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Does hair dye hurt you

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Hair dye has been linked to allergies, respiratory disorders, & cancer. Allergic reactions are the most likely side effect. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-hair-dye-hurt-you ]
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Does hair dye hurt your hair
Chemical hair dyes can dry hair out and permanent color is a pain to grow out. Some people can have bad side effects. ChaCha!
Will hair dye fumes hurt my parrot?
I also just came BACK from the hair salon and am super anxious at going upstairs to get my 2 parrotlets that I love to hang out with. I usually let them hang out on my shoulder and play in my hair but if anything ever happened to either of ...
Can hair dye hurt my eyes?
don't worry as long as you rinse it out straight away you'll be fine it would feel irritated for a bit but after tha you'll be fine but if the irritation doesn't stop u should seek medical advice

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does demi hair dye hurt ur hair?
Q: see i have been trying out stuff and i used some demi hair dye before and it does well but i couldn't make up my mind on what i wanted so now i want it all the same color but that means dye my hair for like the 3 time in 2 weeks and im not totally sure how bad demi permanent hair dye hurts you hair?
A: it's definitely not as bad as permanent, but i think that it would do some damage if you did it that often.
Can inhaling harsh chemicals from hair dye hurt you?
Q: its not voluntary...but it smells really really bad and i was wondering would it do something to your lungs? like permanently?
A: Yes, if done over a period of years. No only hair dye, but all chemicals you find in a beauty salon. If you are worried, try a dye without ammonia in it.
Does dying your hair really hurt it?
Q: Okay so I might be getting my hair dyed (professionally) soon. But what I want to know is, does hair dye really damage your hair? If so, what are some hair products you can use to help keep it from getting dry and brittle?Just so everyone knows, this is the first time I am dying my hair. I might be getting a redish/brown color that is close to my natural hair (which is dark brown).
A: No, no, no!If you highlight or dye your hair BLOND then it will take all the color pigments off. Everyone's hair has all the hair colors in it, no matter what color it is. If your getting it highlighted, you can't flat iron it. It will make it dry, brittle and crispy. You can curl it though.If you dye it any other color, your fine and it will eventually wash out. If you want to keep it in longer, wash your hair in cold or cool water because it keeps the color in longer. You can still flat iron or curl it though! Hope this helps!

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