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What do I do if there is blood coming from my eye

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You need to be examined by your physician, because it can be a complication of blood thinning medications, a sign of a bleeding disorder, high blood pressure or other medical problems. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-i-do-if-there-is-blood-coming-from-my-eye ]
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What is wrong with my eye the pupil is white and there is blood c...?
If your pupil is white and you have blood coming out, you may have an infection. I would contact your eye doctor immediately.
What Does Blood Coming Out Of Eye Mean?
Blood Coming Out Of Eye Mean people feel very tied and need rest.
How does blood come out of your eyes?
if we rub our eyes simaltaneously or if something sticks to it

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how do i get a blood clot in my eye to dissolve?
Q: i think it came from me coughing too hard and it disappeared on its own in a week but now it's back in the exact same spotwhat do i do?no pain or anything but i don't know if there is an easy way to break it up before i see the doctor after the holidaysanyone have experience dealing with small blood clots in the eye
A: get an ice pack and apply it to your eye.The redness may last a week or so.if this continues go see a doctor,you may have diabetes.
How did my dog Maggie die?
Q: my dog that lived in Bastrop Texas recently died, but from what everyone was a little unsure. My sister lived with her and so she was crushed, so I don't think she's really thinking about this at the moment. The dog Maggie was a mix of Austrailian Shepard and Boston Terrier, but she ended up just looking like a minature version of an Austrailian Shepard. She was use to sleeping inside with my sister and had spent a few nights outside already, but for the time being she was sleeping in a kennel with a dog house that was only temporary because it wasn't really dog proofed yet as far as making sure 100% that she couldn't get out. Well I wasn't there but apparently from what I've heard she was found laying outside the kennel dead the next morning; with blood coming from her eyes, ears, and mouth. My guess is that since she jumped the fence that she got hit by a car and then since she was a smart dog tried to get back into the Kennel because she knew she wasn't suppose to jump out and then just died. Only problem with this they said that she didn't look as if she had been hit by a car, but I'm not ruling that out yet. The other thought was that maybe she died of a snake bite since they do live out in the country, but my gut still says the car since they did live by a semi busy street but again I'm not ruling that out either. Now Maggie was really smart and about 5 years old, but was still as hyper and looked like a puppy. If anyway has any theories let me know... in the meantime I'll continue morning this great dog.
A: Hi Daniel,I am so sorry for your loss. It is always so hard when we lose them, and no to know why is even more crushing. You may be correct in your theory, but honestly, the only way to know how she died is to have a necropsy done. It may help you to have this done and ease your mind. The blood coming from her does indicate some kind of trauma, but your only proof would be the necropsy. Keeping you in my thoughts.
Kitty is alive, but won't wake up...?
Q: My boyfriend found a cat that took a serious blow to the head. There was NO blood coming from his ears, eyes, or mouth, only where he was hit. (we have no idea what happened, just found him) Though it seems he was swelling on the inside of his head to the point to where an eye was buldging out rather badly. Supposedly pulling his eyelids outward will let it slip back into the socket, but it didn't work. The cat has been unconscious the entire time, the swelling has gone down and his eye is slowing receiving back into his head. We've had him sleeping in a dark place for several hours now, he moves and rolls over as if he just laid down for a nap and occasionally stretches. It's a stray, and I really just spent the last of what little extra money I have to send my own cat to the vet...is there anything I can do?
A: This kitty needs a vet and if you can't afford it, you really need to turn him over to animal control. They may euthanize him but he's seriously injured and won't recover without proper vet care (and may not survive anyway). Right now you are prolonging the inevitable by not getting him to the vet.

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