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What pain killers can cause miscarriages

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A:Some studies show that NSAIDs, such as ibuprofen, ketoprofen and naproxen. May cause an increase in miscarriages. Not aspirin. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-pain-killers-can-cause-miscarriages ]
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Can taking too many pain killers while pregnant cause a miscarria...?
Yes I think it could, the begining of pregnancy is when you should be the most careful because you are always at risk for a miscarriage, don't worry if you did though, if you stop now you should be fine.
Would taking enough painkillers cause a miscarriage??
An English expert says that certain over-the-counter pain killers should carry warnings that they can increase the risk of miscarriage. The comments follow a study by Danish researcher Gunnar Lauge Nielsen and colleagues published in this w...

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Fibromyalgia and pregnancy preparation suggestions?
Q: I am planning on getting pregnant in a little over a year and I have fibromyalgia-mostly in my legs and back from a pair of spinal injuries when I was a toddler. Currently the only thing that keeps me human is cyclobenzaprene (Flexeril) and even then I need a cane to walk but it's known to cause birth defects. Pain killers don't work on me for anything other than cramps and even then just barely. Anti depressants haven't done any good either. I have cronic fatigue as well.Does anyone-particularly mothers with FM-know of things I can try as alternatives to drugs? Soaking in a hot bath does wonders but isn't a good idea during pregnancy as the rise in body temperature can cause miscarriage. I do use flannel bags filled with rice or seed corn microwaved to use as moist heat bags but again, that raises body temperature a bit as the spinal injuries were in my lower back and in the same place I get cramps.I'm going to work with my doctors and thankfully my main doctor has really helped get the FM under control but the rhuematologist is one of those people who think the pain is just in my mind and that I'm "obviously" not excercising enough and eating far too much junk food. I am pretty active and a belly dancer-which does help a lot with the pain. My weight is a bit high (over 200lbs)-I have a mild genetic disorder (it went too long w/o being caught which is why it's an issue) that makes it nearly impossible to lose weight although it is finally being treated successfully and pregnancy actually will overide it. I actually eat about 600 calories less a day than the nutritionist says I should be eating to lose weight...grr...I normally get yelled at for not eating enough/passing out from low blood sugar...at least it's usually because I forget to eat because I'm too caught up in what I'm working on instead of an eating disorder.My fiance has been with me since before the FM was diagnosed and began to get really bad and interfere with my walking. He's been really supportive and stayed with me even through the breakdowns I had when I didn't know why my legs stopped working and the pain was so bad I could only curl up in a ball and cry for hours at a time. Other than a lack of cooking skills he can and does help with anything I need. He is aware that I'll have to be off my meds and may not be able to work for a good portion of the pregnancy...thankfully I'm an engineer so I spend most of my time at a desk instead of on my feet and there's a bit more flexibility working from home if necessary. He is open to adoption but both of us would at least like to try to have one of our own first. Depending on how the pregnancy goes I may or may not try for a second one.Any suggestions for things to try? My wedding isn't for a year yet and it'll be a few months after that that I'll go off birth control so we can get used to living with each other full time. I'm trying to figure things out now so there's enough time to *hopefully* get it somewhat under control. I'm a firm believer that Murphy was an optimist.
A: but what you've written i believe you have everything all planned up.just do that, any suggestions might alter your plans.
what causes a Blighted ovum?
Q: I found out i was pregnant about 4 weeks ago, It was a total shock as I only had a less than 10% chance of being pregnant, I had visited my doctor for some strong pain killers i was having problems with my back. He gave me tramadol hydrochloride 50mg tablets, I only ever took maybe 3 or 4 as they were very strong and made me feel light headed. I took the tablets before i even missed my period and 1 the week after my missed period.Now from my scans it looks like i have got a blighted ovum, ive recently been looking at info on the internet to try to find out what causes a blighted ovum, as i have had several miscarriages before, there are several reasons on the internet most of them being abnormality in either the sperm or the egg, it also states that certain medications can cause this, after typing in the medication it does say it can cause miscarriage, would it of affected my pregnancy at just 2-3 weeks gestation. I feel so guilty, i wanted a baby so much, and now i find out i might of caused the problem in the first place.Ive been trying for nearlly 12 years and ive just turned 37, only got one tube and I dont ovulate rugularly according to the doctors? So my chances of getting pregnant again are very slim, but there is always a chance I suppose.
