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Can a mole be cancerous if hair grows out of it

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Hair in a mole is not necessarily a sign of cancer. Moles that change shape and/or color are cause for concern. See your doctor. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-a-mole-be-cancerous-if-hair-grows-out-of-it ]
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Does hair grow on cancer moles?
No hair does not grow on a cancerous mole

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i need to talk to dermatologists !! please!?
Q: Hi my sister has a mole on her left hand and she had it eversivnce she was born and it has hairs growing out of it.. Well the dermatologist said that if a mole is there since birth it can be cancerous and she should cut it out. She did cut it out and now neighbors are telling me she shouldn't have touched it. Is that true??? Please tell me ???? Thank you so much in advanceNo rude comments please just serious thoughts and opinions..the dermatologist had a procedure on her arm.....
A: She cut it out herself???If so go to the doctors, pretty quick. Not to worry you but the reason why some moles are left is because they can trigger melanoma cancer if played with or irritated. Usually you tell by the colour of shape transformation but as there is nothing left she should go check it out!:)

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