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What is the normal blood pressure for an 80 year old man

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At 80 years of age, a systolic pressure of 179 and 180 are completely normal for someone of your age. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-normal-blood-pressure-for-an-80-year-old-man ]
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What is normal blood pressure for men?
Normal blood pressure for a man would depend on what the range the physician would want it in. Most physicians would want a man's blood pressure to be 70 over 110.
Is 134 over 74 normal blood pressure for a 58 yr old man??
If you pressure is 134 over 74 go to the doctors and ask for a rectal checkup
What is normal blood pressure for 36 year old man?
Normal blood pressure is said to be 120 over 80. The higher figure being the Systolic and the lower the Diastolic. As you become older the systolic becomes raised and they used to say it should be somewhere near 100 plus your age, so a 40 y...

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high-ish systolic normal diastolic blood pressure in a young man?
Q: For several years now my blood systolic blood pressure has been a little high, usually in the 130-140 range. My diastolic is always in the 78-80 range.I'm a 27 year old male; never smoked, don't drink coffee, rarely drink alcohol. I'm 6'3" 200 lbs in okay physical shape.Is the BP anything I should be worried about and if so what are possible causes?
A: Hi Josh, your BP is a bit high for your age. Your BMI is high too. You should do more exercise to lose weight and decrease salt intake, this will help lowering your BP.Causes: 90% cases Dr don't know the cause. They called it essential hypertension. Other known causes would cause your BP to be higher than this.

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