A: Hey sweetie, I'm so sorry xxI have had 2 blighted ovums and was told that it wasn't anything I did. I was told that it is natures way of not progressing with a pregnancy that wouldn't of been healthy, this didn't actually comfort me in anyway but I guess it makes sense. I think b/o's are more of a sperm/egg/chromosone problem than the medication you took. Take care of yourself xxx
Lying about MISCARRIAGE?? I need your help!?
Q: okay i need yalls help- i have a friend that told us she was pregnant & then miscarried- twice in 2 weeks- i want to believe her but some of her story is a bit far fetched. I need opinions please!! Esp if you have had a miscarriage reply & let me know what you think!! (some background, she is 27, perfectly healthy, has a 4 & 2 yr old, recently seperated from her hubby & has a live in boyfriend in her new apt. Has not filed for divorce)My friend told me 2 weeks ago that she was pregnant (on 9/20) four days later she said she was bleeding and was going to the ER (on 9/24) she said she didnt hurt, had no pain & acted perfectly normal that day. Later that night she said they told her she had a miscarriage but was still pregnant (i know this is possible, called Vanishing Twin). She also said the ER gave her a shot of Dilaudid, a super strong muscle relaxer/ pain killer they only give for severe pain (which they are not allowed to give to pregnant women) and wrote her a script for percocet & muscle relaxers. So when asked if she was going to her doctor to get checked she kept saying "i go __day' but that day when you ask her what they said, her reply was always 'they couldnt fit me in, i go __day' and you get the same excuse that day as well. Well this past saturday (10/03) she said she started bleeding again, left work & went to the ER. Later that night she said that she had miscarried the other baby. She claims they gave her a shot to help her 'pass' the baby within 24-48 hours on her own. She was supposed to go to the doctor today @ 3:30pm but at 4:30pm i passed her on the road coming the opposite direction of where her doc office is. I asked her what the doctor said & this was her response: 'i passed the baby at home but still have some matter to get rid of. Im supposed to go back next week for them to get it all out. They did some tests & blood work.' When i asked her how he saw her so quickly (so odd that for 2 weeks she couldnt get an appt at all yet this day she was supposedly in & out in less than an hour) she replied 'he was concerned about me & got me back fast, then he yelled at his nurse for not getting me in sooner.' I would hate to think she would lie about something like this but so much of it doesnt make sense to me. When she found out she was pregnant she didnt want her kids to know & only told a few of us at work. She didnt seem to have any pain what-s0-ever the 1st time she claims to have miscarried so why did they give her dilaudid?? If she was still pregnant the ER wouldnt have given her that shot anyways right? (its a narcotic that can cause addiction and/harm to your unborn child, seems like a lawsuit if a hospital gives it to you dont you think?) If i had a miscarriage I would think my doctor would fit me in where ever he/she could, esp if you are still pregnant!! That way they can help you keep the other one right? an hour doctor appt is quick as hell, i dont think ive ever been in & out that fast, esp when it comes to something like this where they have to do blood work & check your hoo-ha & uterus & stuff. That takes time.....And lastly you miscarried the other one & passed it but they dont want to see you for another week to get all the 'matter' out?? i dont think so....what do yall think?? Im betting on that she wasnt even pregnant to begin with
A: The part that seems the strangest to me is her lacksidaisical attitude toward the whole pregnancy, miscarriage, and doctor's appointments. If I was having a miscarriage and my doc couldn't squeeze me (especially carrying another baby), I would freak out and literally go to the office and sit there until they saw me. But I would never have just accepted that they didn't have time for me. It is important to have such things checked out. I also don't see why a hospital would give her a narcotic if she was still pregnant with another baby. It wouldn't necessarily be a lawsuit, but it would be major trouble if something happened to that pregnancy. I have had quick appointments, but it really does depend on what they were looking for. My vote is she didn't get pregnant but was needing some attention or feeling left out of something. I have had a cousin who said she had a miscarriage because she was jealous of another pregnant cousin. It is sad, but I guess it doesn't hurt me, so I can't care so much.

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