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How can I tell if my girlfriend has cervical cancer

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It's rare for women to experience the symptoms of cervical cancer. When symptoms are observed, they are abnormal vaginal bleeding and discomfort during intercourse. The best bet is for her to go see a doctor for a screening. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-i-tell-if-my-girlfriend-has-cervical-cancer ]
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How can I tell if my girlfriend has cervical cancer
It's rare for women to experience the symptoms of cervical cancer. When symptoms are observed, they are abnormal vaginal bleeding and discomfort during intercourse. The best bet is for her to go see a doctor for a screening. ChaCha on!
Can you receive HPV from hooking up with someone whose ex-girlfri...?
・ 1) He has had HPV. Over 99% of cervical cancer is caused by HPV, so assume his ex had it. It is very ... ・ 2) Completely possible if he is contagious. ・ 3) Again, completely possible.
Can me and my girlfriend still have sex if she is having the cerv...?
You can be a virgin and still have HPV. It is recommended to have all 3 injections before the girl is sexually active and this is not limited to intercourse.

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Abnormal Pap results-cancer vs. warts?
Q: Today my gyno called and told me that my pap results are abnormal. When she was telling me about the results, she said something about my levels being so high that it pretty much means something is wrong, so they scheduled me for a biopsy. She then went on to tell me that HPV is sexually transmitted and can lead to genital warts. I don't know if she is just trying to not scare me with the possibility of cancer of if the pap test indicated that strain of HPV. During my exam, the gyno said everything looked perfectly normal, so I don't see how it could be warts. My question is if a pap test can indicate if it is the HPV that cause genital warts or if it's the kind that can lead to cancer.The thing that scares me the most is that a guy I was sexually active with told me that his former girlfriend had cervical cancer. I'm really stressed out about this and I don't know if I need to tell the guys I have been with if they need to get checked out or what.
A: Okay Honey relax! You probably have a doctor that thinks for the worse!!!! if your pap came back ad normal then is probably hpv . Read about hpv, many women get it and In most cases it goes away by it self. I had a similar experience actually, after having a pap that came back abnormal I had hpv and yes it can lead to genital wards and its the cause of cervical cancer. Since you mention your bf ex gf has cervical cancer than he probably gave it to you. Men are the carriers of the hpv virus and can give it to women but the bizarre thing is that men cannot be tested for it and in rare cases does it affect men. HPV has no cure since its virus but ifyou have a healthy life style is goes away on its own. I has diagnosed with it over a year ago and then I went to follow up a few months ago and it was gone :)Thank god!its very rare when hpv leads to more serious things. this is just a virus that if your Body doesn't fight it can get worse. sweetie don't worry and stress your self out, read about hpv and you will learn. Stay healthy and take vitamins to build your immune system, because that is what will help you fight this. and most doctors will recomen to get a pap every 6 months after to see if its getting worse or not. Early detection and a healthy life style is the key to fight it! ( also smoking actually can make worse, I quit after i got hpv.) Also you might want to get the hpv vaccine and the biopsy will basically remove any cells on your cervix that are affected. Good Luck and You are defenaly not alone.This is a virus not a real lifetime std!!
HPV and Gardasil.?
Q: So, since my ex girlfriend was diagnosed with HPV, the high risk type that causes cervical cancer, I probably have it too. I cant be 100% sure since there is no test for hpv for males, but in terms of future relationships, I have one consolation.When I tell any potential future partner that I am more than likely an HPV carrier, I can tell her to get vaccinated with Gardasil. Would it then be safe for her to have sex with me ? Can we have sex without her becoming HPV positive ? How about booster shots ? I hear gardasil is for females 9 to 26 yrs old. What happens if she gets vaccinated at 25 and then 4 yrs later she needs a booster shot ut she is 29! ?!?Very confused here. PS. By the way, thanks a lot to ALLI, for helping me and so many others with their HPV related questions.
