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Can hernias cause death

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Yes, hernias are of the nation's leading causes of death if left untreated. They also lead to a higher risk of cancer. ChaCha again soon and have a great night! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-hernias-cause-death ]
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Can hernias cause death
Yes, hernias are of the nation's leading causes of death if left untreated. They also lead to a higher risk of cancer. ChaCha again soon and have a great night!
Can A Hiatal Hernia Cause Death?
There are very very rare cases in which it cause the death. However, you will be more able to know about this after reading the statistics of death and mortality of Hiatal Hernia patients. Hiatal Hernia death statistics
Is inguinal hernia cause death if a person is infected of this??
First you aren't infected with it. It can either be congenital (you had it since your birth) or develop with age. Also it cannot cause death unless it becomes "strangulated". What this means is that you have parts of your intestin...

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Severe hernia and fertility?
Q: A few years ago my boyfriend had to be operated for a severe hernia. This hernia had by then relocated to where his testicles are.Now since hernias can cause death, I assume they can cause a reasonable amount of damage. What is the possibility for my boyfriend's fertility to be damaged by the hernia, or the operation, seeing as where the hernia was located?
A: Usually,hernias do not go into the scrotum. They start as a small bulge in the groin which only appears when you strain or cough. For a hernia to descend into the scrotum it takes years of neglect. Your partner must have ignored the symptoms of a simple hernia and allowed it to develop into what is called inguino scrotal hernia. Now, Inguino-scrotal hernias can get impacted or strangulated. When this happens they disturb the blood flow to the testis on that side. This will definitely disturb or reduce sperm production otherwise known as spermatogenesis in the affected testis. Fortunately, there are 2 testes and usually one compensates for the other. Remember that millions of sperm cells are produced daily, so things usually return to normal production level a few days after the operation or after the obstruction is relieved. If you are in doubt about the level of production of the sperm cells, a simple count in any lab would put that to rest. In the meantime, ask him to refrain from wearing tight panties or working in very hot environments as these factor also reduce spermatogenesis. You'd be surprised to know that men with low count are sometimes asked to sit on ice!!! Now , back to hernias, they do not cause death, and should not cause low sperm counts if they are attended to promptly and crrectly.
Did my dog's hernia cause her to bleed to death?
Q: One of my precious dogs died suddenly this past Tuesday. She was 4 years old. She was fine until 4:30 pm, and then at 5:55 pm, we found her unconscious & barely breathing; rushed her to the emergency clinic, but it was too late. Vet said she had massive internal bleeding & suspected blunt force trauma (it wasn't) or rat poison. We have no poison around our home & there is not evidence of poison anywhere we can find. She was a rescue we adopted when she was 4 months old. Back then, when we took her home from the shelter after having her spayed, they told us that they had to repair a hernia. Could this hernia have caused her sudden internal bleeding and death after 4 years? We had her cremated and just picked up her remains today. I know it won't bring her back but I can't stop thinking about whatever I could have done to save her. I miss her so much!The way I felt Tuesday night, I said no to the autopsy. But as days have passed, I can't let go of what could have happened. I only have natural/non-toxic cleaners, no problem plants or anything like that. We keep a list of foods & things that are bad for pets on the fridge to make sure we don't accidentally give them anything bad.
A: Inguinal hernia? or Umbilical hernia? Neither would rupture and cause this without an injury.Dogs do have aneurysms.
Autopsy; Cause of death pending?
Q: My husband was 54 and very healthy. No drug use and no prior medical history except a hernia surgery two months before his death. He had surgical problems during the operation which required a trauma surgeon to assist and what was supposed to be a 1 hour surgery turned into about 5 hours. After the surgery, the trauma surgeon explained to me that the surgeon found that my husband had infection when he was opened up for repair and that that's what caused the operation to take so long. He also explained that a mesh material that is usually applied inside the body after a hernia repair, was not used for my husband because of the infection factor. My husband was discharged two days later (had no insurance) without additional antibiotics and never did heal very well. He was at his surgeons office just a week before he died because of pain in that area. The medical examiners office stated on the death certificate that the cause of death was pending. I called the medical examiners office and was told that 2 medical examiners actually did my husbands autopsy and that the medical examiners office had requested the surgical records from his hernia operation as well as other medical records. I was told that it could take up to three months for toxicology /reports before a cause of death could be determined. What does all this mean? I thought that after an autopsy that any cause of death was found immediately at the time of the autopsy. I'm certain that my husband didn't use any drugs so I can't see why the toxicology reports have to come back before a cause can be determined. Does it look like the medical examiners think that the surgery had something to do with what caused my husbands death? Somebody please give me some answers. My husband and I have two sons that are a long way from being adults, we had no life insurance and if something went wrong during his surgery that caused his death I want to know. Will the medical examiners office tell me so, if that is what they suspect? How can I ever know?
A: An incarcerated hernia can lead to a strangulated intestine, which can result in gangrene, a life-threatening condition requiring emergency surgery. In rare cases, inguinal hernia repair can damage structures involved in the function of a man's testicles.Another risk of hernia surgery is nerve damage, which can lead to numbness in the groin area.Risks for any anesthesia include: * Reactions to medications * Problems breathingRisks for any surgery include: * Bleeding * InfectionAdditional risks of hernia repair include: * Injury to nearby structures * Hernia returnsIf your husband has infection, he could have severe pain in the area. Strangulation of the intestine also causes severe pain and death of the intestinal tissue and such a condition is a medical emergency. It is also possible that the intestine might have injured accidently during the operation and that has lead to peritonitis and septicemia causing the death of the patient.Please note that I am not a medical professional.

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