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What happens when you eat too much spicy food

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Eating too much spicy food can lead to heartburn, indigestion, and even diarrhea in some cases. But spicy foods can also promote good circulation, and they appear to lower blood pressure. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-when-you-eat-too-much-spicy-food ]
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What happens when you eat too much spicy food?
I think it largely depends on what type of chilli peppers, how frequently & how much consumed and perhaps whether it's cooked or not (some differences in the chemical reactions). There are people who eat a big bowl of fresh raw chillies...

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what happens when you eat too much spicy food?
Q: my mom eats jalenpinos EVERYSINGLE day. if there is none in the fridge she will grb the next spicy thing.hot sauce and hot chili peppers.what happens if she eats too much spicy food?does it hurt her internal organs or something?
A: Funny thing about capsaisn, the heat in peppers, after a while you become immune to the pain it causes.
Why do I get sick after every time I eat? More problems with time too...?
Q: Lately I have been feeling very ill after eating. As many have mentioned in other posts: I feel the need to vomit (although I don't), it's my whole stomach, then my body feels fatigue, i get shaky if I don't eat soon enough or even fast enough, sometimes a headache, sharp and burning mostly on the left side, often resulting in anxiety, I sometimes feel malnutrition but I know I'm pretty well balanced. I sometimes have a lump in my throat that won't leave till it leaves. nothing I have tried seems to help it. Mostly it's nausea and pain with anxiety. The anxiety can be present before, during, but mostly after. Kind of a build of symptoms....ALL THIS AND NEVER DIAREA.It usually happens during or shortly after a meal no matter what or how much I eat. Even soup or salad. I have had a history of way over eating and much spicy food in my diet, however, lately I have made a serious effort to watch my habits. I use to eat till it hurt and I couldn't seem to stop myself ever. Now I've started eating better. Lots of home cooked meals. I need to be eating more veggies but it's still in the works. Also, a history of anxiety. Everyday or more than one attack a day. This has gone on longer than the pain though.At first it was all this pain but no anxiety all because I ate too much. Now I eat properly and all these things have gotten worse. Maybe something other then a stomach problem? it's as if it's perpetuated into something different and worse now that I have started to help myself.I have also gained a few extra pounds in the last 8 months. I can't tell you exactly when all this has started but it has become a serious issue in the last 6 months at least.If you know of a site of technic or anything to help please let me know. Thank You.THINGS NOT TO POST: Don't post your story JUST to tell me you have the same problem. Do not just tell me to see a doctor. I KNOW AND I WILL WHEN I HAVE MONEY AND TIME. (unless you think I should get a certain test done or something of that sort)I'm thinking along the lines of esophageal dysmotility or hypoglycemia. I don't take vtms daily. maybe I should start there... Also I have stopped drinking orange juice in the last year or so. I have been tested for diabetes in the past so I'm pretty sure it's not that. I do experience frequent urination, especially when I get that crazy anxiety mixed with pain feeling. It feels like my body is trying to pass something through, but it SHOULD all be nutrition. Like I said, I've been eating much better.
A: could have esophageal dysmotility or spasms, may need anti reflux med. anxiety could be from diabetes or hypoglycemia, have A1C checked. try soft foods, thick liquids, more protein in am/lunch, fruit snack/milk /peanut butter in between as these have lower glycemic index and keep blood glucose levels steady. OJ will help w shaky feeling. diabetes, usually wt loss, vision, or tingling in feet and freq urination or freq infections or sores that don't heal. good luck. maybe need electrolytes checked, calcium, sodium, glucose, potassium, magnesium, do you take a multi vit daily w b vitamins in it?
Please Doctors/Nutritionists..please helpppppppp?
Q: I was recently diagnosed of Hypoglycemia or Low Blood Glucose Problem. So in other words I have to eat sweets and proteins to balance my blood glucose level.I am 25 years old, 187 Lb and 5"11 Height. When I'm low on blood glucose, my body get really weak and I start to crave for anything sweet. So much weak I become at times that I simply do not want to do anything. I feel tired all the time, sleepy and my feet burns most of the times. This all happens most of the times now.My daily plan is:I get up at 0830 - 0900. My breakfast includes whole wheat toasts, with butter and jam or fried eggs/omlet with a glass of concentrated juice, followed by a cup of Milk tea every day.At work, I drink a glass of cold milk with sugar every day at around 1100 - 1130. I also drink water a lot, throughout the day as I feel thirsty and dehydrated.My lunch timing is 1330 - 1400 everyday and I try to eat healthy and no junk food at all. Which is followed by a cup of tea.I leave work at 1700 - 1730. Come home, and drink a glass of juice and a sweet egg snack, or a juice with butter/cheese bread.I play badminton everyday from 2000 - 2230. After what I feel really exhausted and feel tired muscles especially my feet and legs become tired and I feel sort of pain. I come back home, have a glass of boiled water, and then dinner. From this time till I sleep, I keep feeling dyhydrated and drink 2 glasses of boiled water and a glass of concentrated juice before i sleep.Every though after a serious excersize playing badminton, I do not feel the need to sleep and have to force myself to sleep at 0130 - 0200. When I wake up in the morning, I feel tired, weak muscles, mostly the leg and feet hurt and burn.I smoke cigarettes about 5 - 8 cigarettes a day. Smoking increases only on weekends. I drink occasional once in a week or thrice a month, but that too is limited. Throughout the day, especially in the morning time, I feel sleepy, tired and feet burn. I am unable to much work from fast few weeks because of this. I sometimes take an office-nap in the morning time. I consistently feel the need to get a massage, keep stretching my arms and legs but the situation does not get better.I sweat a lot since its summer already. I do not normally feel hot but only sweat. I noticed my forhead becomes really cold when I sweat and when my feet are burning. I have never had any other problems or disease at all. I tend to eat healthy mostly. My food is spicy mostly but I am trying to eat less/no spicy food these days.One of a family-friend doctor told me to stop playing badminton. Because I burn a lot of calories, at the same time my blood glucose drops dramatically low. And since my dinner does not include too much sweet stuff, and at night when I'm asleep in a fasting condition, the situation becomes worst in the morning. He also advised me not to drink a lot of water before sleeping.I hope the information I provided would help you suggest something.Looking forward to your response,Thanks,
A: I think it's weird that you are required to eat sugar. I've had bouts of hypoglycemia and I've been told to stay away from sugar (and a few other things).What you should consume more of, is protein, at regular intervals (the 5-6 meals a day thing). Protein keeps blood sugar levels stable. Also, stick to eating vegetables, oatmeal or wholegrain/brown rice as starches, and limit your fruit intake.What you should avoid: too much refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, starches, alcoholAnd keep exercising!

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