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What does swallowing bleach do

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Abdominal pain, burning in your throat, vomiting, low blood pressure, or bloody diarrhea. Basically, don't do it. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-swallowing-bleach-do ]
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What to do after swallowing bleach?
induce vomiting and call for emergency medical care.
Can my kitten die from swallowing bleach?
Sweet Heart, listen, its ok, don't cry. I don't think anyone knew that you were so young, good lesson for people not to judge someone's reasons, anyway, try to dry kitty and then keep kitty warm. This will help some. If there is an adult yo...
Can swallowing some of the bleach cause cancer or other health ri...?
No. Hydrogen peroxide is not a caustic bleach. It is actually used as a healing agent to swab the throats of babies born with thrush, a fungal infection, Haywood said. And it is often poured into open wounds to prevent the spread of germs. ...

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why does yahoo "take a breather" i mean people dont haev to check every question or awnser i mean what if its?
Q: REALY REALY important like someone swallowed bleach and no doctors orrr anything for miles and miles?
A: yes yahoo answers is normally a life or death situation. geez......
Have you ever swallowed bleach?
Q: If so, what did it do to you?how long did it take for effects?
A: Did you swallow bleach to make you vomit? Baby, I thought you were going to put an end to that. I'm so worried about you. I can't say I've ever swallowed bleach, but if you have to question what it could do to you, that's generally an indication that's it's likely something negative and harmful. I don't want you to destroy your tummy, or your throat or esophagus, and that's what you're going to do. Please don't resolve to drinking bleach. You're too good a person to watch yourself wither away through something self-inflicted. My e-mail is sarah.hewey@yahoo.com. Please update me on how you're doing. And to answer your question sweetheart,Body as a whole: Pain in the mouth Possible burns on esophagus Respiratory: Coughing (from the fumes) Possible aspiration into lungs Eyes, ears, nose, and throat: Pain in the throat Burning, red eyes Gagging sensation Skin: Irritation of the exposed area Burns Blistering Gastrointestinal: Stomach or abdominal pain Vomiting Heart and blood vessels: Low blood pressure Bradycardia (slow heartbeat) Chest pain Shock Nervous system: Delirium Coma
emergency!!!! i swallowed bleach!!!! ?
Q: i always brush my teeth with it like every other day but my phone rang and i swallowed to answer with out thinking now i feel fine except my hands tingling and my eyesight keep making like the lights blinking on in off... so what should i do should i just lay down and go to sleep? other than that i feel fine but im tired but i think that's because i didn't get a lot of sleep the past few days?
A: you are fine-that amount is not a big deal. bleach ingested is less harmful than poured on skin. I think you are just anxious about it. try to relax. feel better and get a good nights sleep

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