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When you have high blood pressure, does the back and the sides of your head hurt

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Headache, dizziness, shortness of breath, and blurred vision are some signs of high blood pressure. Nausea can also accompany high blood pressure as well. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-you-have-high-blood-pressure%2C-does-the-back-and-the-sides-of-your-head-hurt ]
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When you have high blood pressure, does the back and the sides of...?
Headache, dizziness, shortness of breath, and blurred vision are some signs of high blood pressure. Nausea can also accompany high blood pressure as well. ChaCha!

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I need some advise from military wives. How do you deal with your husband always downing you.?
Q: I have been married to my husband over a year. Since he been back from Iraq things has changed. He use to blame me for making him feel so alone while he was oversea. He use to tell me I barely sent him things while he was deployed. Now, I was 3 months pregnant when he left. I had to stop working when I was 5 months pregnant, I was having allot of problems in my pregnacy so my doctor put me on bed rest. I sent him several boxes plus his friend who didn't have family. I explain to him that I wasn't able to move around as much as I could before. He even knew this, because when he was home before he left I could barely walk 15min before feeling tired and my blood pressure rising. Not to mention while he was deployed I was making arrangements for our family to move so when he made it home he had somewhere to go. We now been living together over a year now.Things were real tough between us for a long while. It gotten to the point I was about to divorce him. The day I was going down to the court house to file for our divorce, he called his uncle (his uncle is a pastor) and talked to him about some of the things that were going on between us and that I was heading down to court house to file for our divorce. Well, his uncle called me and wanted to get my side of the story, so when I made it home and we both were together I explain to his uncle that I couldn't take nomore from him. He was always blaming me for the way he was feeling over there, since he been back home he has been so rude to me, he even called me dumb, stupid, didn't help me with our daughter, or even out around the house. I have apolgize to him for the way I made him feel over there, but I also explain him that I wasn't doing these things on purpose. I just weren't able to do as much. After we had a long conversation with his uncle, his uncle agreed that every single thing that came out of my mouth that he was wrong about. After that talked my husband and even came to me and said he shouldn't been blaming me for the way he was feeling. So since then things were perfect up until a month ago. He slowly started back falling in his ways. When he would get upset so quick, I did bring it to his attention that I notice he would be quick to get upset over nothing. We had a big arugment one night and he got so upset that he was verbally abusive towards me. He was calling me dumb, stupid, ghetto, and even told his mom and I over heard him telling her I was dumb and stupid. I pointed out to him that he really hurt my feeling and made me feel low. Well, after that fight between us he went 8 days without talking to me, he told me he didnt have time to talk to me, but he was calling and talking to everybody else. One night I couldn't take no more and really told him how I felt, I mean I was crying and hurt. The next day he sent me this long email and he apologize for what he did and said. I had this job offer in another state that I was considering taken. I just didn't feel the love no more in our marriage and I also felt that if a man (husband) loved his wife they wouldn't treat her this way. He told me that if I wanted our marriage to work that I wouldn't even considering going. He will be getting station to another area some time next year and he didn't know what that would do for us. So, I prayed about it and turned the job down. Well, just this past week he did the same old thing. He was telling me I had no taste in style, that's why ever thing I think is nice for our house he always turns down. He started talking about my wardrobe, the places I shop for clothes. That he think high about life and I think like good wheel things. He will always tell me how this other women is dressed nice and that's how he want me to dress. I never had a problem with that until, lately he just don't make me feel good about my self. I love to have nice things, but we been on a tight budget that I haven't had the opportunity to go out and get the things I like. He always tell me I shop to expensive. I'm just trying to get some advice. I do love my husband and he is a great father, but I don't think I can continue to let him treat me this way. I'm seriously thinking about leaving him. Since that night I can't stand to even look at him.we have been to counseling and he has seen someone, but he stop taking his Med. I pointed out military wives, cause only military wives can understand were I'm coming from. So, Please only people who can relate please respond...I want to thank everyone for your response. You all are correct.Car0516, "Thanks for bringing this to my attention. You are right some people lives are worst than ours.
A: Why have you made this question specific to Army wives? I am one and I can't see that your dysfunctional marriage has anything to do with your husband's job. Rather more that he has barely been married a year, already has a child and is landed with a wife who didn't support him through a deployment. You have both made a mistake. Time to leave.
