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How can you find out if you have bone cancer

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A doctor may order tests such as X-ray, CT scan, MRI or a more invasive test such as a bone scan, to test for bone cancer. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-you-find-out-if-you-have-bone-cancer ]
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How can you find out if you have bone cancer
A doctor may order tests such as X-ray, CT scan, MRI or a more invasive test such as a bone scan, to test for bone cancer. ChaCha!
Where can i find info about rib bone cancer?
Cancer information over the internet can be misleading because the answers depend on so many different factors. I suggest you do two things. First call your Doctor's nurse and ask for a long appointment. Write on a word processor all your q...
Where can you find truthful answers about bone cancer??
cdc.gov + bone cancer, search clinical trials, bone cancer can be quite painful. Your father has been through alot. You and him are very brave in this battle. american cancer society.org, can try international organizations or professional ...

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What is the life expectancy if a person found out to have a cancer of the bone marrow or plasma cells?
Q: If at the age 45years old and a person had these type of cancer of the plasma, which are formed in the bone marrow, so what is the life expectancy in months or in years according statistics will the patiant still live longer than 20yrs? Is it one of the deadliest cancer? Do we really have a new medicine for these? How much does it cost or can we have for free? Out of 10,000 patients how many have this type of cancer? Thank you so much. GOD BLESS YOU.
A: Well It is with great pleasure that in September of this year I will celebrate my 19th year cured from acute biphenotypic leukemia, meaning i had both acute myelogenous and acute lymphocytic leukemias combined. This was all due to an unrelated bone marrow transplant. In 1990 when I had my transplant my chances of survivng were less than 7 percent. I know things have improved enormously since then but I dont believe that medicine alone can determine ones chances of survivng. One really must believe that the possibilty of surviving exists and keep focused. I know there were people in the hospital at the same time as I was who had alot greater "chances" than I did that didnt survive because the thought of cancer was almost like a death sentence to them. As far as the cost of such, my medical expenses went over the $1 million mark the first year I was sick, I was insured by my job at the time so my medical coverage was the least of my problems. Had I not had insurance I would have never been a candidate for the bone marrow transplnt. Best of luck to you, God Bless. Anjanette
does anyone know how to find out how many auto body painters have cancer?
Q: My fiance was a autobody painter for 25 years and he now has bone cancer in a couple of books it says that you can get cancer by being exposed to the chemicals for a long period of time, and we were trying to find out how many autobody painters have bone cancer. Or if it is a common thing for autobody painters. ( AND YES I KNOW THAT ANY BODY CAN GET CANCER) THIS IS A SPECIFIC TYPE!
A: My dad worked in auto body and died from prostate cancer. We all believed that not using mask protection possibly led to it but it's hard to say. It would be a university-related question, not sure about occupational health.
Bone Marrow Cancer??
Q: I recently found out that my Grandad(whom I'm very close with) has bone marrow cancer.Is this really bad? I asked the doctor but he wouldn't tell me cause I'm young and he assumed I couldn't take it, but I'd rather know the truth than have him lie and say it will be okay.My Grandad is old(74) if you know, please tell how good the chances of him getting past this are? I just need to understand the basics of what bone marrow cancer is and how bad it can be? Thanks, help is much appreciated.
A: Ask your grandfather directly if he has cancer . . . find out the correct name for it as there is no disease called bone marrow cancer. The doctor did not tell you because of patient/doctor confidentiality .. you need to ask the patient . .your Grandad for that type of information.No one here can really answer your question about any 'chances' because there are too many factors involved. Every case of cancer is unique to the individual. So much will depend on the stage of the disease, location, response to treatment, age, and overall health of patient. Everyone is different, some people are stronger than others, or healthier and can withstand treatment. Some cancers are not as advanced as others. So, no one can adequately answer what you want to know.Best thing to do is talk to your Grandfather and ask him for his honesty. Let him know how much you love him and than spend as much time as you can with him. Show him that you support him and any decisions that he makes. Show him that you are mature enough to handle this information.Best to you.

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