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What is blood pressure medicine made of

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There are many different kinds of high blood pressure medication, each of which is made up of different things. Is there a specific one you are interested in? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-blood-pressure-medicine-made-of ]
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Does blood pressure medicine make you drowsy?
Does bllod pressure medicine make you sleepy
Can Blood Pressure Medicine make you tired?
Yes, blood pressure medication can make you tired. Ther are several kinds. Talk to your dr about changing BP medicines until you find one that works without too many side effects.
Does blood pressure medicine make you be mean?
No, it releases the tension and releases fluids. You are probably stressed and lashing out and think it's because of the medicine. It could be because of your surroundings. Sometimes people just make you mad and that's okay. Take a walk, ha...

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Will I always have high blood pressure?
Q: I know this isn't the correct category, but I am hoping I may find someone who has had the same situation I am in, that has had pre eclampsia and is a bit on the chunky side. I have been a bit on the heavy side almost my whole life. I am 23 yrs old, and since I was 7 I have been on the heavy side. Well I know I am stupid for not taking care of myself better- but now I really want to. Its going to be hard but now I have a 6 month old and I want to be there for here to run and play.I got pregnant last year, and before I was pregnant, I never did have trouble with high blood pressure. But I developed pre-eclampsia which made my blood pressure super high. They said after I had my daughter it would go back to normal, and then sometimes it doesn't. Well she was born on November 8, 2008- and now its 6 months later. I feel discouraged because I still have it. If I lose weight and eat healthier- will my blood pressure come down- or will it always be high? I hate my blood pressure medicine it makes me so sleepy and dizzy.So I need your help1. Will I always have high blood pressure even if I change my ways?2. What is a easy way to lose weight with having a 6 month old and being a single mother and no help and working a full time job?I am being very serious- no mean responses please. I just want the best for my daughter- I want to be here for her the best I can be.Thank you
A: I can answer at least part of it.I had pre-eclampsia that got progressively worse all through my pregnancy. However, I am not on the chunky side, I am and always have been pretty athletic. My daughter was born on october 20, 2008. I don't still have high blood pressure.You might still have a little high blood pressure if you becom more active, but it will DEFINATELY improve. I am a nurse in cardiology, and this is the first recommendation we give. Just eating better and exercising can lower your blood pressure up to 30 mmHg. As well as reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, joint problems and soooo many other illnesses ! If you are commited, GO FOR IT !!! You daughter can be your motivation, that's good !! However, there is no easy way. Start with small changes that you incorporate into your lifestyle, then add new ones.Reduce your salt intake to help control your blood pressure. Beware of hidden salt in packaged foods or fast food too !1For example, stop drinking pop or reduce yourself to 1 coffee a day. Replace high sugar drinks with water. Once you are comfortable with this, start walking 30 minutes every day with your daughter in the stroller. She will love it ! Then use portion control, add more fruits and veggies etc. Also gradually upp the activity, taking stairs instead of elevators, walking faster, starting going to a gym. etc. It really helps if you find an activity you like, especially in a group so you can also meet new friends and get support !! Check out women's centers, Mommy groups etc ! Any lasting change will take a while to get used to, but gradually, if you are committed, YOU CAN DO IT !!!!(sorry, long post ....)
What is a good Alternative blood pressure medicine?
Q: I am 62 and have had high blood pressure for about 20 years and none of the various prescription medications seem to do much good or even some have made me very sick. Also now that I am unemployed and living on social security alone and not quite eligible for medicaid I can't afford a doctor or the high price of prescription medication. Otherwise I am a relatively healthy male weighing only 125 lbs. I have always been small weighing about 135 or so from age 18 until my mid fifties when i dropped down to where I am now. I would like to find a preferably organic alternative that can be bought over the counter. Thank you.
A: A bit of red wine brings down blood pressure. In small amounts.
What therapies has Conventional Medicine adopted, that were once Alternative Medicine Therapies?
Q: Just a few decades ago our medical establishment said it was impossible to control involuntary functions, such as heart rate, body temperature, and blood pressure. Some alt. medicine doctors made such a therapy, called BioFeedback to control these involuntary functions. {Which Yogi's & devote monk's showed that they could control such functions with the power of the mind, during meditation}Biofeedback became very popular, and what you can't stop, you accept, so the medical establishment has now accredited biofeedback, and it is used in the medical profession for controlling involuntary functions. A few of the its capabilites are: reducing blood pressure, stress, anxiety, & eliminating migraines.Hypnotherapy was once alternative medicine, and was used by Dr. J. Estdaile, a Scottish Surgeon, practicing in 1800's, he used hypnotism in operations, before anesthesia was available.His rate of success was 10x above his colleagues, who rejected this. Clinical Hypnotherapy is now accreditedChiropractic, is that not still called 'quackery' by the medical establishment? What have they adopted, what field is it called in Medicine?Indeed may active ingredients come from herbs, and then modified and synthesised. But they cannot replicate how herbs work, which is in synergy, many different chemicals in the herb working together to bring back health, relieve symptoms with little{mild}-no side-effects.
