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What color is the discharge when you are having a miscarriage

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A:Some women start with a white-pink mucus discharge when having a miscarriage, others bleed like a period. Call a Dr if concerned. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-color-is-the-discharge-when-you-are-having-a-miscarriage ]
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What color is the discharge when you are having a miscarriage?
Some women start with a white-pink mucus discharge when having a miscarriage, others bleed like a period. Call a Dr if concerned.
What color should your discharge be when you think you having a m...?
um u will have alot of pains in your stomach n pelvic area u will be bleeding more heavy trust me you ll know if u have a miscarriage but i wish u good luck having a miscarriage is very hard to deal with now n in the future if its just thic...

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Pregnant? Spotting? When to test?
Q: Hey everyone..I'm so confussed right now . .ok i have had unprotected sex quite a few times throuhout my cycle. My fiance and i now suspect that i am pregnant. My boobs have been killing me!!! like throbbing with pain. . which is not a normal symptom for my period. This has been going on for about aweek now. and fo about 2 weeks ive been having headaches everyday. I'm not sure if they are definate pregnancy signs as they could be related to anything .. Also ive been cramping off and on. I had a miscarriage in june this year. . and my symptoms were soo strong i just knew i was pregnant. For instance i found out a week before my period was due that i was pregnant. I havetaken two pregnancy test in the past week and both have been negative. however i think i took tests that only detected a higher amount of HCG in the urine i think they may have been between 25-50 mlU.. anyway, so the first day o my last cyle was on the 18th of october. So my period is due either tomorrow or saturday . Tonight i noticed really really really light coloured discharge when i whiped. That was about 3 hours ago .. and when i just recently went back to the bathroom ... its gone. It is very unusual for me to "spot" beore my period starts.. usually i just start bleeding. . . and the fact that it was so minimal and has now stopped is confussing me . . Do you think it could be implantation bleeding? When should i test again? i know i should wait to see what happens tomorrow ... but i just need some advice , as with my previous pregnancy i did not spot at all . I am kind of nervous too about another pregnancy . . after i lost the first one at 7 weeks i am affraid of it happening again and also a little affraid of motherhood . . i am 20 turnig 21 and not too sure if we are really ready for this . even though we arent worried bout it. Just sort of getting nervous i guess with the whole not knowing process happening right now. Oh well. So if any of you girls have some experience with this spotting stuff or any stories to tell me then i woul much appreciate it !! Thankyou in advance! xxx
A: test when your period is late for more accuracy. I am sorry for your loss. If you think you are not ready for a baby, then please use protection. good luck with everything and I hope that the result is as you wish it to be
12 DPO ligh brown discharge next AF tomorrow?
Q: My last AF was Aug.1st and my fertile cycle was 11-16 so i baby danced 12/13/14/15. I have a 27 day cycle i am waiting for my AF since i took a test and it was a negative yesterday. I just went to the bathroom and i had some light brown discharge but it did not smell like period i have no breast tenderness like when i m gonna get my AF just mild cramps very mild..I have been feeling unusually hungry since sunday i don't know if i might be pregnant could this be a sign or what i never have any color discharge before my AF . Help thank you.TTC for almost a year after 3 Miscarriages "(
A: It looks like you have a great chance at being pregnant. I hope you are *Crossing fingers* Good luck honey :)
what was your discharge like when your mucous plug was forming?
Q: was it thick? did it have a cream/pink colored tint to it? was it in you underwear, or just when you wiped?i am a first-time pregnant girl and get paranoid about everything coming out of my body! i've been having discharge the whole time i've been pregnant (8 weeks), and no miscarriage so far, and the ultrasound i got a week ago said everything was great. but i still want to know if other people are experiencing what i am.
A: It is perfectly normal to have a discharge during your pregnancy, as long as it has no foul odor and has no blood in it. Some women discharge all the time, so it is in their underwear (I would recommend a thin pad that can be changed frequently), other women will release a discharge only when they strain to void, so it will only show up when they wipe.If you show blood or your discharge begins to smell badly, phone your doctor immediately. Otherwise, just enjoy your pregnancy and prepare for the delivery...you will have a much easier labor and delivery if you are prepared and knowledgeable about what is going on in your body. By the way - get a book or two on what to expect when you're pregnant. It will save you a lot of anxiety.

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