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Does selena gomez have cancer

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No. I did not find any evidence that Selena Gomez has cancer. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-selena-gomez-have-cancer ]
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Does selena gomez have cancer
No. I did not find any evidence that Selena Gomez has cancer.

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To cancers: Do you have thick, long hair?
Q: i heard that cancers usually have thick, long hair. selena gomez does, ashley tisdale does, nicole scherzinger does, i do. do you?
A: Yeah i do and a lot of people tell me i look like selena :)
Cancer pictures (zodiac). Wondering which signs are attracted to Cancers?
Q: Here are some Cancer celebrities you can judge so you can tell me if you think you are attracted to Cancers or not. Thanks! And remember to tell me your sign. This is just to see if earth and other water signs are more likely to be attracted to cancers (the signs they are most astrologically compatible with), or if this idea is completely bogus.GuysMilo VentimigliaSylvester StalloneJeff CorwinEd WestwickJohn CusackTom CruiseToby McGuireJosh HartnettBilly MaysDavid Henrie (Wizards of Waverly Place)Jason Dolley (blonde one in Cory in the House)Danny GloverBill CosbyCarson DalyJustin ChambersCorey Feldman50 CentMatthew FoxJosh HollowayTopher GraceWill FerrellJared PadaleckiPrince WilliamMitchel Musso (Oliver from Hannah Montana)Drake Bell (Drake from Drake & Josh)GirlsNicky Hilton (Paris' Hilton's sister)Selena Gomez (Wizards of Waverly Place)Lindsay LohanPrincess DianaAshley Tisdale (blonde girl from High School Musical)Jessica SimpsonSelma BlairPamela andersonLiv TylerKristen BellGretchen WilsonSophia BushMichelle BranchMichelle RodriguezAli LandryNatalie WoodPetra NemcovaSofia VergaraThe classic cancer male look: expressive, intense eyes, non-round features but a soft look nevertheless, hairy. Oh, and they're physically active but not aggressive at all, and showing leadership qualities (standing alone, having good ideas, wanting to do things himself etc) Pictures: http://www.thegregbradyproject.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/03/sylvester-stallone-rocky-iii-photograph-c12150466.jpghttp://www.disneysociety.com/files/2008/06/wall-e-premiere-david-henrie_nc.jpghttp://tv.popcrunch.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/milo_ventimiglia_hayden.jpghttp://www.topnews.in/files/Tobey-Maguire_0.jpghttp://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://effinnerds.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/tgrace.jpg&imgrefurl=http://effinnerds.com/archives/835&usg=__Uk0SrhLM__xciPIeF5aIgdxu8M0=&h=400&w=400&sz=57&hl=en&start=2&tbnid=iw3dHSbNgVPwjM:&tbnh=124&tbnw=124&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dtopher%2Bgrace%26gbv%3D1%26hl%3Den%26safe%3Doffhttp://poponthepop.com/images/gallery/josh-hartnett.jpghttp://www.erie.psu.edu/NewsCal/images/Jeff%20Corwin%20web.jpghttp://images.fanpop.com/images/image_uploads/Justin-Chambers-justin-chambers-173843_384_534.jpgThe classic cancer female look: very round features, small eyes, big forehead, very soft feminine and tender look and often very sexual, never ultra skinny--always with some sort of a "soft look" like you'd be padded by at least a little bit of fat if you were to hug them. lol. Smiley expression and often calm and very quiet. Very accepting, flexible, and nurturing if others are friendly. Sometimes hyperactive and tendency to make jokes and to be very sweet and girly to others. Can be bossy, but always understanding. Pictures:http://www.arlindo-correia.com/natalie-wood.jpghttp://www.bestlizandkate.com/storage/hottyler50.jpghttp://www.totallypimpedout.net/Graphics/Female_Celebs/Michelle_Branch/images/Michelle_Branch_003.gifhttp://media.photobucket.com/image/sophia%20bush/kellentorres/SophiaBush.jpghttp://www.exposay.com/celebrity-photos/petra-nemcova-petra-nemcova-launches-new-moet-chandon-be-fabulous-gold-bottle-1FrmCI.jpghttp://api.ning.com/files/iJGjAZceIeAjk-7XF-Hhwi8v-gGMOD9BUDNc-UgXnjmIxGy0URo8R8i3A-clgDzIXgitCd8D7-WyvjNSAz6ECLQoVaWLj9is/PamelaAndersonWeremembertheBaywatchbabe.jpghttp://api.ning.com/files/iJGjAZceIeDI88*QLNnnN9GujLQuUNcbUjkN*bRvfdBZTenKvlKwUezZsrCMaQftzV2tccglcVCigWiM2Qb9znCQLsQhzeeI/jessicasimpsonpicture4.jpgCan't