad-for-your-mouth ]
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Is dipping bad for your mouth
Chewing smokeless tobacco can eventually rip apart your body and kill you. It causes tongue and mouth cancer.
Is dipping skoal or snuff a mouth tobacco bad or unattractive??
to be honest, right now once a week will probably do very little damage to your health, but once you become addicted and do it more frequently, your front gums can start to wear away and you can loose teeth!

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Grizzly Tobacco Pouches are they safer and better for your mouth than long cut dip?
Q: I have been dipping lately since I've been at college and I was wanting to know if the pouches would be safer than the long cut dip that I have been chewing. Doctors and other people say they are because the dip is in the pouch and you don't swallow any or get any stuck or left in your teeth when your done with it. I would like to her some answers and remarks from fellow dippers and people about what you have heard and what is the best pouch tobacco to buy. Please no lectures about how dipping is bad for you. Or telling me what is in it..I have heard that enough.
A: Well going from long cut to pouches is going to suck because pouches suck. You dont get that good 'juice' flow going and you dont really even get a buzz. You can still swallow pouch spit and still throw up. Its certainly true that it doesnt leave sh-t in your teeth but its still bad for your gums. I really dont recommend any pouches because they are a waste of money. Go with Grizzly Wintergreen long cut. However, Camel makes this sh-t called snus, its pouches that you CAN swallow (doesnt taste great), but its just not that great. I quit dipping about 6 months ago due to my receding gums and cavities.
Whats the worst kind of dip (tobacco) for your health?
Q: i dip grizzly and its starting to make my gums where i put it feel rough. What is the worst and best king of dip for your health. i dont want to get mouth cancer. and no stupid comments saying 'well if you dont want mouth cancer then quit dipping stupid'.
A: personally, i dip skoal, but i dont do it everyday, and im not addicted to the stuff.. i dip maybe one or twice a week. but if u dip that much, go with skoal, and use the pouches, its a lot less rough on ur gums <3
is grizzly mint or grizzly products in general bad for gums?
Q: i dip grizzly mint and i was wondering if there are any better dips out there for your mouth so i dont mess it up any suggestions?
A: All dips are bad for your mouth. It's made from fiberglass and other toxic ingredients. They'll all cause gum recession and gum disease, which will eventually lead to tooth loss. You might also get oral cancer.Here's an informative website:http://dontdip.tamu.edu/cancer.htmI would seriously consider quitting if you care about your oral health, not to mention your health in general.

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