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Why do your eyes hurt when you haven't slept

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Excess fluid under the eye is one of the major causes of eye "puffiness," and an increase in blood pressure is the likely culprit for many as a direct consequence to sleep deprivation. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-your-eyes-hurt-when-you-haven%27t-slept ]
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Why do your eyes hurt when you haven't slept
Excess fluid under the eye is one of the major causes of eye "puffiness," and an increase in blood pressure is the likely culprit for many as a direct consequence to sleep deprivation. ChaCha!
Why am i so tired? My eyes hurt but i cant sleep..?
Hi, I had the same problem of sleep disorder during my college days. Those days were stressful, studies and then uncertainty about the future. I would suggest try to relax, read a book and try to divert your mind from things that might be t...
What does it mean when your eyes hurt when you try to sleep??
Probably that they are overly dry or you have allergies.

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Why does it feel as if i've been punched in the eye, when I haven't?
Q: I get this sometimes, and I figure, maybe it's from lack of sleep?Like, you know the dark circles that form under your eye when you haven't slept? I have those, but if I haven't slept for awhile, like now, I get pain under my eye. Why?When I blink it hurts a bit, and if I touch underneath my eye, it hurts.Is it from lack of sleep? Feel you under your eye once, you know how you can feel like, bone? It hurts right on the edge of the bone.. right where my cheek would start.I can't figure out why?I know I haven't bumped it or anything.
A: the times i've felt like that, i had what was called an ocular migraine. also called a cluster headache. but it was hurting behind the eye and light really hurt my head too. lack of sleep? try sleeping. try excedrin migraine too. might help. advil won't work
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