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How and where did jack ruby die

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Jack Ruby died from cancer on January 3, 1967 at Dallas' Parkland Memorial Hospital while waiting for a new trial. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-and-where-did-jack-ruby-die ]
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How and where did jack ruby die
Jack Ruby died from cancer on January 3, 1967 at Dallas' Parkland Memorial Hospital while waiting for a new trial. ChaCha!
How did jack ruby die?
Jack Leon Rubenstein was born on April 25, 1910. Jack changed his name to Jack Ruby. Jack died on January 3, 1967 from lung cancer at Parkland Hospital.
When did Jack Ruby die?
Ruby's conviction was reversed by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals in October 1966, but he died in prison of a blood clot, complicated by cancer, on January 3, 1967.

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