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What should I write on a card for a friends miscarriage

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A:You should let them know you are there and care for them. There are some great miscarriage poems that give inspiration also. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-should-i-write-on-a-card-for-a-friends-miscarriage ]
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What should I write on a card for a friends miscarriage
You should let them know you are there and care for them. There are some great miscarriage poems that give inspiration also.

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My Friend Just Had a Miscarriage. What Should I Write In Her Card I Got Her Last Night?
Q: I'm at a loss for words right now. We are both Christians and both believe her baby is at peace in Heaven now.They had a very hard time getting pregnant to begin with and when they did, she was so excited.Any advice on what to write would be greatly appriciated.
A: I would just say that you are very sorry and let her know that if there is anything you can do to help her get through this, you will be there. By the way, you are a very sweet and thoughtful friend!
i need a poem to write in a card can you help?
Q: this is a bit of a tricky one but I'm hoping someone out there can help me this is for a very good friend who has known me since i was born and knows everything about me. first i need to tell you the story. the situation is she has had 3 children and has been trying for a fourth some time now an has gone through many miscarriages while doing so. she was ecstatic to find out this time she was pregnant and 4months gone and past the danger zone. we were so pleased and jumped around all exited like. i phoned her this morning just to see if she was still coming round for a coffee this morning and she told me she couldn't as she was bleeding an was about to go to hospital. I don't yet know if she may have lost the baby or is maybe going to have to stay in hospital for observation through her pregnancy. anyway i have bought a card with some flowers on the front an a tag that says just for you but the inside is blank as i didnt know what would be appropriate.. as i am not good with words i was wondering if someone out there knows what i should write please please help
A: Here is a lovely one:I wish I had a magic wandTo make it go awayI'd wave my scepter over youUntil you were okayI'd think good thoughts, I'd send you loveI'd transmit healing vibesMy wand and I would surely beatWhatever the doc prescribesBut there is no magic scepter, soI cannot cast a spellJust know you're often in my thoughts,And I hope you'll soon be well!Hope this helps! <3
What would you do in this situation?
Q: I have been friends with this guy for a long time. We would exchange birthday/Christmas gifts every year. We do not live close by. We would mail a gift cards to each others.He has been married for two years. Since he's been married. he thinks I should get his wife something for her birthday. Her falls a few days later then mine. I do not know his wife that well or care to know her. She will be having a baby in later Dec. She already had two showers. One was held by her mother in law (who she can not stand, she had a miscarriage about a year and a half ago. Who she blames her MIL for that) The second was held by her momHe called me a few days ago to tell me to get them both a gift card from places they like to eat at.If you do not mind.... you can get us something or things we need for the baby.Just because I have a better paying job that has some over time in it I was thinking how rude of him to tell me what to get and where to get it. He added that they have LOTS of baby stuff from both showers.So today, I stopped by Dollar General to get them a card. I will write in the card. It will say : Due to financial reasons I wish to stop the gift exchanges.I know he will be shocked when he will see that on the card.I really wanted to stop it when he was married.
A: Just get them a card don't be so rude about it.

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