New beginning? How does this beginning sound?
Q: Here`s my first paragraphOk, so whats this all about?" I asked. "Why in hell have you been acting so weird? Its so unlike you." Matt, one of my best guy friends, bored me deep into Carmella woods. The miniature city of Thandra looms near the eastern brink of Pittsburgh. I go to Thandra High School along with Matt. We`ve been friends since our parents met. Carmella woods wonders dangerously close to Thandra, too close of a proximity for comfort. Alot of rumors swept throughout the high school to even make the bravest of guys tremble in fear. The grip Matt had on me was finally starting to vex me in how much it throbbed in pain."Matt let go of me!" My speech sounded irratated and very annoyed. I under no circumstances wished to enter the woods with just a sixteen year old guardian. The air was confined. Harder to breathe my lungs worked overtime to keep me moving. My legs felt like jello the further we proceeded into the woodland. Trees so full of life, seemed scary, almost terrifying. All those years being afraid of ghosts and the monsters in your closet made my imagination run wild with illusions of them coming to life snapping me in two.Lovely, freak yourself out more. One final yank tossed me forward banging my knees to the firm dirt landscpae that was the woods floor. Ow! I quickly rolled onto my butt pulling a thin long splinter stick from the tender side of my thigh. Dang that thing had to be sharper tan a needle to pierce through my pants. Drawing in a quick breath I teared it from my skin. The thick rich blood gushed from the area of impact. "Damn it Matt that hurt like hell! Whats your f-ing deal." I switched my vision to his. Worry plastered his face colder than an ice cube. I followed his gaze to see a shadowy figure and the repulsive gurgling sound when someone drinks. The pace of my heavy heart pounded in my chest making it impossible to keep it under the influence of control. My weak bones started to quiver weakly as I stared into the distance wide-eyed. The fog emerged blocking more of my view. I don`t like what I can`t see. With what strength I had I forced myself to stand strong, not coware in fear like anyone else would. Although I wanted to run, my legs couldn`t operate well enough. Then I felt it. A slick string of blood streaking down my leg sending a shiver of amusement up my spine. It tickled me awkwardly urging me to scratch it uncontrolably. I did as my body commanded and clawed at me leg while my blood covered my hands all over. Matt was way still absent-minded. His fear pulled his body into a state of shock not willing to let go. The wind kicked in whisking my hair high toward the thick air. The dark figure snarled whipping the fog about. I flinched gripping my leg tightly. Swiftly the faintly coloured character let out a agonizing scream that hurt my ears greatly. The pressure on my body overwhelmed me. My lungs had to work overtime, my leg throbbed, I could barely see and something. Something dangerous lurked in the darkness awaiting to have its chance to kill us. I knew we had to of invaded its space for it to vanish so fast. Terrified as I was the my breathing became a little more tolerable, the torment my leg endured never eased but I had a sense of security we were all alone in the woods. I drew my phone out of my black pants to check the time. Six o`three. Great, I should be getting up for school in about a half hour. Matt snapped back to reality. We were almost out of the wood, then everything went black.My eyes flew open, my body was imprisoned by the pain that made it shudder. I couldn`t breathe,literally, its like my body no longer needed the necessity of air to survive. I hoisted my head carefully off the floor examining the room I was put in. An animal. A circus freak.
A: Hmm it's a good start but you have a little work to do. one thing that really caught my eye was the double usage of the phrase " my lungs were working overtime" . also one too many adjectives when describing the blood, not only that but it didn't sound much like blood; try to be more vague with blood because we all tend to exaggerate it in our minds and it sounds less realistic being written down. and try to explain who you are and what your relation to matt is after the beginning part, it adds to the suspense. overall pretty good beginning, keep up the good work. there are a couple of other minor things that could improve it but that'd be too much detail for right now. I would be interested in reading more of this book when you write more, send it to me if you want and i could give my opinion on the rest of it. my email is freewillie93@hotmail.com
what if you and your family was denied your medical rights PART 3 10/31/08?
