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Do you need to go to the doctor for a cyst

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Cysts are relatively common but you should always get it checked by a doctor because it could be cancerous. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-you-need-to-go-to-the-doctor-for-a-cyst ]
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What type of doctor do I need to go to to get a cyst drained by n...?
Your general doctor should be able to do it, of it's in a awkward spot your doctor may refer you to a general surgeon.
What type of doctor do i need to see about removing a ganglion cy...?
This is an extract from Wikipedia . it all depends upon the area the ganglion is locates as mention under and that doctor should attend to it . Connective tissue, articular (arthropathy) Tendinopathy Enthesopathy Enthesitis: upper limb (Adh...
How to tell my mum i need to see a doctor about a cyst in my sack...?
I am sure your mum will think more of you if you just tell her what you have said here as it is better to find out just in case it`s cancer and the only way you can tell is by letting a doctor see it. He may send you for a scan to be sure. ...

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Bartholin's Gland Cyst...need urgent help!
Q: I believe I have a bartholin's gland cyst. I have a large bump on the left side of my vagina. it's getting bigger. my mom is going to make a DR. appointment for me...but for now it's very painful. when I sit I get shooting pains down there. and I'm worried about what the doctor will have to do. it's large and I hear that tenderness means it needs to be drained...so are they gonna cut me down there? or what...I don't want one of those catheter things either. what are the options, and if you had one before, what was yours like? and when you went to the doctors? ah I'm scared!I just used a warm compress until the cloth went cold. and I checked the region out after. and it looks so scary! it's getting redder on the side of the bump closest to the hole. it's really big too, about the size of a golf ball, maybe bigger? I don't know what to do.
A: I think you should keep with the warm compresses and hope that it comes to a head if it does pop it so it drains, but if it get really large and warm hot and red you will have to have it drained. That is easy also and the doctor will give yousome local medication in that area and make a little slit and then it drains. this is usually done in the operating room short stay. home within a few hours. hope this helps
How do I remove a sebaceous cyst? Please help, I don't wanna have to go to the doctors. I'm embarassed :/?
Q: Okay, so I'm 16. I didn't know what this bump was on the outside of my vagina. I looked it up online and it is a sebaceous cyst. It fits the description perfectly. The area was hurting for a few days, but I didn't look at it until before I got in the shower today. And I made sure I washed it really good. And when I did I wasnt very gentle and that nasty puss stuff came out. After my shower when I looked it up online I figured out that you dont want that to come out that it irritates it. I dont know what I should do. But I don't want to go to the doctors unless it doesn't go away in a few weeks, but I really think it will. Idk what this part is called, but the vagina crack, you can pull it to the side, well the cyst is on one of the sides. So a bandaid wouldn't really work. Should I put a hot towel over the area?..well inside actually on it? Or the internet said you could use a heating pad with a towel under it. Should I do that think clothes on?Please help me. I don't know what to do. But I need this to go away as soon as possible. Im on the swim team at my school. Swimming is prolly irritating it even more but the season is over in a few weeks.
A: You don't need to be afraid or embarrassed to go to the doctors about this. It is what they are there for. You can ask for a female doctor, and they have probably dealt with hundreds of similar cases so no worries! :)
Ladies who have had an ovarian cyst I need help?
Q: Okay.. well for the last week I've had a back ache and thought nothing of it. Yesterday I threw up 3 times and was dizzy all day and today which was weird. Now today I have pain in my left ovary it hurts to walk or move. So I decided to look up the signs of a cyst and things I have been experiencing are signs. I'm scared now. If the pain doesn't go away I'll have to book in to see a doctor. Do you think it sounds like a cysts? just want opinionsEvery website I've been on say that their the signs. I'm not pregnant lol and I'm sure if i was I wouldn't be getting this pain.
A: Are you 100% sure you are not pregnant? The dizzyness and throwing up are signs of pregnancy, and with the pain on side of your pelvis is a sign of ectopic pregnancy. That's when you get pregnant, and instead of the baby implanting it;self in the uterus, it implants itself in ond of you fallopian tubes. An ectopic pregnancy may seem like a normal pregnancy at first. You'll have a positive pregnancy test. Early signs and symptoms may be the same as those of any pregnancy — a missed period, breast tenderness, nausea and fatigue. But an ectopic pregnancy can't continue as normal. The first warning signs of an ectopic pregnancy often include: Light vaginal bleeding Lower abdominal pain Cramping on one side of the pelvis If the fallopian tube ruptures, symptoms may include: Sharp, stabbing pain in the pelvis, abdomen or even the shoulder and neck Dizziness Lightheadedness If you experience any signs or symptoms of ectopic pregnancy, seek emergency care. PLEASE, see a doctor. If you are not to far along they can save your fallopian tube. if now, you might have to have it removed and that can ruin your change of pregnancy in the future.

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