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What does it mean when you have a dream of having a miscarriage

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A:Dreams of a miscarriage are fear and anxiety,but a different sort.They may be simple reflections of anxiety of unplanned pregnancy [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-when-you-have-a-dream-of-having-a-miscarriage ]
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What does it mean when you dream about having a miscarriage??
There was a lot of stuff going on in your dream, but I think that the main thing that happened was your miscarriage. I think if you have a miscarriage in your dream suggests that some idea or plan did not follow through or has gone awry. Th...
What does my dream mean??? i keep dreaming about having a miscarr...?
To dream that you have a miscarriage, suggests that some idea or plan did not follow through or has gone awry. The dream may also serve as a warning against your continued course of action. You should alter your path or may risk losing some...
What does a dream about being pregnant and then having a miscarri...?
If you have no desire of having a baby or never had any intimate relationship recently, then .... Being pregnant often means responsibilities and miscarriage in your case could symbolize things you can't handle. In other words, you may be f...

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What does it mean when you dream about having a miscarriage?
Q: I had a dream that I was driving around with a couple of good friends from a spiritual retreat camp that I went to over the summer and was feeling very sick, they took me up to the nearest doctor which was a gynecologists office because I was so sick. We got there and for some reason the OBGYN was one of the priests from the camp who I became friends with. So he gave me an exam and everything and he said that it turns out I had been pregnant but had a miscarriage and that was why I was so sick. We decided to leave while he prepared to get the baby out, and the whole time I was wondering how I could have gotten pregnant in the first place? I figured that the baby had to have been my ex's because he's the only one I ever did anything with.So we went over to his house and I told him and he came with me to be there with me while they cleaned me up and everything.Now in real life I have not had sex but I had given my ex-boyfriend oral and he would finger me. Also I had this dream about a week or two after I went to the spiritual retreat camp (which my ex was at also) and about 1 1/2 or 2 months after me and my ex broke up. While we were at the camp things were very tense between me and my ex and I'm guessing that has something to do with it but I'm not quiet sure what it means.If someone here could tell me that would be great, thanks!Brooke
A: Its just a dreamChill out :]
What does it mean when u dream of death?
Q: i had a dream that my boyfriend and i had a child, when the child was born it died , we don't have any kids now, the 1st year of our relationship i got pregnant but i had a miscarriage, we've been trying but nothings has happened, could this dream be a sign or somethingPLEASE ANSEWR THE QUESTION SERIOUSLY!!!THANKS FOR YOU OPINIONS AND ANSWERS
A: well. it can have more than 2 meanings. Scientifically it may be because of an actual past experience. people sometimes when they think too mjuch about something.secondly in your case, it may warn you to be more careful to prevent a related incident. follow your natural instinct.
What does my dream mean?
Q: In my dream I'm 16 (15 now) I go with this guy who tells me I was born an angel and i'll be growing my wings and i have to leave my family. so i pack and everything we leave to go to his place were other supernaturals go (a witch names lisa, a few werewolves and 2 vampires) and he looks out for them, guide them when they need help figuring things out. So I get there and I have my room mate, Lisa the witch and the same day after I get down packing I pass out for two weeks, apparently I grew my wings abnormally fast. My wings are described to me as black blades of a warrior. then I go to this special school for supernaturals and my "mom" shows up who is Artemis the goddess of wisdom and war and she tells me im her daughter and my father is Gabrielle, angel of war. and she tells me that it was against rule to have a kid with an angel so she took me and found a mother who was having a miscarriage and didn't know about it yet and replaced the dead kid with me. she gave me this necklace that is a gold chain and a tear shaped crystal diamond that is the color of my new eyes (icy blue) and she told me it will warn me when anyone who has the intent on hurting me gets anywhere near me. then she left and i continued my first day at this new school. and at lunch my dad shows up and he takes me outside so no one can here and tells me stuff about him and he give me this gold bracelet with a little charm on it. the charm is a pair of angel wings and two swords going through them in an X but you dont see the middle of the X. he told me tht its my symbol that every angel gets a symbol by their father and the one he gave me was the same as his. and it will help protect me while flying. then he gave me his clloak which was black and had a pin tht is the same as my symbol. he gave it to me because it was cold because we were in the mountains in montanna. (random much?) then he told me he'd see me later and he was about to take off i started taking the cloak off hes like no keep it. its urs. then i went back to lunch. everyone staring at me like omg tht was gabrielle! and then next week Artemis came back and gave me a crap load of clothes weapons like knives and guns all kinda of cool stuff. and then she said i'd need to learn how to protect myself. and then her husband Ares god of war came and he taught me how to use all the weapons +& stuff. then a couple of months later after i learned how to fly and some of my goddess given talents like teleport anything like i could teleport clothes on me change them turn invisible control time all kinda of stuff. i found out that i was more powerful than all the gods combined. zeus wanted to see me and i went he went to punish my mom for hiding and having me but i told him that i will execpt her punishment for my life and he said fine and he took away my right to have a child meaning i could never have kids. then he tried to lightening bolt me and i laughed at him and said "you can use my one of my own elements against me you old fool" and tht just pissed him off. ahahha. then my father was summoned by zeus and he wanted him killed for knowing to much about some of the gods and my father asked if i would be the one to kill him and zeus thought that was fitting. so i took out the sword that ares had made for me and my father told me that everything that was his is now mine, told me where to find all copies of the info he had and told me that he loved me and that this was his destiny to die by the handds of his daughter so i went to hug him and pushed the blade through his heart with an embrace and whispered in his ear "I will only cry for you regarding life and death" and with his last breath he whispered my "new" name Mercy. then his lifeless body fell to the floor i put my sword back in its holder jawn on my back turned to jeus and said "are we done?" he said yes go. then i took my fathers body and went to the top mountains were he first taught me how to fly and i layed him down then put a covering of diamond like in eragon and i hand his name written on the side. i took his sword and then went to his house. within the next month i moved into one of his many houses and this one was in rome. i was living there for about a month when one vampire from where i use to live contacted me and told me i had to get there right away. i did and when i got there i went to all the old rooms and found all of my old friends slaughtered by a pack of wolves and only the one vamp. survived. then the same wolf pack returned and wanted to kill the last vamp to send a message to me from the guy who made a contract with them. but i pretty much killed all of there pack grabbed the alpha female by the throat and got answers out of her then i brought back all the wolves's lives and told the alpha that next time they are contracted to piss of me that next time i wont have any mercy. *+ they left. then with shadow (my gift from persephone she found out that my soulmate was a hellhound so she bound the hellhound to
A: make that into a story. i would totally read that. WRITE!!!!thats how twilight started out...a dream.

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