Q: So, the baby's mother felt forced to follow(mind you she is on pain med's in need of medical herself I'm sure a bit dazed, but her symptom's weren't as bad. due to i believe pain med's) mother stated," that her head hurt and eye's burned" as I follow them to this other room demanding the whole time medical treatment or discharge immediatly somehow we get ushered into this other room on the other side of the building, and then abandoned and forced to make our body's recover on their own when it was their fault we were in this position in the first place! I'm in this room I don't want to be in. it's around 1:47am now I've beed fighting and arguing with them for help for over 15 minute's after immediate evacuation of this incident! :I'm trying to remember all details that I can: @ this point, we feel not only denied our rights to medical we feel borderline kidnapped! denied our right's to leave on our own free will!!! while needing medical treatment! as were in this room I'm in disbelief.. I feel like worse than that of a prisoner. it's been about 20 from exiting the death trap, at this point I feel what can I do to get help? why ain't they helping? why there's so much pressure in my chest? my eye's, nose and throat still burn but not as bad anymore scale1-10 @this point I would have to say about a"6"-"7" why ain't my baby getting help!? a bit dazed still, and wondering why they won't let us go or help us>? and still knowone could tell me what kinda fuel exhaust we were expose too.. so, I feel I really need to know this! a lil bit dizzy but starting to recover on my own I go down 10 floors and demand to know what kinda fuel was in there! and demand a report be wrote up so if my baby's lungs or brain is damaged then we know who's at fault! I found out it was diesel. went back upstairs, as soon as I came out the elevator and took a right that stuffy nose lady was there I was sent back up here to write to write the report! I asked whom do I make this report to as walking towards her she stated>: just go to your room they'll be in there in a minute" why you walking this way your rooms that way" and she pointed back down the hall @ this point this lady is about 2 sec's from a cold elbow. I stated "shut up! I'm dazed from your room. I was suppose to be sleeping you guys got me sick and won't help I know how to get to the room my family's in this way!" by this time there was no need to keep asking or demanding help or anything because it was not going to happen! I honestly after getting enough strengh back like knocking on or 2 of them out.. I stated to them all the next mother bleeeper that treats us rude and without respect is getting dropped and I don't give a hoot who it is!!! I'm pissed just give me a reason! just say one more rude remark!" wow! how fast ones attitude changes! they were finally talking to us with some respect. like we were not little kids anymore! basically the only treatment we received was another contaminated room!! the big heater was hanging on one side about to jump off the wall and hurt someone,the clock didn't work, and there was blood all over the tiolet and the sink. so, we couldn't use them!!! the blood was there 10hrs later at time of discharge(we took pic's on cell phone as we left) At this point I'm waiting in this roon to make a report that we didn't want to be in> I'm sitting on the bed still dazed holding my head up looking down facing the ground in great shock under high stress, and our baby just started to calm down! finally a floor supervisor came in and asked what would you like to do, I told them what happen and my symptoms are still there:: and she goes "I believe you" I was like you better not be getting smart!! because if you did you immediately would took us in for proper treatment! At this point I'm more mad and in shock from everything that's happened then feeling the symptoms I want to hurt someone so bad now!!! because of how they denied our rights and neglected our baby, and her parents. So, I just kept telling the it's too late it's too late! the damage has already been done! the damage has already been done! she to was trying to tell me that diesel exhaust was not that bad and I shouldn't worry:::I'm thinking first of all how are you gonna try and tell me that, I went just through it! and so did our baby! I tell her oh, no it is not ok, and not good! and I operated heavy machinery for a few years and know alot more about diesel exhaust than you and it is not good!!! she then stated" well I don't know that much about diesel" I said" well then why you claiming that you know? why are you all claiming that it's ok and not to worry!!!! she shut up and really didn't want to talk anymore and left the room! (I'm thinking how did this happen to us why? what did that baby do to deserve this? what did we do? a couple hours into this bad situation my chest was experiencing extreme pressure! although my eye's nose and throat are almost back to what they were prior to this inci
A: First, TMI (Too Much Information). There are very, very few people here that will read the entire story of yours, myself included. I started reading it, but only got through half of the first part before I gave up. You do not need to include every single little detail to have people tell you to get a lawyer.Second, get a lawyer. He/she is the one that needs all this detail to determine if you have a case or not (as I said, I didn't read the entire thing, but I don't know why else you would be posting such a story here if you are not looking to sue them.

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