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What is the easiest way to cause a miscarriage

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A:In the 1st trimester the most common cause of miscarriage is chromosomal abnormality. 10-15 pct of pregnancies end in miscarriage. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-easiest-way-to-cause-a-miscarriage ]
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What is the easiest way to cause a miscarriage
In the 1st trimester the most common cause of miscarriage is chromosomal abnormality. 10-15 pct of pregnancies end in miscarriage .
What is the easiest way to get a miscarriage?
A miscarriage is the loss of a fetus... if you want to purposely end your pregnancy, you're looking for an abortion. Trying to have a miscarriage sounds like you want to shove something up there or hurt yourself to try to lose the baby, all...
What is the easiest proven way to induce miscarriage?
Vitamin C, pineapple, and parsley can induce miscarriage. Take vitamin C capsules with parsley tea and a side of pineapple slices.

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Q: I may have asked this question many times, but im not getting the answer i want.My girlfriend is Pregnant and we are under age.we're trying to get ways to cause a miscarriage so the baby doesnt come..what're the most effective waysLast thing i want to do is sock her stomach and have any parents involved or knowing.Please help. SIMPLE And easy way.I have money i can pay for professional help but i dont want them contacting the parents and whatnot.
A: If you do something to try and lose the baby, chances are that it won't work and you will only end up really messing up this baby. Then you won't just have a baby on your hands but a SPECIAL NEEDS BABY! Is that really what you want?
My fears came true. Natural miscarriage. Anyone help me please?
Q: predicted I was pregnant the day before I miscarried. What gives? I was only 5 weeks along.. and today my hcg levels were back down to 2. I have never been more depressed about my life. What do I do to feel better? What preventative techniques are there to make sure this doesn't happen again? It hurts to look at the prenatal vitamins and to think there may be something that is wrong with me causing this to happen. This is my second natural miscarriage. Is there any easy way to look at this so my life doesn't seem so gloomy for you ladies who have gone through the same thing? And as if we didn't have enough problems, my husband just called me from jail arrested for a warrant he didn't know he had. AARGH I have such a headache....
A: Sorry to go out of topic but hmm... well, few weeks back when I was having my hair done at the saloon, I was reading the babyTalk (from the U.S) magazine.They wrote a review and recommended this website to TTC (trying to conceive) ladies.They will teach you on eliminating fertility issues even if you're:late 30s or 40'shave endometriosishave tubal obstructionhave ovarian cysts or "lazy ovaries"without resorting to IVF or IUI procedures or drugs like clomid, fertilid, preseedHere's the link that you're interested:http://PregnantMiracle.goshrink.com
Abortion, very nervous, but has to been down.?
Q: Ok I am 5 weeks pregnant ans have made a appt two weeks. It will happen on my 7th week. I am truly nervous , and want everything to be over with. I told my boyfriend and his immediate response was abortion right? Well at First i just cried and cried and cried. I wanted to keep my baby and for me and him to have a happy family. He refused every time I asked. No I cant have this baby right now. I wanted to keep my baby but there's no way i need Help. Plus the fact that If i keep it he wants nothing to do with it. I mean I am so heart breaken about how cruel men can be. He doesn't care for me , I mean I have never seen this side of him before. Well I finally agree to go ahead with the abortion, but only under my terms. I had to find a doctor I was conformable with. Well I did it ill cost $600 instead of the traditional $300 because I want Iv sedation. I don't wanna remember the experience what so ever. So I called him and he was like why can you just take the "pill" form, I was like NO I want it this way cause it quick and easy. He told me I wasn't being economically fee -sable He said all you have to do is take the pill and sit on the toliet and then that's it. I mean dang dude I am not a dog your putting down to sleep, i want to be treated with respect and be comfortable. I just cant believe him and his attitude . he is truly unbelievable. When this is all over I cant wait i want far far away from him. He says we are still going to be here for me, but heck i cant get you to stay with my now for longer than 5 mins. I don't believe a word he says, and by him telling me this is his 3rd pregnancy the first two had miscarriage so he says. Can anyone describe the surgical abortion stories, before , during and after. Also were you able to have children later in life. Did it give you a second chance by dong it. How did you find a doctor.. And YES ppl i have learn my lesson.
A: Real stories about women and their abortions. It is entirely possible to have an abortion and not feel guilt because you knew it was the right thing to do. ImNotSorry.netIf you need to talk about with someone who has had an abortion, my email always open. ~Pro-Choice Momma; Have had an abortion <no regrets> and I have a 13 month old daughter <no regrets>. I believe in protecting my daughter's choice.Abortion: There is a Consensushttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsSQiazUvgo

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