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Do you lungs hurt when you get cancer In them

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When someone has lung cancer,symptoms can include chest pain &shortness of breath.Pain can be caused by tumors pressing on organs. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-you-lungs-hurt-when-you-get-cancer-in-them ]
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Does lung cancer hurt?
Not all the time !.. I have seen a person living there life thinking there is nothing wrong into going to the doctor the next week for a shoulder pain and finding out they had cancer in lungs and that it is now terminal in most all orgins a...
Does it hurt your lungs when you have lung cancer??
when my dad had lung cancer he had no pain, he had a slight cough and mum nagged him all week to see the doctor - 4 days later he was in hospital having half of his lung removed, he survived but 3 years later he died of bowel cancer, was fe...
Do lung cancer tumors hurt like bad soreness in the chest??
"lung cancer symptoms" is the search phrase I used. A new cough or a cough that does not go away. Smokers who have a chronic cough from smoking may have a change in how severe their cough is or how much they cough. Chest, shoulder...

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How to make them see how much cigarettes are hurting them when it is hurting me?
Q: Both my grandfathers died when i was in elementary school due to cigarette smoking (one was lung cancer, the other wasn't but his lungs made the death slower and more painful).My x-bf and close friend is 23 and has full out emphysema.My current significant other has cystic fibrosis, a lung disease he was born with that is severely worsened by cigarettes. Literally cuts years off of his life when most non-smokers with that disease die before they get into their 30s.My professor who I am close to quit smoking 20 years ago, yet still has a very raspy voice and can't eat many foods she loves because cigarettes destroyed her liver, on top of many other problems.Almost all of my friends smoke cigarettes. When I see them do this I see them digging their own graves. I have a hard time talking to them about it because I am hurt and come off as a *****.I am writing to ask for help with an art project I am doing. I cast a pair of lungs out of glass with cigarette butts melted in them. I plan to mount them in front of x-rays of the upper body and putting a cigarette butt in the mouth. Any ideas how I can make one image portray my feelings better? I would like the viewer to see that each cigarette is cutting minutes off their life. Other points include a more painful death and the fact that those around them are force to experience second hand smoke.I am looking for advice on visual aids to help express this idea or a phrase. Or even just venting on how you feel about cigarette smoking could help.
A: you could maybe add pictures of your loved ones who died from smoking and those who are still affected by it - like before and after pics. do some research on how many years are taken away when smoking a certain amount a day, what second hand smoke does to others - especially babies and kids.The thing is that everyone knows its bad, but they always think - "oh, that won't happen to me....", and until it does, they probably won't see it the same way you do.
How could anyone believe that hiding cancer from a child would help them?
Q: I have several questions. First, how long does it take lung cancer to.... kill someone? My mother died of lung cancer when I was in the fourth grade I lived with my grandparents(still do)and they chose not to tell me. I had weekend visitation with my father and three weeks before she died he decided that he couldn't do what my grandparents wanted him to do any longer and told me the truth she had been sick a while you could tell by looking at her and i never got to know her and that hurt the most about the last week she was alive she was either sleeping or repeating "Sydney(my name) my sydney i love my sydney" and if they would have told me i could have known her but they didn't how could i find out what year she was diagnosed without my grandparents finding out? i can't talk to them about it i know they didn't kill her but to me they made her die faster and a piece of advice to everyone if anyone is diagnosed with anything serious tell the childmy father is in prison and my mother wanted me to know
A: The time frame varies from person to person. The reason they probably didn't say anything is that they thought they were doing the right thing at the time ad not making you worried. How does anyone tell a nine year old that their mother is going to die. I've lost a few family members over the last couple of years from cancer and even at 30 it's hard. I know it's hard and doesn't seem to make sense, but they did what they thought was right at the time. If your father was the one to tell you, then maybe if you ask him he will be willing to tell you when she was diagnosed.
Pseudotumor Cerebri story!!!!?
Q: Okay... I'll start from the beginning, since without the details I don't think I would get the advice that I so desperately want lol!Ever since I was like 7 or something (I'm currently 19 years old) I have had the same headaches over and over constantly. I had been to MANY neurologists, and they all said it was just migraines. Until about 4.5 years ago when I went to another neurologist, that's when things changed. He tried to treat my headaches with one migraine med after another, all failed. So, he became somewhat stumped and sent me for an MRI. Here's where it gets confusing---The MRI found that I had a very small hypothalamic mass. The neurologist openly said that he didn't know what to make of it, so he sent me to a neurosurgeon. The neurosurgeon performed a lumbar puncture (which was followed by a 'wonderful' blood patch a few days later, ouch!), initially to check that the mass was not cancer or MS or something. Then he checked the pressure, and it was at 41. So, that's where my PTC diagnosis came from.We tried Diamox, along with some other different meds, and I just could not handle the Diamox. I had another lumbar puncture done while on the Diamox to see just how far it had brought my pressure down, and it didn't bring it down much at all. So that's when the surgeries began...Around 3 years ago, I had my first surgery. Since I don't have any optical problems, and since my ventricles are so small, I can't have a VP shunt. So, I have an LP shunt. Since the initial surgery, I've had around 13+ surgical revisions. Always the same things would go wrong, whether it was dislodging itself from its spot in the abdomen, clogging up, or dis-attaching itself from the valve. All annoying things that resulted in major surgeries. The reason I followed through with these surgeries is because when the shunt WAS working, it was great. So I felt it was worth it (say what you want about how dumb I may be, but if you were in my pain you wouldn't care about a surgery here and there).The last couple surgeries have been completely different- basically, the shunt is now draining into my lungs. I know, I was completely confused at first too, but apparently the lungs are like 80% water, so it makes sense. I must say, however, that the first surgery to put it into my lungs hurt like HE**!!!!!!! But, the result was great. Until it dislodged itself... So, they went back in and made sure that it would have no way of getting out again (with glue stuff and stitching and what-not). That was like 3-4 months ago, like the longest I've gone without a surgery since this whole thing has started. And I have felt better than ever since then! Of course, I still get headaches, so the PTC is still there lol, but I can tell it's better.The entire time I have had to have an MRI every few months to keep an eye on the lesion on my hypothalamus. But I am still very skeptical- PTC translates into "false brain tumor"... Well, I've got that hypothalamic mass. And everyone insists that that has nothing to do with it, and it is nothing to worry about. They basically say that they have no clue what it is, have never seen anything like it, but not to worry about it it's nothing. Comforting, I know. NOT!!! So can anyone give me any feedback or advice on any of this??? Just to clear up anything anyone wants to say- My surgeron and his surgical group is one of the top in the Midwest, and I definitely trust and believe in him 100%. I have had a second opinion, from the head doctor of neurosurgery at Northwestern University in Chicago. So I'm obviously in good hands here. My neurosurgeon is always honest with me, heck he had an abdominal surgeon in on a few of my surgeries and a chest surgeon in on the past two surgeries so he admits when he wants to have another "brain" around in the operating room lol. So, please don't ask about the compitency of my surgeon. Trust me, he's a good one.(the thing that triggered me to ask this today was that I'm having one of my horrible headache days... so any feedback asap would be great from anyone!)
A: I actually know several people with PTCs. I am assuming that they have checked for arnold chiari? The people I know with PTC also have arnold chiari. Which would also explain the headaches.

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