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How long does it take to get cancer if you dip

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Cancer is like a lottery from hell: some people can smoke or dip snuff their whole life and never get it, others get cancer MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-does-it-take-to-get-cancer-if-you-dip ]
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How long does it take to get cancer from dipping?
You are NOT guaranteed to get cancer from tobacco usage no matter if it is from dipping or smoking. Less than 25% of tobacco users ever get cancer anywhere in their body.

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How long does it normally take to get mouth cancer after using smokeless chewing tobacco?
Q: If somebody has a dip of chew a day and shows no signs of wear and tear from it on the gums or teeth can they get mouth cancer before the wear and tear occurs? Also how long does it normally take for somebody to get the cancer from the tobacco? I have a friend that has chewed for 3 years now and has no signs of any side effects in his mouth. Does it take 10 years 20? How long before cancer is a serious possibility? I want very educated answers or from experience. Thank you
A: hard to say - there are some people that are more genetically predisposed to certain cancers than others we all know some people will smoke 40 a day for 70 yrs and then die of something other than cancer.there is an increased risk of cancer if you have smoked and i'm sure that your friend had a higher risk of mouth cancer than someone who hasn't chewed tobacco but it doesn't mean he will definately get it
How long does it take to get mouth cancer?
Q: I just started dipping tobacco and I have seen conflicting studies saying it gives you mouth cancer and others saying it does not, if it does, how long (in years) would it take for me to get mouth cancer if I only dip 4 or 5 times a week?
A: Why take the chance? Find something else; chew gum or whatever. I have had the personal experience of losing someone close to me from oral cancer. The pain and agony from operations, radiation and chemotherapy are indescribable. DON'T GIVE YOUR LIFE TO TOBACCO!
how long will it take if you dip once a week to get cancer?
Q: i havent been dipping very long at all....and i dont do it alot.. just when i get mad or just feel like having one in maybe 1 to 3 times a week...what are the chances of me getting cancer from this? how long would it take?
A: "Flika" is correct.There is no answer to this question.Impossible to predict.There is no threshold.Some people use snuff for many decades and never develop a malignancy.Some people develop an oral carcinoma relatively quickly at a young age.It is a personal risk you must decide about.It is also risky to ride in automobiles.

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