A: One of my favorite and least known examples would have to be cat scans (which technically aren't "therapies"). They were developed by a company in england, which first tried to introduce them to the US market. The FDA refused to allow them, and the AMA gave it a cold shoulder. Then the company folded, those same parties bought their stock up for pennies on the dollar and cat scans became legalized and common practice in the US. I actually met one of the people who use to work with the original company and hates the US gov with a passion for that ("they don't pull that type of bollocks in england").A lot of alternative medicines are accepted in various places, by doctors for certain usages, but the acceptance is not consistent. Doctors are very conservative, so it's nearly impossible to find any one alternative medicine which has complete acceptance, heck there are very few conventional medicines like that. Truthfully though, at least in this current time period, I sincerely believe the primary thing which determines if a medcine gets widespread usage is if it can be profited off of. That's been the historical example.For instance, many like to cite the example of all the herbs which were turned into medicine by pharma companies (which also fulfills your question). Yet many also criticize the companies (anti holistic) approach of isolating the active ingredient in an herb and synthesizing it instead of using the herb, as new concentrated form without the extra parts can often make people become sick and also is less effective than the normal one. So despite this trend, why did companies continuously do that approach to making drugs? Pretty simple, no money to be made in herbs everyone can grow, but the new patented pill can be!As far as your question goes, personally, my favorite current thing is chinese medicine. Originally, it was mocked ridiculed, and completely refused acceptance. Gradually people started waking up to it's efficacy and using it, while the medicinal establishment spewed every piece of propoganda imaginable to claim china's population gets better health than the US's trillion dolar medical system off the placebo effect. Now it's shifted to weaker attacks, the conservates still holding out, research validating it cropping up, and many doctors starting to recommend it to their patients, and places like Kaiser giving it to their customers. Can't wait to see how much further it will go in 10 m ore years.*it should be noted that something similar to this happened with chiropractic, although it was a bit different. The AMA went after with in law suits, and told all their practicioners to not under any circumstances recommend chiropractic to their patients. The Chiros banded together and sued the AMA. Courts ruled the AMAs suppression of chiro was illegal, and since then more and more doctors are working with chiros since they are trained to fix a set of problems doctors know nothing about beyond "more painkillers!"Lastly in regards to skep doc!I always love watching your logical fallacies presented on the pretense of reasoned objective discourse. Let's see what you dug up today.Making proclamations about subjects that one has not studied! There's quite a bit more that biofeedback does, it is used clinically, and there's a tremendous amount of research validating it. Feel free to read this!http://www.aapb.org/files/public/Yucha-Gilbert.pdfI don't really think you can claim the evidence isn't satisfactory; on their 1-5 scale, very few approved drugs have gotten above a 2.Second,If people having A causes B, and A going away makes B go away, and it's later discovered that C causes B, does that mean A is trivial and inconsequential? That's essentially what you're arguing with stress and ulcers. Antiobiotics can be given to cure them, but stress treatment still works well, especially in the 20% which are not uclers.Third;All I request is if you have a really "out there" idea (therapeutic touch, homeopathy, iridology, magnet healing, crystal healing, pyramid healing, reiki, craniosacral massage, EFT, acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathy, Gerson therapy, the Orgone, the Bates Method, Dianetics, Christian Science.............)That's basically a straw man argument. Crystal healing is "out there new age garbage" (a fact we basically agree on), but lumping it with osteopathy, which is a liscened doctor degree in the US (the history of that is rather interesting, when osteopaths were trying to get liscened, the AMA threw a fit about it, and claimed to the state legistlature that it was quackery and did not work; unfortunately many of the officials had already been treated with osteopathy, and thus allowed it become a liscenced profession).Third"then you provide me with some convincing evidence.""It is not my job to DIS-prove Alt Meds wild claims...there are over 600 different AM practices and more every month.As it is, I read dozens of papers on it every year ...I don't have the time to sort through all the chaff."You claim there is no evidence, yet you admit selectively choosing to ignore viewing evidence which proves your ideology to be incorrect. Your sentiment is exactly why many claim science behaves as a religion.In many of the alternative medicines you slandered, there is actually a wealth of evidence available (it just tends to "not be read" by conservative scientists who want to cling to their viewpoint of the world). At this point in time, I'm completely a senior seminar for my degree (I had to do research on 2 therapies, biofeedback was first), where I'm studying Orgone stuff (mom used it to cure cancer so I figured it would be worth taking a look at). Interestingly, there's actually tons of work (and really well done research) that's been done on it, and I've actually independently confirmed one part of it which was "impossible and disproven" by the conventional community. If you have any interest in learning about the topic you present yourself as being informed on, you might want to look at results done by researches that tried to replicate Reich's experiments!The other parts of evidence based medicine are pretty much rehashes of what you've been told before.1) Double blind trials do not work well for testing anything besides drugs, and require a lot of funding which only large profit based institutions have. Additionally, many rushed to the market are later shown to have been doctored to fit the agenda of their funder. It's a nice mantra to cling to for proof, but it's really not the end all decided of truth the way god used to be.2) If you want to cling to evidence based medicine to support your ideology, at least be fair and view pratices you are biased against through the same lens you give to ones you like instead of just dismissing them. "Hey I have magic glasses that always show the truth when you look through them." "What do you do when you see something you don't want to believe" "Well obviously I close my eyes." "Then why do we take what you magic glasses say to be the truth in everything?" I really enjoy listening to the angry tone you use when you write.

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