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What does a blood clot in my bladder mean

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A blood clot in the bladder could indicate that you have a clot moving through one of the ureters or the urethra. Blood clots can form just about anywhere and often are an effect of high blood pressure and cholesterol, smoking or family history. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-a-blood-clot-in-my-bladder-mean ]
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What does a blood clot in my bladder mean
A blood clot in the bladder could indicate that you have a clot moving through one of the ureters or the urethra. Blood clots can form just about anywhere and often are an effect of high blood pressure and cholesterol, smoking or family his...
Can sever exercise cause blood clot in bladder?
Place a call to your doctor and speak to the nurse. Explain exactly what you said above, and ask the nurse what she recommends. She may advise you to come in right away. This sounds like an acute (sudden) condition. You may have a kidney or...

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i had visible blood in urine?
Q: i passed a quarter sized blood clot through my urethra (no i am not on my cycle) and a few smaller that followed. i had pain at the time, but no other pain during urination before or after. i did however take bactrim just incase it was a uti. I have had no flank pain to indicate a stone. three days later, i took a UA which indicated large amounts of blood in my urine, otherwise it looks clear. I have no pain. what could this mean?? i am 26, married, no children, and very healthy, but i smoke. i recently had a complete blood work-up done, and it was perfect. what could be the cause?? bladder cancer?? please help. i dont want to see a urologist.
A: you r young but is not normal; you SHOULD go to the urologist; it could be multiple renal cysts or sromething else; you can start wit a renal ultrasaoud or CT scan
Gush of blood at 11 weeks pregnant?
Q: Okay, this is my 5th pregnancy. 2 full term pregnancies and 2 miscarriages. In my last pregnancy I did have some spotting, so I know what spotting is. What happened was not spotting. Right after I layed down to finally go to sleep, it felt like I pissed myself a little. I'm like oh great, already I have no control of my bladder at 11 weeks. I reached down there and it was red, not brown red, but red red. So I went to the bathroom to cleanup, it continued to drip a little bit into the toilet and then stopped. After that for the next day or two, I had spotting of brown blood (which is old dead blood, probably from the blood leak before). I assumed it meant I was going to miscarry even though when I miscarried before I had spotting of dark blood/brown blood and then blood clots. This was nothing like that- it was like when your nose bleeds- running down and then stopped completely. Anyways I got yelled at from the nurse saying I should have gone to the ER but seriously if it was a miscarriage it is not worth paying $2,000 to find out there then to wait it out and go through the process. It has now been about 5 days, in the mean time I have had my beta levels checked and they said they were very high and that I am still pregnant and not miscarrying. I am in the process of switching health care providers (to a completely different health care system) and it has been a major pain in the butt, but old doctor no longer wants to continue to do work if I am switching and the new one is making it hard to switch. SOOOO, no one seems alarmed but I am confused- this bleeding was definitely not normal. While I'm waiting for my ultrasound appointment to get further information, has anyone else been through a similar situation. Any ideas what may have caused it, or what caused it for you.Please no comments like go to the doctors or the ER. I have already gone to the doctor and am just waiting to get an ultrasound to get a better idea of what is going on.I have had 2 tests to check the levels and everything was fine. I also had an ultrasound very early on at 7 weeks and the heart beat was strong at that point and the baby was where they should have been (no tubular pregnancy).
A: This happened to me at about 7 weeks, I went to the ER and they did an ultrasound and told me that BOTH babies (yea twins) were still alive and that is pretty much all they did, other than bill me. They didn't say where the blood was coming from or what caused it. They just said the pregnancy could go either way. I went to the OB the next day and he explained that it looked like part of one of the placentas had caused a bleed and that I should expect some brown dried blood and a little bit of clotting (from the blood coagulating). I was told to stop working for 2 weeks just to be safe because the bleed was large compared to the size of the pregnancy and could cause a miscarriage if I started bleeding again. Anyway, now I have a $1500 ER bill (and I have decent insurance). I should have just saw the regular doctor, but I guess now I know. There really is nothing they can do to stop an early miscarriage, and I knew that but I guess at the time I felt I had to know what was happening.
Does this sound more like diabetes or hypothyroidism?
Q: What is wrong with me? I dont feel well. Any ideas or docs that can help?life has been feeling like a roller coaster the past few months ever since my son was born 6 months ago. I was diagnosed with post partum depression.I am fighting it with no benifit from medication from not being able to take ssri's, I am soon to take effexor xr to hopefully help it. I have support from my family (kinda). Any who Now I am feeling pysically Ill since a month after my gall bladder was removed 3 months ago. I have no idea what the problem is.I have been trying to figure this out.I have had a mri on my head and everything came out clear. The doc doesnt know what is wrong and brushes me off.Here are my symptoms.*severe fatigue and brain fog (all day long), I feel like I cant concentrate* tighnes in throat and fullness in ears with stiff neck* head pains where the spine meets the skull and pressure everywhere else like the top of the head.*Cravings for water and peeing through out the night( my mouth is constanltly dry along with nose.* cramps is tummy* constipated one day ( it literally feels like tar is in my stomach at times)and diahrea the next*Shallow breathing* I feel a little dizzy after I eat* my toes phil like there falling a sleep at times almost feel kinda numb* anxiety*iritablity* I ust got of my period two weeks ago and now im on another one that has lasted 5 days and is really heavy with a lot of blood clots.( im not sure if that has anything to do with my other symptoms but though I might write it down anyway just in case its related)Do you think that this could just be from depression taking a toll on its self.I feel like this constant and it seems just to get worse as time goes on.Any ideas? * 1 hour ago * - 3 days left to answer.Additional Details1 hour agoLOL Where I put "* my toes phil like there falling a sleep"....I meant Feel. LOL my husbands name is phil, I dont know why I did that. I have been doing stupid things like that lately.Sorry.Im also always really tired...Exhausted.I went from not being able to sleep from severe anxiety and racing thoughts to needing to sleep all the time and physically feeling like crap!!!5'8'' and weigh 126 pounds.Im always having craving to eat and then I feel really full and start to crave again once the bloating goes down.Im not gaining weight Im losing weight but it looks funky. Losing my booty and gaining in the hips eww. Someone said it could be hypothyroid or diabetes... what do you think? my mom has low thyroid but diabetes runs in both sides of my family.My grandfather had his leg removed and died from it and my mother also suffers from it.
A: Not sure what it could be, but the doctor could rule out diabetes very easily with a simple blood test. Even if you don't have it now, you should get checked every so often since it runs in your family. You can be ok, and then the next year discover that you have it. That is what happened to me. Effexor has been a life saver for me also. I hope it works for you. Just give it some time, and don't expect to feel better immediately. Good luck!

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