stop won't stop..you pretty much missed the entire point of the question....lol......but I guess thanks for sharing anyway. I have always noticed that taurus women get the most hype. And you forgot Carmen Electra..who for some reason doesn't get that much hype but is also really pretty. They all have a cute girly look to them..but definitely a more sultry earthy and even rebellious look than the cancer.Oh, by the way, antihater, I know of a lot of Cancer-Leo relationships and I am also quite attracted to Leo guys. Yet not as much as to a water or earth sign though, because I sense that they are not very emotional--which is something I look for.antihater, Lindsay Lohan is the only one who is known for that. Ahsley Tisdale and Selena Gomez just play bossy, mean people on tv lol. They are really very sweet nice girls. Like the rest of us cancers. I will admit, some cancers go through some crazy episodes, though! where they turn into cruella de vil for a few months. But then you talk to them and they're super nice and sweet. Confusing. I don't do that? Maybe it's because I have libra rising. (The really really nice rising sign that could never be mean ever. lol)Not everyone who is on tv or in movies is exceptionally attractive.......And also you can find someone attractive but not feel attracted to them. What I'm asking is people you feel attracted to........Na' deen, who's Fif?I think Justin Chambers is very handsome...http://img299.imageshack.us/img299/1999/justin11la6aqb2.jpghttp://images.doctissimo.fr/photo/hd/4534021453/private-category/justin_chambers_ck_2-3954106c45.jpgand well jeff corwin I always thought was cute :))http://www.utk.edu/tntoday/images/jeff_corwin_bc.jpgLOL..I think its funny that they BOTH have pictures with a kid...check it outhttp://cache.boston.com/bonzai-fba/Original_Photo/2007/09/18/1190121757_1876.jpghttp://www.theartofsexy.com/wp-content/gallery/victorias-secret-what-is-sexy-list-2008/Justin-chambers-and-daughter.jpgFitting the Motherly cancer stereotype much? (Double) Check.OH yeah Na' Deen fif=fifty cent! Yessss he is adorable And hot at the same time, lol.Vin Diesel is "okay", too. But I think David Henrie is suchhh a cutie
A: I like John Cusack, Matthew Fox and Drake Bell. Also one of my favourite actors, Adam Busch who played Warren in Buffy, is a Cancer. I'm a Libra with Scorpio rising.
How do people in your sign look alike?
Q: For example, famous Cancers I can think of are Selena Gomez, Kristen Bell, Ashley Tisdale, and Lindsey Lohan and they all have the same face structure as me. They also all smile in similar ways and have similar eyebrows. Guy Cancers are Chase Crawford, Drake Bell, and Tobey Mcguire, who just all look alike to me... Selena: http://images.starpulse.com/pictures/2008/06/09/previews/Selena%20Gomez-TYG-000995.jpgKristen: http://intoxicologist.files.wordpress.com/2009/01/kristen-bell-heroes-1.jpgAshley: http://www.makeupbag.net/wp-content/uploads/ashleytisdale-mtv-awards.jpgLindsay: http://stupidcelebrities.net/wp-content/lindsay-lohan-celebrity-photo-a.jpgChase: http://images.teamsugar.com/files/upl0/3/30520/13_2008/chase%20crawford.jpgTobey: http://img216.imageshack.us/img216/4416/maguiuremelookeylikevh0.jpgDrake: http://www.aceshowbiz.com/images/events/DGG-007535.jpgFreaky Pisces: it's not so much things like hair color or how you look, it's more like the way your personality shows in your appearance. Pisces for example, usually have really good skin because they are so relaxed. They don't worry or scrunch up their faces so they are less likely to get wrinkles. Drew Barrymore is a Pisces and she's almost 35, but she hasn't shown the hint of wrinkles yet:)
A: Well im a Gemini nd heres a few ;)Me June 8thAngelina Jolie (june 4th)Johnny depp(June 9th)Nicole kiddman(june 20th)Marilyn Monroe(June 1st)Clint Eastwood (May 31st)Colin farell (May 31st)Heidi Clum (June 1st)Natalie Portman(June 9th)

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