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If I have a growth in my throat, what can it be

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Abnormal tissue growth in the throat could be a sign of throat cancer. If it is a growth and not swollen lymph node then you should definitely see a doctor. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-i-have-a-growth-in-my-throat%2C-what-can-it-be ]
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I Have A Painless White Growth On The One Side Of My Throat. What...?
It could be some type of rash. Did you ever touch something like a slimy plant? If I were you, I would get it checked out. It COULD go from painless to very painful.

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my dog has a growth in throat, what could it be?
Q: took her into the vet and they say its a tumor, not sure if cancerous or malignent. They can run tests but cannot perform thr surgery. Is there a possibility of it being some kind of irritation from something she ate that may have got stuck or am I just reaching? I can't afford the estimated cost the vet gave us to go through what may be a a slim chance at a successful operation. Is there any type of help at uc davis or anywhere else in northern California that coul help out?I appreciate all the responses but to respond. The lump is in her throat; ie; esophagus, a normal vet cannot perform a removal procedure. The tests will run about six to eight hundred. That is not including any procedure to eliminate the lump. She is nine and a half years old and has been a very dedicated companion. Someone originally dumpede her out of a car on highway 113 west of yuba city and I spent over six hundred dollars to get her fixed up as a pup, but I don't know if I can afford all of the necessary steps to try to save her> the last thing I want to do is euthanize her. She is to peaceful a dog.
A: It can most certainly be a tumor, but that is up to your vet to decide. Have them run a full biopsy and scan to determine whether or not it is malignent. If it is, and you cannot afford the operation, you might as well take your furry friend to an adoption center and let them care for it, or you can do the not very wise option ofeuthanizing it. Again, this is your choice and your choice alone.Good Luck, and be strong!!
what is this growth in the inside of my throat?
Q: I have been very sick for a week and my throat has been really sore. For the past two days I have began to see a white growth on my tonsils that looks like cottage cheese. (sorry if this is gross.) On sunday I went to the doctor and they thought it may have been strep throat but they weren't sure, but they gave me penicillin anyway. I have been taking the penicillin but it hasn't improved my condition at all. If it was strep it would have improved by now wouldn't it? So what else could it be? mono? what do I do? please help, I'm in a lot of pain and I can't eat or sleep :(Also I don't have any other symptoms.It's been two days of taking penicillin, not one.
A: Sounds like strep, didn't they do a culture? Anyway, give the penicillin time to work. If you saw the doctor yesterday, that's really no time at all.Don't know what to say about the pain. I've had strep like five or six times, and I never found anything for the pain. Swallowing is the worse. Try some anti-inflammatory meds, they'll help somewhat. Good luck.
Can someone please help me with this flem problem?
Q: Don't Read if you get grossed out easily...ok. I seem to have a continous flow of mucus into my mouth from the back of my nasal passage and every few minutes I either have to spit out the snot or swallow the snot or else it builds up in my mouth. Also it seems to creat extra saliva in my mouth as well. I also have a really bad sore throat and a weird bump/growth that is a bout the size of a marble behind my tonsils. So does anybody know any idea how to stop this or what might be causing all this? Please help me.
A: It could be a sinus infection it causes alot of flem and snot to drain into your throat...or...it could also be a tonsil infection.. you may need to go to the doctor for a prescription.

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