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Do you get cancer from hot cheetoes

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No, it is an urban myth that you can get cancer from Cheetos. Thanks for using ChaCha, text us again soon! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-you-get-cancer-from-hot-cheetoes ]
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Do flamin hot cheetos cause cancer?
No, they do not cause cancer. However, they are not healthy and they can still be harmful to your body in other ways if you eat too much of them. Try not to eat too many because you can gain a lot of weight. Hope that helps!
Do Flaming Hot Cheetos cause cancer or some various illness/disea...?
Well, if you eat enough Cheetos, whatever variety, you are not getting your proper nutrition and consuming too many calories, which will make you obese and prone to diabetes, heart disease, etc. So in that sense Flaming Hot Cheetos will cau...
Could hot cheetos cause stomach cancer thats what my family says ...?
Yes, actually, so could regular cheetos, splenda, aspartame, ALL junk foods, perfumes, air fresheners etc. They are made from chemicals and have dyes in them as well that are not safe. The air we breath today can cause cancer with all the c...

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