A: Thank you very much! I'm glad I could help you out. As far as I know I would assume it would be safe having sex with a woman once she has been vaccinated. Vaccines are not always 100% though. Take the chickenpox vaccine for example. Many children get the chickenpox vaccine when they are young, but some will still get the virus (I know I did!). So, it would still be possible for her to contract HPV from you, but chances are a lot less if she was vaccinated.As for the age issue, I think 9 - 26 years old is just what the manufacturer suggests. I think this is because they assume women over the age of 26 have probably been exposed to HPV already. I would definitely talk to the doctor about it though! I don't think they would refuse her a shot just because she is a few years older than what they recommend. Take care!
Not on birth control anymore, and I haven't gotten my period in almost 5 months now...?
Q: I'm not on birth control, but I used to be on Yaz.By the end of November, it will be 5 months I have gone without my period (my last period was in June).I'm going to be 21 on November 12th, so menstruating isn't new to me lol..i'm not 14 wondering why my period didn't come...I've taken 3 home pregnancy tests all of which have been negativeSometimes I feel like I'm going to get it, experiencing symptoms such as gas (sorry), abdominal pain (starts to feel like cramps i guess), bloating, yes moodiness, and i've been breaking out HORRIBLY, worse than i ever have in my LIFE (i never suffered from acne) over the past 2 month's i'd say.What could be the problem?? I'm making an appointment with my Gyn. on Monday and hopefully she'll be able to take me on Monday, but this is just getting a bit ridiculous now. I mean, I've never, ever been regular except for when I've been on the pill, but I don't think I ever went this long without menstruating..I know that stress can cause periods to not come, and i've been under A LOT of stress between school, work, relationships, friendships (I'm not kidding this really has been the most stressful 3-4 months of my life) - but can stress really effect menstruation THAT MUCH???? I haven't had any diet changes, but I have pulled a bunch of all nighters this semester studying for exams..so maybe lack of sleep and all the stress could be stopping it, but I'm worried there's a bigger problem.My boyfriend of 2 years found out a while back that his ex girlfriend (long relationship) went to the gynocologist and found out that she had HPV, and a strain of HPV that is known to cause cervical cancer. I don't know much about her situation, but she contacted my boyfriend because she was told to contact all the people she had had sex with in the past, because she didn't know who had given her HPV, or when. She may not have even had sex with my boyfriend while she was infected, but there is a chance my boyfriend could have gotten it from her because she doesnt know. She was diagnosed long after they had their last intercourse, and was dating some guy for a year. Hopefully she got it from him, after she had been with my boyfriend...I'm well educated with HPV, so please don't answer if you're going to feed me some uneducated facts about it. I don't have genital warts, or any other STI for that matter.I haven't had a pap smear in 2 years, but I'm making an appointment after the weekend.I just want to know why I haven't had my period in almost 5 months...again, yes i'm irregular, and yes i'm stressed (but how much could that effect irregularity for 5 MONTHS!) Yes I'm sexually active with my boyfriend, the guy who had the ex with HPV..and it honestly doesn't seem that I'm pregnant whatsoever..PLEASE HELPJUST GOT IT TODAY. figures - the day I planned to make an appointment with a gyno, I wake up to having my period.
A: There are a few things that could cause this. The first, and most obvious answer, would be pregnancy. Gas, abdominal pain, moodiness, and breakouts are all signs of pregnancy, but I doubt you could be 5 months pregnant and not get a positive result on a pregnancy test, although it is possible if you don't have enough of the pregnancy hormone in your urine to show up on a pregnancy test. Another possibility is that when you stopped taking the birth control, your hormones went out of whack, causing the missed periods and the breakouts. Missed periods can also be caused by more serious things, such as ovarian cysts and endometriosis, both of which can also cause cramping and abdominal pain, so I'm glad you're going to see the gynecologist. Missed periods can also be a sign of cervical cancer, so make sure you get checked for HPV while you're there. I would also suggest getting the HPV vaccine if you haven't already. Most likely you have nothing to worry about, and it's just a mixture of the stress you're under and whacky hormones, but it's always best to get checked out just in case. Hope this helped!**Please vote for best answer!**

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