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How many people die from hpv

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Certain types of HPV cause cervical cancer. That's what will kill most women with HPV. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-many-people-die-from-hpv ]
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What percentage of people die from HPV
HPV itself does not generally kill people. Cervical cancer caused by an HPV infection kills thousands of women. It is best to get an annual pap smear to detect any anomolies. ChaCha!
How Many People Have Died From The Hpv Shot?
I have been trying to trace the story that 3 people have died after taking this vaccine. Suppose it must have some foundation, but I would be more sure of the truth of these stories if I could find one example of a scientific article from ...
How many people died from the HPV virus?
I think like 5 million a year or so world wide

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How many people have died from the HPV vaccine?
Q: I'm talking about Gardasil.What were the causes of death, and why don't we hear about this from our healthcare providers or the news? I've only heard that there are "minor side effects".
A: Some sources say about 11 deaths have been linked to the Gardasil vaccination. These deaths seem to be related to pre-existing heart conditions and blood clots http://www.judicialwatch.org/archive/2007/GardasilVAERSDeaths.pdfDeath and paralysis can be side effects of any vaccination. There are data that show children (and adults) have died after vaccinations such as MMR (measles mumps rubella), varicella (chickenpox), DPT (diphtheria pertussis tetanus) Hepatitis A and B, smallpox, and even influenza. SIDS and autism have been blamed on infant vaccinations.This information is certainly out there, but unfortunately when you search for it you get a lot of hysterical websites with misspelled words and very few logical, informative websites.No vaccination is without risk. Healthcare providers realize that the diseases that vaccinations prevent are much more deadly than the vaccinations themselves might be, so they recommend vaccinations such as Gardasil. The risk of getting cervica/head/neck/anal cancer from HPV is considerably higher than the risk of a medium-to-severe vaccination reaction. I work with teenagers, and I know several 16- to 17-year-olds with cancerous changes in their cervixes.
Is it okay if I do not get my third HPV shot?
Q: I have recently read about HPV shot side effects and how many people have gotten paralyzed, died, collapsed, or had other serious effects from it. I am on the second shot and afraid to get the third shot. Is it okay if I go without the third shot?
A: Maybe, but you should ask a doctor . Also you may ask the people on pozcupid.com, it's useful. the site is for people with STDs find support, friendship, info and even love.
I could die either way...this is serious, help me?
Q: :| im a fourteen year old girl and i really dont know what im suppossed to do. Many people have had seizures, hair loss, serious changes to their lifestyle and future and even died because of the vaccine and now I literally have to choose how I want to die. please read this and help me... my family + friends are telling me that the new vaccine to prevent cervical cancer, genital warts and HPV is okay and that they have fixed the vaccine telling me that doctors would not still be having a drug that kills some people on the market. I present them with all my pros and cons of the vaccination but im still scared of getting it. Mum doesnt want me to get it because its a new drug on the market and it hasnt been tested for long. She thinks its better to wait 20 years to see if there are any more side affects or damages of the people that got it at their age now in 20 years time. But in saying this my mother doesnt want to stop me from doing something like this and wants me to make the decision. Im only fourteen and have to make big decisions like this. From reading these stories on the internet and newspapers it has made me not want to get the vaccination but I know that tomorrow or maybe the next day, I will hear something positive about it and that will change my whole choice of whether or not I want it. I could wait a year or two or more to see the long-term affects like my mum prefers me to do but my friend told me that if you dont get it by the end of this year...which is in about 15 days... then you have to pay $50 for each vaccination and we really dont have the money. So Im stuck :S Why can't they produce a vaccination for boys and men...THEY ARE THE CARRIERS AND GIRLS ARE THE SUFFERERS !!! :@Does the vaccination even prevent cervical cancer, are they just saying it because of the money they are earning?And are these stories about seziures and vomiting etc even real? Because im still curious as to why doctors would still have this on the market if the stories really are true. Is it because their getting so much money from it? And if the stories are true then im not sure whether i want to be killed by the vaccination or be killed by cervical cancer? I really dont want either but i guess im going to have to choose :( someone please help me its not like i can talk to a doctor and family + friends or my mum because both sides are bias to the vaccine..... ahh im so confused...please, please help is it really science over speculation???
A: I am 24 and received the Gardasil, cervical cancer vaccine with no side effects whatsoever. My friend also received the vaccine with no side effects. Although it is a relatively new drug you cant wit 20 years to see what long term research shows because you are only eligible to get that vaccine up to age 26. I recommend the vaccine. They way I decided to get it was although I could get side effects, the thought of dying from cervical cancer seemed more likely than dying from a vaccine.

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