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What could cause the arms and legs to go numb

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Numbness and tingling are abnormal sensations something is wrong. Causes: pressure on the spinal nerves, injury to a nerve, lack of blood supply, shingles or herpes zoster infection, a lack of vitamin B12. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-could-cause-the-arms-and-legs-to-go-numb ]
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What could cause the arms and legs to go numb
Numbness and tingling are abnormal sensations something is wrong. Causes: pressure on the spinal nerves, injury to a nerve, lack of blood supply, shingles or herpes zoster infection, a lack of vitamin B12. ChaCha!

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What could be the cause of my chest pain, chest pressure, legs/arms going numb and shortness of breath be?
Q: I was on Ortho Tri Cyclen Low to regulate and help my period and also prevent pregnancy. Before i started taking it, and even when I continued to take it, I was bleeding 2-3 weeks a month and usually for the first few days of it it was a dark brown discharge. A month into it or so i started feeling plenty of symptoms. numbness of legs and arms, shortness of breath, chest pain, headaches, nausea and fatigue. I went to family planning when i was on my third pack and they told me to instantly stop taking my birth control and see a doctor as soon as possible. I did, they found out I cant take in any more estrogen then my body already has so they want to start me on a 'mini-pill' thats just progestin, they said if I stayed on estrogen birth control I would have more then likely died from a heart attack, and they were speaking of POS (polycistic ovarian syndrome) so I have to get an ultra sound next month to look at my uterus lining and they also took some blood. That was only this past tuesday. I also had a Bacterial Vaginosis so they put me on some medication called Metronidazole. This past week ive been expieriencing the heart/chest pains more frequently and more powerful. It feels as though someone is sitting on my chest and I cant take a full deep breath in, i feel sharp pains on the upper right part of my chest through the day, but the deep breath problem stays all day. My legs and arms randomly start tingleling and then they instantly become numb. My lips even went numb this morning and started to twitch and unintentionally purse up. This scares me, Ive hear blood clots from my birth control, Ive heard an inflamed muscle by the rib cage, ive heard severe panic attack and ive heard heart murmur..should I go to the ER and get checked? or am I stable enough to wait until monday when doctor office's are more open? What do you think it could be?
A: if i were you i would be very worried about a pulmonary embolism ( blood clot in the lung). i would go to the emergency room stat
numb feeling, any info for cause or correction?
Q: I have been getting a numb type feeling for the past 3 days. my entire body feels simulare to being drunk, delayed and minimal sensations of touch. and its intermittent, lasting as for a few hours. The best way to describe it is that the feeling is almost like when you fall asleep incorrectly, reducing the blood circulation to an arm or leg but without the tingle. What could cause this and do I need to go see a doctor for this?
A: I think you should DEFINITELY see a doctor about this. IMO It sounds like it could be serious. The two things that popped into my head immediately were stroke and pinched nerve(s). I have two pinched nerves in my back, and every now and then I get minimal sensations of touch or pins and needles type of a feeling. You saying that your entire body has this feeling is what is concerning me. The symptoms you listed are some that a friend of mine told me she had when she recently had a stroke. Either way, you don't want to mess around with your brain or nerves. Please go get checked out by a doctor. I hope all is well and that it turns out to be nothing serious.Have you tried entering your symptoms at one of the internet medical websites? Try this website: symptoms.webmd.comand see a doctor a.s.a.p.
Constant Numbness in arms, hands, legs, feet..?
Q: Hey I'm a 13 year old girl and this morning I woke up with right hand from my hand to my elbow was all completely numb I couldn't move my fingers so I moved them around with my other hand and I could not feel anything. But then I just kept trying to move my arm/hand around and eventually the numbness went down until I felt normal. I think it is probably because I think I might have slept on top of my right arm which was bent underneath my stomach. But the thing is it just feels like I've been getting a lot of numb/tingly feeling in my arms/legs/feet/hands lately and maybe it's just common from not moving my legs for a while, sleeping in a position which cut off circulation but for example after sitting down on a couch in one position where my legs are crossed but they're straight and I keep them like that for not that long and I start to get a tingly feeling whereas just a while ago I had been sitting on my desk on the computer where my legs were in the same position for a long time and nothing happened but when I got up and moved to the couch and put my legs in a similar position in just a few minutes they were tingly,..why does it happen so fast I thought it takes a while ?I alsways get these tingly feelings pretty fast or I'll get them out of no where maybe I'm cutting off my circulation without realizing it but I'll be reading a book then all of a sudden my hand gets tingly, or sitting down on the couch watching tv then my feet get tingly, and sometimes I might also wake up with tingly hands/feet/arm/legs...so it feels like it happens a lot or is it just cause I cut off my circulation accidently or what? Oh and sometimes I'll just get this weird feeling that seems like its coming from my veins say in my arm.. :/
A: causes of numbness/tingling(some of theses are unlikely to the cause of yours but anyway)* Remaining in the same seated or standing position for a long time * Injury to a nerve -- for example, a neck injury may cause you to feel numbness anywhere along your arm or hand, while a low back injury can cause numbness or tingling down the back of your leg * Pressure on the spinal nerves, such as from a herniated disk * Pressure on peripheral nerves from enlarged blood vessels, tumors, scar tissue, or infection * Shingles or herpes zoster infection * Lack of blood supply to an area -- for example, cholesterol (plaque) build up from atherosclerosis in the legs can cause pain, numbness, and tingling while walking (this is called vascular claudication); frostbite can also reduce blood supply and lead to numbness * Other medical conditions, including: o Carpal tunnel syndrome (pressure on a nerve at the wrist) o Diabetes o Migraines o Multiple sclerosis o Seizures o Stroke o Transient ischemic attack (TIA), sometimes called a "mini-stroke" o Underactive thyroid o Raynaud's phenomenon * Abnormal levels of calcium, potassium, or sodium in your body * A lack of vitamin B12 or other vitamin * Use of certain medications * Toxic nerve damage due to lead, alcohol, or tobacco * Radiation therapyGo to a hospital or call your local emergency number if: * Weakness or paralysis occurs with numbness or tingling * Numbness or tingling occur just after a head, neck, or back injury * You cannot control the movement of an arm or a leg or you have lost bladder or bowel control * You are confused or have lost consciousness, even briefly * You have slurred speech, change in vision, difficulty walking, or weaknessCall your doctor if: * Numbness or tingling has no obvious cause (like a hand or foot "falling asleep") * You have pain in your neck, forearm, or fingers * You are urinating more often * Numbness or tingling is in your legs and worsens when you walk * You have a rash * You have dizziness, muscle spasm, or other unusual symptomsif your really worried get your parents to take you to the doctor and get it checked out

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